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Sunday, April 19, 2015

XENOPHOBIA: While People Watched, Man Was Stabbed To Death In South Africa [PHOTOS]

People stood by while a Mozambican man, Emmanuel Sithole, was cornered, stabbed in the heart and left to die. This happened yesterday in Johannesburg and yes, he died from his wounds. Killed just for being from another African country.. and the story told by the journalist who witnessed this brutal stabbing is heartbreaking! See more photos and read the full story from Times Live after the cut…
The brutal d€ath of Emmanuel Sithole As told by Beauregard Tromp and James Oatway for
Shortly before 7am yesterday April 18th, Sunday Times journalists were in Alexandra township, near Sandton, speaking to shop owners who had their businesses looted overnight. Children played, people walked the streets, some stopped to gawk at the carnage from the night before. Then this happened …
In a gutter in Alexandra a Mozambican man stopped and lay down. The gash to his chest meant he could go no further.
At the day clinic less than 100m away they could not help him. The doctor scheduled to be on duty did not show up because he was a foreigner and feared being a victim of xenophobia.
It began on Friday night when mobs blockaded Arkwright Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in Alexandra, with rubble and burning tyres. Foreign- owned shops’ roofs were ripped open and metal gates torn away as looters went on the rampage.
Outside one spaza shop, a man in a black corduroy jacket and red shirt was walking along the road. Suddenly a young man dressed in a grey tracksuit jacket beat him over the head with a wrench. The red-shirt man tried to fend off the blows, his arms raised. He stumbled back, falling into rubbish strewn by the roadside. The blows with the wrench rained down. Then the bludgeoning stopped and the man with the wrench moved away.
“Are we safe here?” asked a South African woman watching the attack.
The man in the red shirt got up. Now another man with a beige spottie approached, holding an okapi knife high above his head. Again, the man in the red shirt raised his hands, pleading for mercy. But his pleas were in vain. He was stabbed … again and again.
The two grappled and fell to the floor. The man with the wrench returned. Finally, a lanky young man sprinted towards the man among the rubbish, kicking him in the head. The young man pulled a butcher’s knife. A man in a black leather jacket who had discouraged the attack grabbed the wrist with the butcher’s knife. The attackers fled.
The red-shirt man tried to get up but fell. Finally he made it to his feet. Feebly, he walked up the road. Do you know why they attacked you? Who are you? Where are you from, we asked him.
He turned his head towards the questions fired at him, his face pleading. He said nothing. His shirt was drenched, a 2cm gash in his chest. Metres further he stumbled and lay down in the gutter. He struggled to sit up and fell down
“Help me get him into the car. Help me, please,” said photographer James Oatway, looking around at the men gathered around him. One stepped forward, reluctantly.
Up the road, at Alexandra Day Clinic, nurses did what they could. There was no doctor; he would have to be taken to Edenvale Hospital.
Along the way the man was flailing wildly, sitting up, lying down, wincing with pain. The wound to his chest was gushing now.
At Edenvale Hospital a lone gurney stood at the entrance. The porters sat in a room with tinted windows. Oatway pleaded for help. The man in the car was critical, he said.
Slowly one porter rose and scribbled in a book. Then the other, both now ambling towards the hospital entrance. Inside the car the red-shirt man looked lifeless.
“He’s dead. We can’t take him,” one porter pronounced.
There was no pulse. Then a gag reflex. He’s alive. Inside the ICU, doctors compressed his chest, massaging his heart. After nearly seven minutes a ventilator was used. Shortly after 9am Emmanuel Sithole was pronounced dead. He was Mozambican.
The stab wound to his chest had penetrated his heart.
In his pockets, R285 and 10c in change and a cellphone. His phone would ensure he did not die nameless. On his wrist, three armbands read: “United for Bafana.”

Nigerian Citizen Suffers Xenophobic Attack In South Africa

 Right now, there appears to be the first clear report of a Nigerian being attacked in South Africa’s Xenophobic attack. According the twitter user, the victim who lives in Johannesburg made a distress call minutes ago, but they were unable to ascertain the particular area he was, and all efforts to contact him since then has been unsuccessful.

