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Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Naval Officer Proposes To A GLO Customer Care Agent LIVE In Her Office [PHOTO]

And so this transpired between a young naval officer and a GLO customer care agent named Yeside.

The guy came into Yeside's office about 15 minutes to the end of her shift and did the needful. 

Yeside's boss who had a prior knowledge of what was gonna happen called her out and before you could say Jack Robinson, the man in uniform came in, got on one knee, brought out the ring and popped the question " Will you marry me?"

The shy lady who was in tears said "YES" and the whole office erupted!!!
Awww, how so romantic, what an officer and a gentleman!!

Hearty congratulations to Yeside and her fiance!!!

Woman Gives Birth to Baby With Four Legs In Rivers State Nigeria [PHOTO]

A middle aged woman has given birth to a baby with four legs in Aboridendeme-Ama community in Okrika Local Government area of Rivers State.
Hospital source where the woman delivered the baby, however, told newsmen that the baby died shortly after its delivery.
A hospital official confirmed that it was a deformed baby, noting that the deformity may have been caused by congenital anomaly.
She said: “the woman came with a full term pregnancy but on the time of her delivery, even her scan had shown a normal baby, but when she delivered, we saw this extra part of the baby.
“The baby had 3 legs, four arms and 3 ears; even the baby’s stomach was open that one could see the intestines.
“It was so obscure that we don’t know whether she was trying to abort the child.”
Meanwhile, some residents of Aparandeleama community said they were still in shock, adding that they had never seen such a thing before.
According to one of them, “I saw things for myself, the child was dead, a male child.”

Another woman said, “It was a shocking sight. I was cold. This has never happened in Okrika. I Just call it end time oo!

I Am Not Having Any Affair With Banky W - Kemi Adetiba

Click for Full Image SizeAward-winning director, producer and cinematographer, Kemi Adetiba, has cleared the air on her relationship with EME boss, Banky W.

Kemi explained that she and Banky W were close friends but had no strings attached.

According to her, she had know the artiste before he became a star and he has never shown any sign of crush on her.

"Banky is like my brother. I met him before he became big, though we are not as close anymore. We've never dated and, come to think of it, I don’t think Banky W has ever found me attractive. It’s weird when people say we are compatible. I can understand why people group us together, though, because we travel together and all that. I also have a relationship with his label now, because I work with Niyola (one of his signees) a lot," she disclosed.

Her body of work includes music videos, commercials, television content and films.

9 Things You Can’t Overlook When You Date A Single Parent

Are you dating a single parent? Here are 9 things you definitely need to understand before you think of making a long-term commitment to this person.

Love doesn’t always work out the first, second or even the third time around.
And when a relationship ends, sometimes kids get left behind.
Now many single parents choose to pore over their child’s welfare 24/7 and are therefore out of the dating market.
But there are still some single parents who crave companionship and romance.
9 ways to start a great relationship with a single parent
If you find yourself in a mutual attraction with a single parent, it’s way different from dating someone who doesn’t have kids.
There’s a whole paradigm shift there that you have to be aware of.
So to help you out, here’s the basic guide of things you should be able to do to have a successful relationship with a single parent.

#1 You won’t be priority #1. This goes without saying since you’re dating someone who has an offspring.
But the child won’t be the only one that would come before you. There are bills to pay, an education fund to save up for and other basic responsibilities that go with having a child. And in order to get these things, the single parent must hold on to his or her career too.
There will also be parent-teacher meetings to attend, recitals to watch and play dates to set with other parents. But this doesn’t mean you have to just blend into the background of his or her busy life.
There are two things you need to do to deal with this. One, you should be supportive enough to give him or her time to take care of their youngster’s wellbeing *plus time to rest afterwards*. Two, you should resist the urge to bring up a fight when they cancels a date because their youngster has a cold or a strange rash or needs help with homework. 

#2 He/she will have different preferences. Bachelors and bachelorettes can be swept off their feet with a Caribbean cruise, a date to a fancy restaurant or an expensive gift.
But with single parents, they tend to be a little more practical. Instead of a grand gesture, they’re more likely to be impressed by tiny but consistent things like an offer to take out the trash, a foot massage or even a goodie bag of comfort food when they’re feeling low.
But this doesn’t mean single parents no longer want to be swept off their feet. Some of them may have just gone through a relationship filled with grand gestures that went belly-up despite the romance. Our advice is to stick to the little things you can do, but it’s also a good idea to do something romantic from time to time. 

