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Thursday, April 28, 2016

VIDEO: CDQ - Oobi Ft Cayana

CDQ is returns with official video of “Oobi” featuring Cayana. The song was produced by MasterKraft, directed By Michael Williams.


Monday, April 25, 2016

The 1st Wrap League Rap Battle Event In Lagos

it's the biggest Rap Battle Event and it's totally going to be Awesome To Turn up for the 1st Wrap League Rap Battle Event in Lagos.

Venue: Califunia Lounge, No. 4a Industry Avenue, Sabo, Yaba.

Date: April 30th 2016.

Time: 12pm - 6pm. 

Entry : Strictly Urban/ Hip Hop Dress Code. 

Side Attractions: Alist- Hip Hop Heads Appearance, Spoken Word, Wrap 3:16 Cypher.

After Party in the same venue starts immediately after the Event.

To be a part of the Cypher and Spoken Word performance, Rappers cutting across all type of rap lingo ( indeginous, commercial or mainstream hip hop) SEND YOUR NAMES , SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES, EMAIL AND PHONE NO TO +234 9 030 4855 81  AND YOU WILL BE CALLED UP DURING THE COURSE OF THE WEEK FOR THE AUDITION .

For more info, call - 2348131555007, 2347055037360 

IG & Twitter: @wrapleagueinfo 

British Council kicks off conference to promote collaboration between UK and Nigerian creative industry stakeholders

British Council kicks off conference to promote collaboration between UK and Nigerian creative industry stakeholders

Key public and private sector stakeholders in the Nigerian and UK creative industries will meet to discuss ways to stimulate creative sector collaboration between both countries at the 2016 Creative Industries Conference and Expo on 26 and 27 April.

The annual event, organised by British Council, is presented this year in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture as part of the British Council UK/NG 2015–2016 programme which aims to stimulate further bilateral collaboration between the creative industries in both countries.

Keynote speeches on the economic importance of creative industries to Nigeria and the UK, as well as panel discussions on Investment Models for the industry and more, will be delivered at the conference.

The event will also feature panel discussions as well as trade and creative showcases. It will be opened by the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who will also give a key note speech alongside Mr Graham Sheffield (CBE), (Global) Director of Arts, British Council. The various sessions will feature different high profile speakers including the Commissioner for Arts, Tourism and Culture, Lagos State, Mr Folorunsho Coker and Mrs Eugenia Abu, Executive Director NTA.   Other speakers include Akin Oyebode (Lagos State Employment Trust Fund) and Audu Maikori, Chocolate City Group. UK speakers also include Tom Fleming, one of the leading Creative Economy experts in the world, and Yemisi Mokuolu of Hatch Africa, UK.

The British Council’s joint vision with the ministry is that through discussions like these that lead to concrete international partnerships (particularly with the UK), Nigeria can become a leading Creative Economy globally, matching dynamic Creative Economies elsewhere. Ms Connie Price, Country Director British Council Nigeria, when speaking of the conference said - I am glad to say that this conference helps us contribute to ongoing discussions about how to create, and sustain, the enabling environment that will make this possible.

About UK/Nigeria 2015–16

UK/Nigeria 2015–16 is a major season of arts in Nigeria aimed at building new audiences, creating new collaborations and strengthening relationships between the UK and Nigeria. Programmed in association with a host of partners, it features more than 30 projects and more than 80 events in art, fashion, design, theatre, dance, music, literature and film throughout Nigeria and includes showcases of Nigerian arts and creative industries in the UK. UK/Nigeria 2015–16 has a focus on creating access to art, new digital work, innovation, and art in public spaces working with young people. Partnerships between Nigerian and British artists, institutions and organisations will be at the heart of the season which aims to develop skills and capacity across the creative industries. The programme will run until April 2016 creating new connections in arts, education, innovation, trade and investment.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Lagos State Government Planning To Build 4th Mainland Bridge

Read the press statement below...

 Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on Thursday said the State Government will formally sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with investors for the construction of the proposed 4th Mainland Bridge before the end of May 2016. The Governor, who spoke at the First Quarter 2016 Town Hall Meeting, the third in the series, held at the Ikorodu Town Hall, Ikorodu, assured residents that once the MoU is signed, work would begin on the 4th Mainland Bridge, which according to him, would go a long way to boost the economy of Lagos East Senatorial District.
He said, “Many investors have shown interest in the actualization of our dream for the 4th Mainland Bridge which will run from Ajah to Ikorodu to Isawo and berth at Ojodu, Ikeja back to the Ibadan expressway. By the grace of God, we will sign an MoU and commence action before May 29”.