John Okafor (Mr Ibu) Loses Mum

John Okafor and Mum
Famous Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, a. k. a Mr. Ibu has lost his mother after a protracted illness. The actor announced her death on his Facebook page, shortly after her death on Saturday morning.

The Diary Of A Lady: I Slept With My Boss In The Office, Now He Has Dumped Me

The diary of a lady who left her boyfriend and ended up as free "meat" for her Oga in the office:
"I had a brief affair with my boss and I knew it was wrong. He now behaves as if nothing happened between us. I am trying as much as possible to put whatever happened between us behind me.

I’m not even scared of him sacking me because he dares not. He shouldn’t even think of it, because I agreed to date him after five months of sexual abstinence. How do I carry myself with dignity without feeling used? I feel I am without worth..."

- M.O from Benin

Below is the answer she got from Kemi Ashefon:

Despite the fact that I don’t encourage pre-marital s*x, I believe any s*x between two consenting adults is a give-and-take act and none of them should feel used. I think you should start behaving as your boss does — nothing happened between the two of you. Do not go about with this vengeful spirit of he-dares-not-sack-me because he could and he is authorised to do so. Remember, he is the boss, he has a right to hire/fire and could get better ladies than you to work with.

His kind of person does not give a hoot about whatever you feel. He wanted cheap s*x and you gave him.

Young Girl Gives Birth To A Day Old Baby With Teeth In Oyo State

It sounds unbelievable, but from the account of 19-year-old Kehinde Adegoke, it really happened. The teenager who is an indigene of Ogbomoso in Oyo State, but whose parents live in Minna, Niger State, has told Sunday Tribune how she had sex with a snake in her dream for four years and eventually got pregnant without any physical relationship with any man.

Not only that, Kehinde was delivered of a baby boy in the early hours of March 28, 2015. The baby, however, brought strangeness as he had two teeth protruding from the gum in its lower jaw. He
however died on Sunday, March 29 without any ill health pinned to him.

For four years, Kehinde said she had to deal with a strange spirit which always came to her in a dream in form of a snake. She said the snake would turn into a Fulani man who would have sex with her, and afterwards transform into a snake, before crawling away.

She disclosed that she had to leave Niger State in October 2014 for Ogbomoso, when she suddenly found herself pregnant without having physical intercourse.

She was, however, full of joy that she received deliverance from demonic possession through the prayers and deliverance sessions she went through at one church in Ogbomoso. She expressed appreciation to the founder of the church, Apostle Johnson Olayinka Afolabi a.k.a. Okoto Jesu, that God used him to set her free from satanic bondage.

Narrating her story, Kehinde told Tribune:

"My parents live in Niger but I am from Ogbomoso, Oyo State. I was troubled by an unseen spirit. I would see the snake beside me. The snake would then turn to a Fulani man who would have intercourse with me. It started about four years ago. 
After the intercourse, the Fulani man would turn to a snake again and leave. Whenever I woke up, I would not see any semen indicating that I had sexual intercourse. But in the dream, he would climax and release in me. 
I have never had any man who wooed me in real life and looked like the man. His face was strange. The Fulani man also used to appear to me in real life, but I was the only person who would see him. He dared not see me with any man, even if the person was my brother. He would frown and warn me off the man. This would make me change my countenance to whomever I was talking with. 
Also, if I wanted to tell my parents what I was experiencing, he would appear and warned me against revealing anything. That was why the experience I was having spanned some years."
Her life story changed when she discovered she was pregnant towards the end of 2014. According to her,:
 "I noticed that I was pregnant in October 2014. My stomach started protruding and the change in me was noticed by my mother and neighbours. They asked whether I was pregnant and I said no. Though I did not see my menses, my thinking was that it was a temporary reaction and that it would still come since I didn't have sexual intercourse. 
When I went to a hospital to carry out a pregnancy test, it was positive. I was surprised because I did not have intercourse with any man. My parents did not believe me and were furious with me. I was so confused that I left Minna for Ogbomoso in Oyo State. 
At Ogbomoso, someone told me about a church. I met the founder, Apostle Johnson Olayinka Afolabi a.k.a. Okoto Jesu. He asked me to go through marathon and dry fasting which spanned 41 days. 
After the fasting, I did not feel anything in my tummy again. All I noticed was that my stomach would be flat whenever I woke up in the morning but it would protrude immediately I ate. I went through another fast in March after which I experienced my miracle."
The alleged miracle happened on March 27.
"At about 9 a.m., I started feeling stomach pain. Nothing was moving in me. I took some drugs and the pain subsided. It started again and I had to go to Prophet Afolabi . He prayed into water which he asked me to drink. The pain did not subside. 
By evening, the pain had become unbearable. Prophet was told and he blessed water again and sent it to me through one of his pastors. After drinking the water the second time, I vomited. The vomit was smelly. That was all I knew as I passed out. 
I did not know how I got to the hospital. I learnt Okoto Jesu poured water in the church bell and rang the bell seven times, commanding all evil spirits in me to vanish in the name of Jesus. I was then taken to a private hospital (names withheld). 
I became fully conscious of my environment during delivery. The baby was also changing its skin to different colours after birth. My mother was present in the hospital. I noticed that the baby had two teeth in the lower jaw. I did not breast-feed the baby. But he died on Sunday, March 29. 
Since then, I have been delivered and free from manipulations of the spirit world. I no longer see the snake or the Fulani man."
Kehinde also disclosed that she had familiar spirit and belonged to a group of destroyers (egbe abatenije), though she went through deliverance in 2011. Before the deliverance, she said she used to see herself in the midst of other children, with all of them adorning black garments.

She also revealed that she was initiated into a demonic group by four women whom she knew physically, though saying that two of them were dead. But all that had become a thing of the past, she stated.

The account of the girl was corroborated by Prophet Afolabi who is popularly called Okoto Jesu. According to him:

 "When Kehinde was brought to our church, we pressed her stomach but couldn't feel any pregnancy. We told her to go through dry fast. 
She fasted for three days three times making a total of nine days and she did it without any adverse effect, which could not have been so if she was pregnant. She also observed white fast. The prayers offered her and the water given to drink turned the demons in her into a human form which came out as a baby. 
Even when she was taking to the hospital, the nurse who examined her said she was still a virgin, which confirmed that she was indeed possessed. It was simply God at work." Okoto Jesu said that a case like that of Kehinde had never happened in his church "though we have had cases of women who were pregnant for six, seven years but delivered when they got here."
Kehinde's mother, Mrs Adegoke, told Sunday Tribune that Kehinde was a strange child right from when she was in her womb, saying that the twin brother died at birth. She disclosed that when Kehinde was undergoing deliverance session in 2011, she was rolling on the ground and screaming that witches should leave her alone as she was no longer willing to be their tool.

DBANJ To Perform Alongside Mary J Blige, Usher, Gwen Stefani At #GlobalCitizensEarthDay2015

D'banj alongside Mary J Blige, Usher and various other artists are set to perform today at a Free Concert on Capitol Hill (Washington Monument Grounds) for the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day put on by Global Poverty Project and the Earth Day Network. 

The Aim of this project is to unite the issues of climate change and global poverty and to engage global citizens and business and world leaders to act now to address both issues. 

More than 250,000 people are expected at this concert. 

For more information follow Dbanj on @iamdbanj

Saturday, April 18, 2015

VeeJay - Too Much [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Veejay makes you feel good and think good as he Passionately Appreciates the blessing of God in his official video 'Too Much'. Watch and get your experiences improved for d better. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Husband Divorces Wife for Rejecting PDP and Voting for APC

The troubles caused in several families by the just concluded general elections in Nigeria are too numerous to mention. As you read this, two women in Kaduna State have incurred the wrath of their husbands for choosing to vote for candidates of the APC during the last general elections in the state.