#3 Some single parents may not be looking to settle… Yet. Think of it this way: a single parent has gone through the emotional trauma of losing a significant other through divorce, a mutual separation or even death. And if that’s not enough, there’s a child that was also left behind by the end of the relationship. It may be hard for single parents to open up to a new relationship again for fear that things might end the same way.
There may be a long phase of “testing the waters” before you can be considered the significant other, and even then, it’s still a long way to the altar.
For the sake of his or her heart and the kid, it’s better to be absolutely, positively, 100% sure that your relationship will be successful before any commitment talk can come in. 

#4 The defenses will be up. Nothing brings out a person’s protective instincts more than the presence of an offspring. If you come barging into a single parent’s life, you better watch yourself because they won’t take crap from anyone.
What’s more, they’d be highly concerned about who they welcome into their life because these people may also affect the welfare of their kid.
Once a single parent sees signs that you may not be good with their kid or you’re not really stepmom or stepdad material, the relationship may not progress to anything more meaningful than a physical relationship.
This is not to say that when you possess one bad trait, you’re out the door. Just be aware that when you’re dating the parent, you’re also somewhat wooing the kid if you want your relationship to be more serious.

#5 Watch out for the ex. In many rom-coms, the ex of a single parent is usually either virtually nonexistent or completely nuts. In real life, their personalities won’t be so clear-cut. Some of them may actually be genuinely happy that their ex has found someone who makes him or her happy.
On the other hand, watch out for the more insidiously possessive exes who think you’re a threat to their child’s wellbeing. Maybe someday they’ll warm up to your presence in their kid’s life. But just prepare yourself for unpleasant behavior like if the ex badmouths you to the kid to discourage you.
Sometimes it takes years before the child can even form an opinion of you that’s free from the ex’s influence. But be patient with this. Let your own personality and genuine kindness shine through, and this may be enough to shake off the ex’s sway on the kid.

#6 Woo the relatives and close friends. The single parent’s loved ones will definitely be on the lookout for people who might feed on their vulnerability. Friends and family may have witnessed the deterioration of their previous relationship with the kid’s other parent, so they may try to prevent the single parent from a relationship that might end in heartbreak all over again.
Like with the single parent’s ex, there’s really no easy way out of this. Again, just be genuinely caring and thoughtful, and hope that this would be enough to convince them that you’re a good enough person. 

#7 Show genuine interest in the kid. It’s highly likely that single parents, particularly those who have been single for a while, have molded most of their world around their children. The kids would obviously be a huge part of their life, and would serve as a motivation for them to work hard in order to provide for them.
It’s always a good idea to show some interest in the kid. But don’t have entire conversations revolving around the little surprise revolving around the “little surprise” in Georgie’s diaper. If the child is just a baby, there’s really not much you can ask. But if they’ve already developed a more complex personality, you can ask about their favorite TV shows or their favorite sport. Just don’t go overboard on asking, though, as there is a difference between curious and creepy.

#8 Don’t be too eager to meet the kid. It’s like an unspoken rule among single parents that their children should not be exposed to the full lineup of men and women they’re dating.
Just imagine how hard it would be for a child to really get along with someone, and then with a blink of an eye, he or she is gone and replaced by someone new. That’s definitely going to spawn emotional issues later on.
You probably won’t meet the kid until the parent is sure that you’ll be sticking around for a while. Not only does this serve to shield the youngster from a revolving door of short-term hookups, but it also gives the parent ample time to prepare the kid for the fact that mommy or daddy may be at the start of a budding relationship. 

#9 Keep trying even if his or her kids don’t like you. As mentioned earlier, you’re also vying for the approval of the children. This isn’t as easy as bringing them a few snacks or toys every once in a while. You have to talk to them and establish rapport. This is a serious emotional investment for you, the single parent and the child.
Try to brush up on what kids are into these days, whether it’s still Barney and Barbie or snazzy gadgets. But even if you’re fully equipped with a kiddie entertainment system, there’s still a chance that they may not like you.
And that’s fine, in fact, it’s pretty normal at first. But once they get to know you and they see that their parent loves you and wants you to get along, this can be the first step to starting good rapport with the kid.
Of course, all single parents are different. Not all of them may have the same goals and preferences in life. But the key things you should keep in mind is that even though their children are their main priority, they also want to establish a relationship with someone they can relate to and rely on to stick around.