He said investors have equally shown interest in the redevelopment of the fish market to an international Fish Market and the redevelopment of inner roads in Epe and Ibeju-Lekki. Governor Ambode said the intention of his administration is to ensure that no part of the state is left undeveloped, expressing optimism that the Lagos East Senatorial District which used to be the economic hub of the state in the then Western Region will regain its position.

“Over the years, the economic activities have continually dwindled resulting in urban migration, underdevelopment and unemployment. It is with a view of revitalizing the economic activities of this zone that Government has identified the need for urgent intervention. “To this end, Government will be relocating the Mile 12 Market to Imota. Work on this will commence next week. Our vision is to make the East Senatorial Zone economically viable and liveable”, he said.

Responding to complaints on the menace of motorcycles, otherwise known as Okada in the State, Governor Ambode asked the people whether they would support a total ban on such mode of transportation in this age and time and in a city like Lagos, a question which was answered in the affirmative by majority of the stakeholders in the hall who raised their hands in support.

The Governor said: “I’m encouraged by this very transparent, credible, free and fair affirmation which I just got from the people. From the response, many of the people in this hall are in support of a total ban on Okada and since this is a government of the people, all the security agencies in Lagos including the Police, Task Force, LASTMA and others, to start with, are hereby directed to fully enforce the ban on Okada between Mile 12 and Ikorodu. “We will not tolerate Okada on the road and I hereby emphasize that there is no more Okada on Mile 12-Ikorodu Road.

Anyone caught flouting this directive will have their Okada impounded and we would prosecute such people as well before the court,” the Governor said. Speaking on the need for the youths in the state to key into the programmes lined up for them by his administration, Governor Ambode urged street urchins and youths involved in social vices such as cultism to lay down their arms assuring that they would be empowered to be gainfully and productively engaged.

He said the plan of his administration is that youths, artisans and entrepreneurs in each of the Senatorial districts and divisions in the State would be able to access at least N1billon between now and June, and use same for their greater economic prosperity, and by extension that of the State. Governor Ambode, who also responded to pleas by residents in Ikorodu on the need for the expansion and rehabilitation of the road network, assured that government will explore the Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative to transform the Ikorodu-Imota-Agbowa-Itokin-Epe Road into a standard 8-lane Road.

He also directed the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as well as the State Electricity Board to look at the possibilities of providing electricity for Igbo-Olomu community, a suburb in Ikorodu, which has been without light for over 10 years. Highlighting some of his administration’s strides in the last quarter, Governor Ambode said the State achieved major breakthrough in security, saying that since the launch of the N4.78 billion equipment, the state had won several battles against crime.

He said the quick response in the rescue of the kidnapped girls in Ikorodu and the quelling of the Mile 12 riot were testimonies of the effectiveness of the security system in Lagos. The Governor added that many criminals had so far been arrested since the launch of the security equipment, saying that he was ready to pay for information given that would lead to the arrest of hardened criminals.

“I am ready to pay monetary compensation for information on hardened criminals as we proceed to make Lagos crime-free. We are happy to report that crime rate has also reduced in the last three months,” he said. Governor Ambode also used the occasion to appeal to residents to continue to pay their taxes, take ownership of projects in their domain and support the government to achieve the policies and programmes aimed at ensuring a safe and prosperous Lagos

Man Brings His ‘Dead’ Girlfriend Back to Life with a Kiss [Photo]

A man has caused a stir during a party as he miraculously resurrected his woman after giving her a kiss of life.
The man allegedly kissed his woman and brought her back to life
A Limpopo man brought his girl back to life after she had collapsed during matric dance, Mzansi reports.

It was gathered that Luvhundo Mchuni who is doing his matric at Motse Maria Secondary School in Setotolwane of South Africa is said to have refused to let his woman cut their date short after she collapsed while dancing at the hall. The girl identified as Mary, had collapsed as they made their way to the hall where the matric farewell was to be held.