The two middle age men who are from Kaninkon community in Jema’a Local government Area of the State divorced their wives after the last Saturday gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections.

According too Leadership, the two men are members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna and they warned their wives to vote for their party but the wives insisted that they are going with the majority in the state who were yearning for CHANGE.

The saga did not end with these two men, another man was said to have also sent his aged mother out of his house because she rejected his pleas to vote for the PDP but cast her vote for APC candidates.

The truth is, politics has been causing problem in families, but I guess these ones are taking it too far.

Boko Haram King Shekau joins Buhari on TIME’s 100 most influential persons

Just like many decent Nigerians, I am not happy by what TIME 100 has done this time. How can you put the name of a mass murderer on the list of most influential people? This is just too wrong.

Nigeria's President-elect Muhammadu Buhari, has made the TIME’s list of 100 most influential people in the world. But also included in the 2015 list are a former Minister of Education and an advocate of the #BringBackOurGirls Group, Obiageli Ezekwesili; award-winning novelist, Chimamanda Adichie, and leader of the Boko Haram terrorist group, Abubakar Shekau.

The TIME 100 is an annual list of 100 most influential people in the world whose works are changing the world, regardless of the consequences of their actions.
Described as "a new choice for Nigeria," TIME’s Africa Bureau Chief, Aryn Baker, said Buhari made history by becoming the first candidate to oust a sitting Nigerian President through the ballot box.

“Now he has to live up to voters’ expectations. From battling the Boko Haram insurgency to tackling endemic corruption, Buhari has many challenges ahead. The greatest may be overcoming his past as a military ruler, who seized power in 1983.

“Already the born-again democrat is demonstrating the inclusivity necessary to lead a nation driven by ethnic and religious tension. It’s a promising start for a President-to-be, who wants to leave a legacy to match the historic conditions of his election,” Baker noted.

The last Nigerian to make the list is Shekau. He was described as the “scourge of Africa” by Gen. Carter Ham (retd.), a former Commander of US Africa Command from 2011 to 2013.

Jonathan Goes After Okupe Over His Failed N100m Bribe

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe from a reliable source in the State House is in serious trouble with President Goodluck Jonathan.

It was reliably gathered that President Goodluck Jonathan gave Dr Okupe the sum of N100 million in Dollars to mobilize the Labour and Accord Party in the South West since they agreed that President Jonathan is their joint Presidential candidate.

Problem however started when Okupe didn't share the money as Jonathan instructed but started putting up a very expensive mansion. He was said to have also bought a Range Rovers Sport.

But his workers in the State House were not paid for three months leading to the presidential election.

“I have taught that the Election period will be our breakthrough but unfortunately, it was the worst as Dr Okupe could not even engage us in any of the campaign activities despite the facts that we are in Public Affairs in Presidency.” a senior staff in his office said.

"I think the man is good but his dilemma is his elder brother, Wemimo Okupe and wife, Yemisi Okupe. In fact, Wemimo Okupe is the Chief Operating Officer that controls the finances of Dr Doyin Okupe according to our source in the State House. He determines who to pay and what to pay to any of the staff including those that worked in the defunct Federalist Newspaper owned by Dr Doyin Okupe."

The Federalist Newspaper was another source which Okupe used to siphoned money from Presidency and friends of the Presidency.

A female staff of the defunct paper said the Newspaper was operated like a cult business and that was the major downfall of the paper!
Sources alleged that President Jonathan is insisting that all those who ate his money must return them.

Star Football Superfans TV Game Show Debuts In Grand Style

…gives out over 1.1m on first episode
The much-anticipated TV game show, Star Football Superfans finally hit the screen on Thursday, April 9, 2015 on Africa Magic with a repeat broadcast on AIT on Friday, April 10, 2015.

The show was anchored by popular sports OAP, Mozez Praiz who co-ordinated the fierce battle between the participating teams, Nou Camp and One United . One of the highlights of the show was the ‘Show Your Passion’ segment, that had representatives of the two teams take turns to display their talents in a bid to attract support from the studio audience.