The Nigerian Man Who Turned To A Woman Reveals That He Used To Wear His Mum’s High Heels And Dress Up In Her Outfits

Nigerian transgender, Miss Iris Sahhara during the Q&A session of the World Transgender pageant she eventually won said she used to wear her mum's high heels & dresses. That she would dance around in them when she was younger, imagining herself as a beauty queen. Here's what Miss Sahhara said when she was asked:

What is the proudest moment of your life so far and why?
The proudest moment of my life is being on this stage right now. Because when I was growing up, I had this dream of becoming somebody like going on stage and performing. I watch Miss Universe, 
Miss World but I couldn't because I was born male. But I used to wear my mum's high heels and dress up in her outfits and pretend in front of the mirror that I'm one of the contestants. So being here today and having this opportunity to do this as a glamorous woman with lovely makeup and lovely dresses is a dream come true. 

This is something young male kids do today and most times, we laugh over it and even admire them. Some mothers on their own, dress their sons as baby girls at times. So, do you think we should be worried now if our male kids love wearing our high heels? lol. This is a serious question though. What do you think? Watch Sahhara's interview below -


Despite My Lifestyle, My Husband Came Begging After 19years - Afrocandy

She also spoke to Vanguard about trying to raise money for her daughter online for school, saying it was only a stunt. Hear her, I’m Afrocandy, I can’t be broke. I’m a star how can a star be broke. Finally she spoke about her husband and their reconciliation after 19years. Find that after the cut. Strong woman though!

We heard your ex-husband recently came back to beg you. Is it true?

This happened after my daughter turned 19, in May. That was also her prom, so I posted her prom pictures, I don’t know if they saw it. So, they started calling, even his sisters called requesting to speak to my daughter. I was like”After how many years?” After much persuasion and being the good Nigerian woman that I am, I allowed them to talk to her.

That was it. My daughter did her graduation and we went together, before then I wasn’t talking with my husband. When he calls, I just give the phone to my daughters. But after the graduation ceremony, he said he wanted to talk to me. I was shocked and from there we started talking. He said, he wants to come back. I’m not going to tell you what’s going to happen, but just watch out. He’s taking care of the kids right now.

I lived here alone for thirteen years before I joined him. He used to visit home once in a while. Something happened between me and somebody that used to come close. But when I joined him in the US, I put all that behind me. I wanted to move forward. Some gossips cropped up, someone called him and told him, then he jumped out of the house. That was how we broke up.

I called him back, begging and he came back. After three months, he disappeared again, expecting me to come begging again. But I told him, “I wouldn’t do that again.” I’m not going to do that again”. Now he’s back, he told me the truth that he actually thought I was going to come back to beg him. That he never left, he was watching me. And instead of me to come back and beg him, I went wild. He doesn’t mind that anyway.

River Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight [PHOTOS]

PHOTO: The water in a river in Xinmeizhou village in eastern Chinas Zhejiang province turned red overnight, baffling locals, July 25, 2014.
A waterway in eastern China has mysteriously turned a blood red color.

Residents in Zhejiang province said the river looked normal at 5 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday morning. Within an hour, the entire river turned crimson. Residents also said a strange smell wafted through the air.

“The really weird thing is that we have been able to catch fish because the water is normally so clear,” one local villager commented on China’s microblogging site Weibo.

Inspectors from the Wenzhou Environmental Protection Bureau said they have not found the cause of the incident, although water samples seem to indicate the suspicious color was a result of illegal dumping in the river. 

“We suspect that somebody dumped artificial coloring in the water because he thought the typhoon yesterday would cause heavy rain, and nobody would notice [the color],” Jianfeng Xiao, Chief of the bureau told China News.