She collapsed as a result of fatigue as she was sweating earlier and her friends had advised her to go home but she refused. Part of the reason she was refusing was because the two had planned to get intimate for the first time after the dinner.

Mary eventually collapsed and an ambulance was called to ferry her to the hospital. However, Luvhundo could not stomach the thought of not having intercourse that day he decided to try his luck by kissing Mary hoping she could come back to life. Just like the princess kissing the frog or something like that.

‘The moment Luvho kissed Mary, it was like a scene from a disney movie’, a friend narrated.

Soon after getting kissed, Mary is said to have regained consciousness and the paramedics checked all her vital signs that she had shown earlier but none of them showed. She was given a clean bill and went on her matric dance.

Luvhundo was interviewed and he said, ‘I had taken some viagra earlier. I could not let my manhood down. I had to poke’

10 Types Of Men Every Lady Must Avoid

mature men
1. Gum body: A few years back, there was this beautiful tall elegant girl I kept admiring in church and intended walking up to given the right time to say hi. The only problem was that she was always with this good looking fellow. Always. One didn’t need a fortune teller to tell you they were dating. So I just lost interest after a while.
Years after, we somehow became friends and I asked after her “boyfriend” and her reply shocked me. She said “I have been hearing the same thing in church, that me and him are dating because we’re always together. But we never had anything going on”. She then jokingly added “I think I need to stay away from him because it seems he is spoiling my market”.
Many girls have lost potential suitors because of the “gum body” mentality of some men. They tag around with a beautiful lady, act like something is going on and scare suitors away.  Ladies should learn to stay away from men that don’t say their mind, form padi-padi and just want to be around you for no clear reason at all.  They are show spoilers. Stay clear.
2. Mummy’s boys: It’s commendable for a man to love, adore and respect his parents especially his mother. Even the Bible says in
Ephesians 6:1-3 “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honor thy father and mother (which is the first commandment with promise). That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth”.
This Bible passage is proof that a man who obeys and honors his mother is entitled to prosperity and a long life.
However there is a limit to the level of reverence a man accords his mother. A man that doesn’t do anything or date any woman without seeking approval from his mother is a mummy’s boy and should be avoided. A man that would obey his mother all the time and inconvenience himself in the process is a mummy’s boy and should be avoided. A man that is not ashamed to say “my mother won’t let me marry a Yoruba girl even though I love her” is a mummy’s boy and should be avoided. A man that would tell his wife to apologize to his mother and never tell his mother to apologize to his wife is a mummy’s boy and should have been avoided. Mummy’s boys are nice and caring, trust me. But a mummy’s boy will forever remain a mummy’s boy and never be a wife’s man.
3. Daddy’s money boys: These are the men boys that have a knack for flaunting their parent’s wealth on social media. The sons of corrupt politicians or rich and influential business men. Instead of sitting their ass down, working hard to make a name for themselves. They lazy about flaunting their father’s cars in school, using their pocket money to trip girls, riding on their parent’s wealth to attract attention. Stay away from such boys.
4. Player extraordinaire: It’s no secret that men are polygamous in nature and it takes the grace of God, character and self control for a man to stay with a woman and remain faithful. Some cheat and later regret while others don’t even hide their promiscuity.
The type that play “test your luck” on Facebook with many girls using the same lines and wait for anyone that falls for the bait. The type that has more passwords on his phone than a CBN bank account. The type that goes behind your back to toast your friend. The type that drolls over any girl that passes bye. Those types with “sweet mouth”.
Players are bad boys and girls like bad boys but in the long run they either end of changing him into a good boy or end up heartbroken. The latter is always the case. Stay away from them.
5. Mr. Kiss and Tell: I remember dating this beautiful girl while in the University. She wasn’t only beautiful but she was very intelligent and most of all had this very voluminous God given milk production organs. I remember going out a few times with her and upon my return to the hostel, my annoying friends would surround me and be like “guy, gist us na, how does that girl taste?”. My reply would always be “none of your business, go and get your own…lol”.
Many guys would be tempted to bask in the “glory” of dating such a damsel and spill all the beans but I am not that kinda of guy.
As the saying goes, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. What happens between me and a lady, stays between me and the lady. Nobody has to know.  Sadly, not all men share this point of view. Many would proudly tell anyone who cares to listen of their escapades with Sade, Felicia and even Grace. Stay away from men that can’t keep their legs and their mouth closed.
6. Excuse maker: You know those kind of men that sit around and blame their misfortune on Buhari, lack of fuel, rising Dollar rate or even the epileptic power supply. The kind of men that never take responsibility for their actions and tend to blame everybody else apart from themselves when things aren’t going well. These are the professional excuses pushers. These men would blame you for their financial problems when they marry you. You know the “I was rich before I married you, but now look at me” kind of men. These are they.
7. People basher: I don’t know about you but I find it very discomforting when people speak of others behind their back. I wouldn’t give you the room to speak ill of anybody behind their backs. Not even someone I dislike. So when you see grown ass men, sit down and joblessly bash others. When you see a man speak ill of his ex like she was a street urchin. My sister, he has a loose mouth, no character and would readily speak ill of you tomorrow. Stay away.
8. Never speaks his mind: I grew up and realized that the way women and men communicate are very different. Men are known to be vocal and say their mind through their words. Women on the other hand aren’t so vocal and tend to speak their mind through their actions. So therefore, a girl likes a guy but she would never come out straight. She tells him her mind through her actions like calling him, spending time with him etc. However, when a man hangs around a woman for too long and begins acting like a woman by not saying his mind through his words but through his actions then something is wrong. A man should be able to state categorically what he wants from a woman within a specified time frame and not keep her guessing. If he keeps playing dumb, stay away from him. He is either confused or not courageous enough to say his mind. Signs of a boy.
9. Doesn’t like children: The love I have for children is literally unquantifiable. Simply put, children make me happy and I’m sure the feeling is mutual. This love gives me the patience and tender care to talk to them, advice them, scold them, encourage them and love them as tender as their age deserves. But when a man doesn’t like children (I don’t mean his kids, other kids). He doesn’t have the patience to deal with them, in fact he doesn’t even know how to handle or talk to kids. It’s a big turn off and that’s a major sign of a man that would shift all the responsibility of parenthood to his wife. Such man would be content with providing money for the family but never hands-on in the upbringing of the children.
10. Mr. Masculine: You know those sort of men that believe a woman’s place is in the bedroom and in the kitchen. The kind of man that would get envious when his woman gets a good paying job. The sort of man that gets insecure when his woman earns more than him. The kind of man that never encourages his wife to be better than she is. The kind of man that converts a certificate holding woman into a house wife. Stay away from such men.