At the end of the 30 minutes exciting football banter, Nou Camp, that had Soyinka Adesoye, Ali Umaru, Nelso Apaya, Ewaudu Michael and Jerry Ubaka as players, emerged winner, clinching the N1m cash prize and the bragging right as Superfans of the week while One United comprising of Alade Ridwan, Gideon Saibu, Udeawu Felicity, Akata Elijah and Adewale Olumide went home with the consolation prize of N100, 000.

The show was closely followed by celebrity OAPs, Colin Udoh, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Yaw and several football fans across Nigeria with most of them busying the social media with comments as the show aired.

Star Football Superfans is sponsored by leading beer brand, Star Lager beer. It is an immersive football game show set up to test the passion, knowledge and skills of football fans and reward them in the process. It is expected to deliver an ecstatic TV experience as well over N16 m cash prize through out its 14 weeks of broadcast.

#MySuperStarStory Video: “I Was Born In A Taxi”- Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor Tells Her Story

Tosyn Bucknor is one of Nigeria’s most popular on-air personalities. The Top Radio 90.9 presenter is the only female radio presenter in Nigeria who handles a morning show by herself. As a recording artiste, she has worked with the likes of Skales, Rooftop MCs and Eva, as well as producers like Coldflames, Knighthouse, Micworx and Cobhams.

The petite radio host disclosed during a recent #MySuperStarStory session that she was born in a taxi while her mum was on her way to visit a friend. She went on to reveal that after finishing school and getting her dream job however, her radio career almost ended prematurely because she was always giggling on air. She recounted that at a point, someone wrote a newspaper article saying that Top Radio will never succeed unless “the girl who is always giggling” is taken off air. Her boss also revealed that several people wanted him to take her off air.

She further revealed that what kept her going was hard work and hours spent perfecting what she did until she eventually became successful and her dreams started to come true.

You can watch and download Tosyn Bucknor‘s #MySuperStarStory video here

#MySuperStarStory aims to celebrate and recognize stories of triumph over adversity and thus inspire young Nigerians to be successful. There is a STAR in everyone. You can join the conversation and share your own superstar story on social media using the hashtag #MySuperStarStory.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


April 15, 2015 – New York, NY – 

The Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA) in its 10th year releases its annual event date for 2015 as September 6th in New York City.  In years past, The Nigeria Entertainment Awards has succeeded in exporting the crème de la crème in the Nigerian/African entertainment communities to celebrate the accomplishments of the talented entertainers both in the film and music industry.

Also, a partnership with International music and lifestyle channel, AfroMusic Pop channel 326 on DSTV brings a fresh avenue to deliver this great event to the African audience.
According to the CEO of NEA awards, Mr. Martin Fayomi “our goal is to establish a platform that will continue to accelerate the growth of Nigeria Entertainment worldwide, and the partnership with AfroMusic Pop channel validates this goal for the next few years”. NEA finding a television home is paramount to the delivery of quality broadcast to our audiences across Africa.

About NEA
The NEA AWARDS is an annual entertainment award show held in the United States, with the sole purpose of celebrating and recognizing the numerous contributions of entertainers to the African entertainment industry, while at the same time promoting the image and rich culture of Nigeria.
# # #

NEA Awards
New York, NY
Twitter:  @neaawards
IG: @neaawards

#MySuperStarStory: Someone Once Threw My Demo CD Away In Front Of Me – Waje

-Waje Reveals Struggles As An Upcoming Artiste

She is one of Nigeria’s foremost R&B singers with a powerful voice, which covers three octaves. She has worked with industry A-listers such as P-Square, BankyW and MI and she has built up a huge portfolio of critically acclaimed and commercially successful work.

But Waje, born Aituaje Vivian Iruobe recently revealed that there were difficult and heartbreaking periods at the time when she was unknown and struggling. She disclosed this when she sat down for a #MySuperStarStory interview.