“It turned out there wasn’t heavy rainfall yesterday, so the evidence is left behind,” Xiao said.
Xiao said there is a paper manufacturer, a food coloring company and clothing-maker a long the river. The bureau is still investigating the incident. 
PHOTO: The river in Xinmeizhou village in eastern Chinas Zhejiang province quickly filled up with the red colored liquid which had a strange smell, according to villagers, July 25, 2014.

See Lagos Massage Parlour Where You Get Sex As The After-Service Bonus

Some people say that passion often flows when a man and a woman are left in a room long enough. This seems to be true of some service jobs that pitch guys and ladies together as service providers and clients.

Dalliance between male hairstylists and female clients
Kunle Olutayo, a male hair stylist, gets an average of ten female customers a day. Although not bad in terms of good looks, Olutayo grew up as a shy little boy, particularly around girls until his painful fortune changed about seven years ago when he became a hairstylist. Shortly after starting the job following a six months’ training, Olutayo could not believe his luck.

With an endless string of female customers, he no longer had to worry about his failing nerves since some of his female customers were "woman enough" to take the initiative.
Happy hour after massage: A cross section of masseuses said many of the clients who visit their parlours ask for ‘happy hours’ or ‘happy ending massages.’ These are érotic massages that end with hand jobs, blow jobs or séx...

“When some of the clients come in, they ask, ‘do you do happy hour or happy ending’ and we say no. The best thing is not to start what you won’t be able to finish; so we tell them that we don’t do such things here, but I know that some massage parlours do it abroad,” said Franca Oriakhi, the Managing Director of World Beauty Salon and Spa, Surulere, Lagos.

Another beauty therapist, Ruth Zobeashia of Rutiana Perfection Parlour, Ikeja in Lagos, also shared similar experiences on the job.

Zobeashia, who has had over 10 years’ experience as a masseuse, said, “Most of the Nigerian men who come here, once they see that it’s a beautiful lady that will attend to them, what goes to their head is séx after five minutes of massage.

“Some of them will say, ‘Can you suck me? Can you make me come? I will pay you extra for doing it.’ I tell them that we don’t offer anything beyond massage here. When I explain to them that I can’t do it, then they stop visiting. What most of them want is séx and not massage, really. It’s the whites (foreigners) who really understand the essence of massage and some blacks too that come here,” she said.

Zobeashia recalled how she had to escape through a bathroom window about seven years ago while giving a man a massage. The client had wanted séx also.

Recounting the incident, she said, “We get all kinds of harassment and embarrassment on the job. I was giving a man a massage one day when he insisted that he wanted to have séx with me. I told him that I needed to use the bathroom. It was through the window that I managed to get out.

“Some of the men will say that they have girls who tended to their needs where they used to have massage and so I tell them to go back there. One day, I asked a client demanding for séx if he would be happy if his wife was sleeping with her clients. I was shocked when he replied that he didn’t care, ‘after all, that’s her job.’”

Interestingly, some of the harassments are not limited to male clients, according to Zobeashia, who has received séxual invitations from female clients too. Some female clients who are lesbians also ask to be caressed and ero-tically fingered in their private regions during massages.

“Lesbians come here and want the same thing the men want. A man having trouble with his marriage once told me that he was advised by a friend to visit a massage parlour to get the séxual satisfaction his wife denied him at home,” she continued with a surprise look on her face.

Investigation indeed shows that some massage parlours offer séxual pleasures in Ikeja, Ikoyi and Lekki areas of Lagos. Many of such parlours keep the information within a circle, largely made up of foreigners.

A Briton who had a chat with our correspondent online named a few spas and massage parlours in Lagos that offer ‘happy hours’ or ‘happy ending’ massages. He also said there were masseurs and masseuses who service clients at home, with massage and séx.

“Some of us in the Nigerian white community patronise these places. Some Nigerians also know about them as well. There is a spa in Lagos with Asian women as masseuses, where clients can pay for what they want. Massage parlours that have happy endings are common in Asia, so maybe that’s why some Nigerians ask for such services here after experiencing it elsewhere,” he commented.

But that is not all; tattooists also deal with temptations from customers of the opposite séx. In Lagos, tattooists are predominantly males and are often required to tattoo on female ero-tic parts like the breasts, buttocks, thighs and the "down below".