11. Woman beater: If a man beats you and you remain with him because “you love him” then OYO is your case (in Clara Ikemba’s voice. A role played so well by Nollywood’s Rita Dominic in the movie “The Meeting”). You will soon be looking as “beautiful” as her character in the movie. Lol

MTV Base VJ Search Returns for Third Edition

MTV Base VJ Search Returns for Third Edition!
… As Ehiz debuts as host of  "Ridiculousness Africa"

Lagos|Nigeria, 14 April 2016: Africa’s favourite urban lifestyle, entertainment and music TV channel, MTV Base is looking out for the next generation of young Nigerian on-screen talent to become superstar TV personalities with the launch of the third edition of the MTV Base VJ Search campaign.

It will be recalled that the second edition of the MTV Base VJ Search held in 2013 with Ehizokjie Okoegulae aka Ehiz emerging as winner who went home with Ten Thousand US dollars and a brand new car. Since his win, Ehiz has become a regular face at high profile events, Red Carpets and he presently hosts “Naija Top 10” and “Word on the Street” on MTV Base, amongst other notable achievements. He is also set to be the host of Ridiculousness Africa, an all-African video clip comedy show showcasing and commenting on hilarious and crazy African Internet videos.

The new VJ will become one of the key faces of the music network, hosting programmes on MTV Base.  The winner will also interview stars, host parties and concerts, walk the red carpet at entertainment events, and travel around the continent representing MTV Base.

Falz The Bahd Guy Announced As Host Of The Bigger Friday Show

A new season of popular Friday night comedy programme ‘The Bigger Friday Show’ is set to premiere with a twist in the coming weeks.

Previously hosted by Basketmouth as ‘The Big Friday Show’, the new show sports a revamped format and it will be hosted by rapper and widely admired Internet phenomenon Falz The Bahd Guy.
‘The Bigger Friday Show is one of the revamped entertainment shows on MTV Base as the channel seeks to make young African audiences the center of its content and deepen audience participation and interaction.