With a wry smile on her face, she recounted an experience in Onitsha. She said, “I walked up to somebody. I was like “Hey, my name is Waje and I just want to be out there,” because I just wanted their encouragement. I gave them my demo and they held the demo, and in just a split second that I looked away, I turned back and the guy had flung my CD away.”

She described her turning point as starting in 2011, since when she says, it has been a steady progression that has been made possible by the grace of God.

You can watch Waje’s #MySuperStarStory interview here

#MySuperStarStory aims to celebrate and recognize stories of triumph over adversity and thus inspire young Nigerians to be successful. There is a STAR in everyone. You can join the conversation and share your own superstar story on social media using the hashtag #MySuperStarStory.

Watch Bez (@bezidakula) and CDQ (@cdqolowo) Peformance At The 2015 Gidi Culture Festival [VIDEO]


West Africa’s biggest outdoor festival recently took place in Lagos, Nigeria. There were lots of food, music, beautiful ladies and an amazing crowd at the Gidi Culture Festival 2015.


Dorcas Shola Fapson Returns To MTV Shuga

...As Shuga Four Reveals Peace Hyde, Adesua Etomi, Mohau Mokoatie, Others On New Season. 

Popular actress Dorcas Shola Fapson is to make a surprise return to our TV screens as“Sophie” in the new series of MTV Shuga, the sizzling sex and relationships drama and multimedia campaign developed by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV Base (DStv channel 322)

Last seen with a life-threatening gunshot injury sustained in the dramatic season finale of the TV drama,former ‘runs girl’ Sophie has been profoundly affected by her brush with death and has vowed to turn her life around.  But audiences will have to wait and see whether Sophie will be able to cope with the harrowing new challenges that life has in store for her.

A brand new face on the MTV Shuga horizon is South African actress and singer Mohau Mokoatle who was chosen for a juicy new role in the prestigious TV series. Mohau, will be interpreting the new role of Bongi, a 15 year old songwriter and wannabe singer from South Africa who is living in Nigeria with her family. MTV Shuga represents the first professional acting gig for Mohau, who graduated in 2014 from the University of Witwatersrand with a B.A. in Dramatic Arts. Raised in Soweto, Mohau originally hails from Matatielein the Eastern Cape and speaks English, Sesotho, isiZulu, isiXhosa and Setswana. 

From an early age, Mohau showed a keen interest in the arts and her extensive involvement in drama during high school and university prompted her to pursue a career in acting. At university, Mohau polished her craft with parts in numerous theatre shows including Late Lunch, The Good Person of Schezwan and Freedom’s Children.

Fapson and Mokoatle join returning cast members Emmanuel Ikubese (Femi), Sharon Ezeamaka (Princess), Nick Mutuma (Leo), Chris Attoh (Nii), Timini Egbuson (Tobi), and Olumide Oworu (Weki) in series 4 of MTV Shuga.  New cast members include Adesua Etomi (Sheila), Peace Hyde (Eniola), Zoe Favour (Mary), Jemima Osunde (Leila), Tunbosun “Tuby” Aiyedehin (Sheila’s mum), Jude Chukwuka (Sheila’s dad), Kate Adepegba (Sheila’s aunt), Paul Adams (Sheila’s uncle), Ifeanyi Dike Jr (Sheila’s brother), Najite Dede (Mary’s mum) and Ahide Adum (Mary’s dad).

Filming for MTV Shuga is already underway in Lagos and the show is slated to hit TV screens later this year.  The new season is set to top the success of series 3 of MTV Shuga, which aired to more than 550 million households in Africa, Europe, UK, The Americas, Asia, Australia and Oceania, and the Caribbean.

Fusing sexual and other public health messaging with world class storytelling and relatable characters, the new series of MTV Shuga will focus on a range of themes relevant to young people, including adolescent girls, first sex, gender-based violence, HIV testing and counselling, prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV, disclosure of HIV status, stigma and the use of helplines.

MTV Shuga season 4 will premiere on MTV Base and partner TV stations later this year.