Back to Olutayo
He was busy fixing the hair of one of his numerous female customers when Punch correspondent visited the salon he shares with four other stylists around the famous Ikeja Under-bridge in Lagos.

As he attached a weave-on to the customer’s hair, the two joked about the lady’s receding hairline. Some of the customer’s hair was falling off at the front and Olutayo teased her about it being one of the signs of old age.

Olutayo is close to many of his customers and has dated a few, even though he repeatedly described it as bad for business. When he was still new on the job, he was overwhelmed by the surplus number of women he encountered daily and so indulged himself when he could.

However, Olutayo has since learnt a few lessons.
“This job is not for womanisers. If you’re a womaniser, stay away from this job because you will continue to lose money. When I first started the job, it exposed me to so many women for the first time. I used to be very shy but on this job, I met women who seduced me. Some of the women would seduce their stylists to avoid paying for the service, which also means not paying on subsequent visits.

“So a womaniser has a lot to lose as a hairstylist. Now, I’ve learnt my lesson, I no longer sleep with my clients anyhow. I only date one lady customer now and that limits my loss. Before now, I used to forgo a lot of money to female customers that I had affairs with,” he said.

Explaining how his seducers perform their act, Olutayo demonstrated with his eyes, feigning séxual interest and willingness and hands, rubbing on our correspondent, who had briefly assumed the role of a stylist.

“The women won’t open their mouths to say they want any hairstylist, but once they are seated and you’re about to start fixing their hair, they can say they don’t have money and need to fix their hair for an important occasion, or say they can only afford an amount not up to half the price of the materials to be used and the service.

“While they are appealing, they are caressing you with their hands and looking at you with funny eyes (seductively). Some may call ahead to say they don’t have money. In such cases, negotiations can be done over the phone.

“If I’m interested, I only have to tell the customer that I’ve always liked her and ask for her affection in return. Almost 100 per cent of the time, they are open to an arrangement or rendezvous that could later lead to a hotel room,” he said sheepishly.

Special hotel booking called ‘short time,’ which is for an hour or two, is usually used for such rendezvous.

Punch findings reveal that many of the male hairstylists who actively womanise often fall under two categories - those who are new on the job and those who could not complete their apprenticeship for some reason.

A source explained that the newcomers are too inexperienced to deal with the temptations associated with their new job, while those in the other category are too grateful for their fortune in spite of their inability to complete their training that they over-indulge themselves in their 'good fortune'.

“I look at some of them (hairstylist womanisers) and I shake my head. They lose in so many ways because if the customer cannot pay for the weave-on, the stylists may have to use their own weave-on as well, fix the hair free of charge, pay N1,500 or N2,000 for the ‘short time’ they will spend at the hotel with the customer, possibly buy drinks there and even miss one or two other customers that will call at their shops while they are away,” said Segun, a male hairstylist with eight years’ experience.

Although, the category of women who visit male hairstylists range from students to workers in practically all fields, from Olutayo’s experience, the women who are open to such dalliances are usually those referred to as club girls.

A cross section of male hairstylists said the next category of women usually open to having romance with them are single mothers. But with the single mothers, male hairstylists need not worry about not getting paid.

For instance, a male hairstylist, who identified himself as Johnson, narrated his experience with a female customer he once had a séxual affair with.

According to Johnson’s account, his romance with the woman started after his third visit to her Lekki residence for home service. Johnson does home service for customers who are willing to pay extra which has been factored in due to the distance, transportation cost and so on.

“The woman never negotiated any amount I charged and she always paid me.

“It started innocently when she asked me to come and fix her hair at home, before it later graduated to séx. She was a single mother with one daughter, so she usually asked me to come in the morning when her daughter would be in school,” Johnson said.

Johnson added that he had noticed that a lot of his older female customers like to date young boys judging by their discussions at the salon, jokingly, describing salons as homes of gossips and rumours.

Most women confirmed that they prefer male hairstylists to their female counterparts in a poll conducted by our correspondent.

‘I’m in love with male hairstylists’
One of the respondents who identified herself as Nkem, admitted to having fantasised about dating her “handsome male hairstylists” countless times but couldn’t bring herself to initiate a move.