The past edition of the show featured parody videos, celebrity pranks and entertainment news highlights.
Viewers can also be part of the new edition and participate in the #BFSChallenge by submitting personalized content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #BFSChallenge

The show, which is a mixture of entertainment and comedy, is part of the sparkling new entertainment campaign led by MTV Base called ‘My Life, My Base’ and it will premiere on MTV Base Channel 322 on Friday April 29, 2016.

To be a part of the #BFSChallenge click HERE

To watch the trailer click here

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

MUSIC: Razor - Gbera Remix Ft Yung Tizzy ( Prod By KillerTunes )

Aguntasolo  Entertainment Presents Abiola Ramon popular known as Razor a.k.a Baba Aja. ( The Original owner of "Gbera". He was born and bought up in itire/ijesha surulere Lagos. He was the first person that sang "Gbera" before so many people started doing their version And has also worked with many known producers like drumphase, lahlah ,antrans, maliaka , etc also he has featured many known artiste in Nigeria and south African music industry.he has worked with durella, seriki  omoowo, Rudy omoibile, small doctor,dre San, bolo   k and qdot alagbe. after d released of gbera that is making waves in clubs,streets and joints. Razor a.k.a Baba Aja decided to do d remix with The Yongest Indigenous yung tizzy aka Gbaga O fo , who was know for the Rap battle he did with Lil kesh. , the song was produced by Bang Mewsic Ent Inhouse Producer KillerTunes

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Must Read : Top 7 Simple Ways To Survive In Nigeria Today

We will survive, yes we will. The appalling heat wave will cool, the fuel queues would disappear, electricity would be as we’ve never dreamed and our hope for a better future would come alive.
We will survive, yes we will. The appalling heat wave will cool, the fuel queues would disappear, electricity would be as we’ve never dreamed and our hope for a better future would come alive.

If anyone had warned that 2016 would turn out a lot tougher than last year, I would have ground my hands against a hard rock.
I for one have not been able to understand the underlying factors behind the fuel shortage which we are experiencing now. Why is fuel scarce? Who is responsible for the shortage? When is it going it stop? How long would it last for?
However, whilst we struggle with the incessant hardship and overbearing weather conditions, our will to survive should be the greatest resolve. We must learn to smile above it all and hope that tomorrow will speak better.
So, in my head I have coined out seven survival tips for this all-round economic hardship.

1. Join the fuel queues, early OR patronise the black markets
The long fuel queues have become increasingly worrisome with fuel prices rising at a fast pace. However, if you will survive the scarcity you should locate stations with shorter queues, despite the pump price. Join the queues early enough and buy. Also the black market operators selling fuel in containers are also an option. I warn that black market fuel prices are way more expensive than usual. However, fuel is guaranteed without any hassle. The choice is yours.

2. Power Banks for Electricity Cuts
Our power supply has been termed epileptic. It has been stagnant for over 30 years. When is it going to be better? We do not know. However, we must put ourselves in survival mode.
First, have a backup method of cooling your house especially in the rising hot temperature. Get battery powered fans. You may also acquire a power bank to help charge your mobile devices and a battery powered lamp and radio set to keep you company. Also consider cooking perishable foods that you can eat immediately. Staple foods that don’t require cooling could be an advantage. I recently saw a picture of a man using an the old time “Stove iron”. Please help yourselves if it is still available!

3. Start a business to tackle unemployment
Now more than ever before there is an insatiable quest for a general industrialisation of the nation’s economy through promoting SMEs. The made in Nigeria campaign is also all about indigenous manufacturing and promotion of goods made solely in Nigeria. Unemployed graduates and citizens of Nigeria who are self driven can take advantage of this, and seek for short term loans in this regard. Loans from the bank of industry have in recent times become more accessible. Self employment is a viable key to tackling unemployment. Why not try this out, and expect a positive outcome today?

4. Rehydrate yourself from time to time
It is a hot mess in Nigeria now. The last few days have seen one of the most intense heat waves in recent history. It is therefore important to restore your body’s water balance at every point in time. Forecast by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency have temperature readings of as high as 97F(36C) in Lagos. Similar temperatures of have been forecast in other states of the country. So Gentlemen/Ladies drink a lot of water/fluid. Rehydrate the kids too. Some four to five litres of water everyday might come in Handy.