“I actually go to the salon that I use because of the male hairstylists. They are very handsome and sometimes I wish that one of them would ask me out but it has not happened yet. I think male hairstylists are better than the female ones because a man would know what fits you better than a woman,” she said.

Another place that promises an abundance of passion is a massage parlour because it usually pitches both men and woman together alone.

Visiting massage parlours for the wonders of the experienced hands of masseurs and masseuses is not yet a popular pastime in the country, however, the trend is growing by the day.

The idea of having a massage is therapeutic. It also helps the client to relax and be released of stress and body pains, but investigation shows that often times in Nigeria, clients wish for more than stress and pain relief. Findings show that many male clients get séxually aroused within a few minutes of body massage.

Tattooists are seduced by clients too
A tattooist, Abisola Ojikutu of Bizzysaki Tattoo Studio, Ikeja, told Punch that he sometimes gets seduced by female clients, but quickly added that in spite of it, he still strives to maintain professionalism on the job.

“I tattoo almost all parts of the body, including body parts of members of the opposite séx because it’s my job. I tattoo their private parts and do breast enlargement and other stuff. Yes, seduction happens because we are humans but I act professionally. And I have to also consider my money, so I act like I’m not moved. Even if a lady seduces me as a tattoo celebrity, we suspend all till after work,” he said.

Meet Moesha The Ghanaian Actress Who Is Ready To Set Big Brother Africa 2014 Ablaze With Her Figure [PHOTOS]

She is a Ghanaian actress, her name is Moesha. With her type, this year's BBA will be "rough". See more...

MUSIC: Eminiuzzy - Eko ile

Out at last the much awaiting Fresh single by Eminiuzzy Bigbrodas recording artist titled Eko-ile. his last single Follow me ft jaypizzle production is still making waves and now his backing it up with this Afro instant hitz song.Eko-ile is produced by slimabeatz,Download,Listen and share your thoughts.


Lil Wayne Signs Cristiano Ronaldo Into His Label

Lil Wayne has reportedly signed up Cristiano Ronaldo to his new sports management company.

The rapper's company Young Money Entertainment has teamed up with Polaris Sports, with Ronaldo as his first client, according to TMZ.

Wayne's company are said to be handling Ronaldo's sports management work in the US, including branding and endorsement deals.

Lil Wayne's foray into sports management follows Jay Z's Roc Nations Sports, which launched in 2013. Jay Z has so far signed up Kevin Durant and Robinson Cano.

Ronaldo was recently named the 30th 'most powerful' celebrity in the world by Forbes.

Maheeda Wants Prostitution To Be Open In Nigeria

She is wild, she is getting away with it and now it's time for her to incorporate other ladies. Maheeda wants her fellow ladies not to be shy to sell their body for money, because according to her the thing is everywhere and it is time people stop being secretive about it.

Here's what she told Vanguard in a recent chat:

"Yes, I think prostitution should be legalised. I have been there, I have been with these girls. I have been to Holland where I think it's legal. It won't be bad if it is legalised because it's everywhere anyway. So it's better if it's legalised."

Friday, July 25, 2014

Nigerian Design Label Jason Porshe Unveils Ad-Campaign For Its Two Capsule S/S15 Collection Titled “Bella Vista”

Nigerian Design label Jason Porshe has announced the official ad campaign release for its upcoming 2015 spring/summer collection titled "Bella Vista"

The word "Bella Vista" is an italian word which means "Good looking".

Jason Porshe Bespoke, created by Creative Director Jason Samuel, is taking us down a italian-african Debonair lane with its Spring/Summer 2015 collection titled "Bella Vista".

The collection is a two capsule collection for men and women and according to Jason The pieces will be simple and quite ready to wear with stylish details like italian cuts, popping colours, zips and prints. The Jason Porshe Bespoke man & woman always wants to be good looking,classy,sophisticated and stylish in his/her simple-minded way of expressing him/herself.

Take a look at people who will be working together to unveil the collection.

Creative director: Jason Samuel
Stylist: King Duzii
Photography: Tobbie magguire for TCD photography
Models: Alex Ekubo,Ik ogbonna,Michael Bassey,Wale Bello,Beverly Osu & Princess Dennar

Police Involvement In Late DaGrin's Death Uncovered By Sahara Reporters

              The circumstances which led to the death of DaGrin in 2010 have now been revealed to be part of a disturbing pattern of illegal activity by police at Alakara Station in Mushin.

         The eyewitnesses, who said they were first to reach the scene of the road crash to assist, insist that Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun also known as "Dagrin" did not drunkenly crash into a truck parked at the side of the road as put out by police.

Instead, the truck driver had been stopped  in the middle of the road by Police who were demanding bribes. Unfortunately, the truck had no back lights and the late musician had plowed into it unknowingly.

They said the policemen deliberately covered-up their role in the accident, by recreating an artificial accident scene by the side of the road for the world to see the next morning.

A young witness, a man, agreed to speak with SaharaReporters on the condition of anonymity.

"I was there that night, and we did not even know at first that it was anyone (famous) like that. We were only helping to remove his body and to rescue him. What actually happened that night was that the policemen had stopped the cement truck at the middle of road, and of course, they could only be asking for a bribe.

Unfortunately, the truck had no rear light, (of any kind,) and so the oncoming car was unaware of any vehicle ahead. It just rammed head on, into it from the back. It rammed into the truck hard without holding the brakes at all, and that is because the truck in its front, had no light to show anything was there." 

"So after we removed the body, we realized it was Da Grin, and he was groaning. They asked the truck driver to move forward and park out off of the road. They then moved Da Grin's car afterwards so it would then look like he went to hit the truck where it parked. 

"We were not thinking about all these as an attempt to change the story. We were only concerned about helping the victim of an accident, and by when they finished their artificial story, the world was only waiting for Da Grin's recovery. But news broke later that he had died at the hospital. 

"What made their story work was that the car did not hold its breaks, so there was no sign of screeching on the ground. Otherwise, the marks of friction from the tyres would be in the spot where it was removed, before parking it, and rearranging the scene. 

"They did everything very fast, and by morning, they were no longer the cause of the accident.) Just like on Tuesday night, that they scared everyone away, and washed the blood stains of their victim within a brief period," the young man continued. 

"Of course, they caused the accident that killed Da Grin. And that is how they commit so much atrocities here in Mushin that the public will not know about, or what the truth is. We live here and we see them live, every time. "

Another killing allegedly by policemen at the Alakara Police Station occurred on Tuesday night of this week, further triggering their grief, and provoked them to expose that police atrocity, and approach SaharaReporters.

That killing, as well, was covered up say the sources, in order that residents in the community, and people outside, would not know of it.

The Alakara policemen are described as very apt, and swift, in immediately 'cleaning up' their dirty business, leaving behind little, to no evidence, of their atrocities, several sources have told a SaharaReporters correspondent.

Meet The Suspected Kaduna Bomber Who Disguised As A Woman [PHOTOS]

The Nigerian military in a statement released on its website says it has taken into custody a man dressed as a woman who is suspected to be connected with the Wednesday 23rd bomb blast targeted at former Head of state, General Buhari. 
Troops are holding a man suspected to be connected with the explosion targeted at General Buhari on Wednesday.  The young man who was apprehended by military patrol team that swooped on the area immediately after the explosion, had disguised as a woman clad in female garb to exude femininity with a brazier affixed to his chest. 
The suspect was arrested while trying to fizzle into a crowd of onlookers when the patrol team arrived the scene.  Youths in the area attempted to mob him while he was being arrested but were restrained by troops who quickly whisked him away in an armoured personnel carrier.  
He is currently being interrogated by security agencies in a bid to ascertain his links


Desmond Eliot And Moet Abebe In New Romantic Pictures

Moet seems to excited to be the girlfriend of Desmond Eliot who happens to be every woman’s in new movie, What a lucky kill.. see another pic below..

Wizkid's Alleged Lover, Caro Ikpea Claims Her Account Was Hacked

Click for Full Image SizeFew days ago it was reported that an American based girl named Caro Ikpea called out WizKid's girlfriend Tania Omotayo. If you missed it Read It Here.

There is a press release announcing that Caro's account was hacked. According to the press release, Caro who claimed to have been with Wizkid in the U.S hasn't met Wizkid or know Tania. Read the press release below.