5. Dress to withstand the heat
Your choice of clothing can go a long way to help reduce the harsh feel of the heat. Nigerian doctors are warning there’s serious threat to human life from the heat wave. Threat resulting from measles, meningitis in kids is highly possible. It is important to reduce the effect of the heat on your body. Therefore, consider wearing light clothing. In addition, buy some deodorant, hand fans etc. Some good old sun shades would help as well. Thanks to them Aba boys in town, who cares about RayBans when you can get some good old “Raya Barn”?
6. Minimise foreign purchases
This is directed to all of us whose love for shopping on foreign online stores, transcends the natural. Many would rather shop ASOS than shop Jumia. So, consider the exchange rates before you shop. The costs of importation alone is neck breaking. Our preference for imported goods have become so bad, that many locally manufactured products like shoes, bags, groceries, are labeled ‘made in china’ to attract Nigerian patronage.
By reducing imports of foreign products in these times, you save yourself some money and indirectly encourage the made in Nigeria production system which we all root for. If the current exchange rates do not scare you, I wonder what else will.

7. Retain your sense of humor
No matter what happens, humor helps you cope. Not only does laughing benefit you, it also helps those around you. It lifts the pressure off. It helps prevent stress related diseases. In these hard times why not look for the positives around you? And don’t be afraid of letting go of the pressures of the fuel scarcities, electricity, or unemployment.
Life is not that serious, so smile no matter what!
If anyone had warned that 2016 would turn out a lot tougher than last year, I would have ground my hands against a hard rock.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ladies, Meet the Sexiest Dwarf Alive Who Says He is Single and Searching (Photos)

the man who has been dubbed the sexiest dwarf on earth has declared he is single and is searching for love.
Ismail Lanaani
Ismail Lanaani, a hipster dwarf has told how lifting weights and posting sexy photos of himself online has earned him an army of female admirers.
As a teen, 4’2″ Ismail Lanaani was cruelly taunted. Bullies dubbed him the “Midget of the Sahara” and told him he would never get a girlfriend.
But now, the fashion conscious 27-year-old who spends four-and-a-half hours at the gym every day said women love his ripped muscles and have dubbed him “the sexiest dwarf alive”
He now receives daily comments from his legion of fans and has found the confidence to hit back at his tormentors.
“I’ve been called the Midget of Sahara and told I’ll never get a girlfriend because of my height, but I can deal with what people say,” he said.
“I can stand up for myself. I know women fancy me. They say they like my muscles, my style and my beard.”
Ismail was born with dwarfism , and is the only one in his family with the condition. He told of how, initially, doctors warned his parents that he may never walk.
But he defied the odds, taking his first steps at 14 months old – a moment which made his mum cry with happiness.
Now, currently unemployed, Ismail goes to the gym three times a week to stay in shape and posts photos of his body, post work-out, online.
He said: “I go to the gym to keep healthy and because I want a sexy body.  I post photos on Instagram to express myself and get women saying they like my muscles.
“Posting photos of myself could help others with dwarfism feel good about themselves. People with dwarfism should be represented in society and seen more, like as models.
“If the chance came up to be a model I would accept it. I love fashion, especially American styles.”
Ismail, who can speak Arabic, English and French, also said that, although people say he’ll be single forever because of his stature, he is determined to find love.
He would even consider moving overseas for the one.
“I’m single at the moment and I’ve never had a girlfriend,” he said.“We have a lot of dating apps here that I could go on, but I’m not on any.
“I think a lot of people think I’m Casanova and I’m in a lot of sexual relationships but it’s not true. I’ve only had one sexual partner.
“I would like to get married though, and I talk to girls in Europe and America. Maybe one day I could move to America for a better future, to get married and have a family.
“I’m looking for a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles.Outside of the gym, one of Ismail’s other major passions is going to nightclubs to dance with his friends.”
However, he sadly finds himself the recipient of yet more negative attention when he goes out.
He said; “People laugh like crazy when they see me and take photos of me. If I’m happy I don’t care, but when I’m angry I don’t like it.
“If they keep looking at me, it annoys me. But I am strong and I just shout back at them.”I’m confident. I think they’re just jealous.
“People are jealous because they know good things come in small packages.”