''S.S Talent management company,, the home of some promising talents across Africa, wish to fully clear the air on the news that made round yesterday, involving one of our talents, Miss Carolyn Ikpea, whose a promising model and actress whose based in Houston,U.S.A where she schools and resides"

"Her twitter account was hacked by some unknown "jobless insignificant criminals" since Monday evening. This is the second time it is happening. Please we officially want to clear the air on the rumor, Carolyn is a 17yr old upcoming model /student, she has never met wizkid or Miss Omotayo and she is far too young to be linked to such dirty and ungodly scandal plus she also has a very reputable family image to protect and wouldn't wish to tarnish the images or relationship of other parties named in the scandal"

"We have written to Twitter Inc. to pls delete or shut down her twitter account to prevent further escalation of this matter."

"We also know it may have been hectic locating her management, that's why we are writing to clear the air"

Davido’s Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nish Kards AKA Ghanaian Kim Kardasian Releases New Raunchy Photos


Guys Meet Davido’s Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nish Kards AKA Ghanaian Kim Kardasian Do You See the striking resemblance between her and the reality TV Star.
Well she also looks up to her as she also has the habit of posting halfnakedselfies online and also has a thing for celebs and according to the grapevine, her conquests includes Nigerian music super stars, Davido and Wizkid and lots of others.see some photos below




Ibeh Akunna Akanna Doren Emerges The 15TH Miss French Village [PHOTOS]

The ancient town of Badagry was agog on the 11TH of July 14, 2014 as fun lovers and dignitaries from far and near trooped in to the Nigeria French language village to witness the crowning of the new queen of all French students in Nigeria.

AK integrated global solution LTD; the organizer of the 15th French Village pageant raised the standard from the usual car prize to an all-expenses paid trip to France for the queen. The event director, Esiri Paul stated that the queen would pay a courtesy visit to the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Reps.

Eleven (11) beautiful and intelligent girls from different part of the country compete in this year pageant with Ibeh Akanna Akunna Doren of the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education emerging the winner! The young beauty of 22 years was delighted to emerge the new queen of French students, thus an ambassador and promoter of French studies throughout the world.

Other contestants include Fagbohun Yetunde UNILAG (2nd Lucy UNILAG (1st UNILAG, Uke Magdalene B.S.U., Otutubuike Joanna DIPLOMA, Elias Mojisola Zainab Diploma, Uchechi Joy and Janet Peter Zira (module).

Also, the event coordinator, Ayorinde Abiodun S. (Effizy) said all the contestants would represent their various schools in the Miss University Nigeria pageant as the organizers already sealed an automatic participation as consolation prizes.

 Runner-up; Lucy Agbo B.S.U., Mary Ogbonnia, Fortune Osom

The First Nigerian Church Of The Crazy Mother Established [PHOTO]


 ...and we know a lot of Lagos babes will carry their 2 left legs to go look for miracles here... we hear if you have a worrisome mother-in-law, this is the place to go for spiritual solution... All The Best!

Why ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Has Produced Only One N10m Winner' - Frank Edoho Reveals

Frank Edoho, has disclosed that nowadays, youths do not want to work but aim to drive flashy cars and own luxuries items.

According to the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ show anchor, some youths do not want to put in any effort in what they do and get off the rail towards their destinations or tow the dubious part.

Speaking on the strong point of the television game show, Frank explained that the show’s strongest point is its underlying philosophy that ‘you have to work for what you earn.’

“It looks like it’s easy to answer 15 questions and get N10million, but when you see the drama and what goes into it, you will know ‘this is work’. So, N10million doesn’t come easy, no wonder we’ve only had one jackpot winner.

“So, I think the philosophy of the show is that we want to entertain, we want to educate but most importantly, we want to pass on the hidden message that you have to work, to earn the prize,” he added.

Frank also disclosed that part of the reasons why the youths do not read these days is due to the kind of lifestyles they indulge, which doesn’t encourage reading.

“Those days, we didn’t have a lot of technology, we didn’t have social media and we didn’t have many distractions, so one of the ways you could entertain yourself is to carry a novel by Jeffery Archer to read. The ladies will pick Mills and Boon,” he said.

“Then technology came and took over and we now have many distractions. We must have missed it somewhere along the line, because even in the developed societies, they still read and their culture enables it,” he observed.