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Monday, September 22, 2014

See The Nude Selfies Photos Of Rihanna ,Kim Kardashian,Gabrielle Union, & Meagan Good That Leaked

This one unending wonder that does not amaze me anymore , some way or some how stuffs like these always find their way out

No Privacy is really Private , Nothing is really locked , No ICloud account is safe.

Remember last month when Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and dozens of other actresses had their nudes photos leaked online after their private information was hacked? Then there was Jill Scott a few weeks later. Now, some of our favs, like Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Meagan Good have been victimized by the hackers who are out to expose every celebrity woman out there.

Unlike nude photos that are leaked for "publicity," these photos capture some of these women in their most private moments, which were supposed to be meant for their eyes only, or the men they were dating. They included mainly Facetime screenshots, mirror selfies and photos taken of them by their boyfriends.

Well let me not stress the matter too much , like I always tell my girls If you are not ready to face the trials and tribulation of a Leaked Nude pics or video don't take or record ,

The hackers are just trying to send us a message , Your privacy may not really be has private as you think .......

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yemi Alade And Munachi Abii Glows On Vanguard Allure Cover

"Two hot female music acts making waves now"!!! Gifted diva Yemi Alade coupled up with beauty queen and femcee Munachi Abii glows on the cover of Vangaurd Allure Magazine.

The issue which hit stands on the 21st of September 2014; focus of the outstanding musical success and daring style of Yemi Alade and Munachi Abii. The publication also a feature on Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim and exclusive insight into Yemi Alade's debut album "King Of Queens".

Photography by Bamiyo Emina
Art Direction by Mesik Nelly Olisa
Styled by Rhoda Ebun

TB Joshua Will Suffer But Not Die – Congolese Prophet Reveals His Own Revelations

Congolese prophet, Jean-Claude Kibondzi has been trying to see TB Joshua since 2012. He said that he is based in Sweden and has been trying to tell him his revelations..He had been to SCOAN seven times and has been unsuccessful.
Checkout excerpts from his interview with Vanguard
On What God Revealed to Him;T.B Joshua is a messiah. He is not a real human being. He is a special creator from God and it is only God that knows why he chose to use that body. There is likely no man of God who is spiritually endowed. It is only those who are filled with the spirit of God that can understand him and that is why demons tremble when they come close to him….
Again, I want to say T.B Joshua is the fulfillment of the promise of God in Mathew 21 verse 42 to 44.
God has shown me many Prophecies like the fall of the Catholic church and the fall of the Pope. I sent these prophecies via mail to SCOAN. I even call the church but nothing tangible has come out of it.
Why did you send it to SCOAN and not the catholic church?

Well, I sent it to SCOAN because I had contact with them and I told some Pastors in Sweden but they did not believe me. I told them about the missing Malaysian airplane but they never listened to me. My Challenge in Sweden is racism.

Why do you think God sent you instead of somebody close to TB Joshua?
God has sent me to America to empower a man of God. I also got a revelation about President Obama and other pastors in Sweden prayed for him for two weeks.
Have you met TB Joshua in spirit? 
I met him in the spirit and in the throne of God.

It takes a spiritual person to understand who this man is. For me, I have to know you in the spirit to confirm whether or not you are a man of God. If TB Joshua were a white man, I believe, we will be paying nothing less than $10,000 to go and visit him. But, here in Nigeria, people don’t believe him and I am giving them another five years and they will know better when this man’s mission will be accomplished.
Are you are saying, he has a mission to be accomplished in five years time and will be taken away like Enoch?
God will take him and everyone will see it. Then, the people will know. But until then.
Is that a fresh revelation?
It is not like a fresh revelation, but, the consequence of the threatening of his life. He will not be killed but he will suffer.

Are you saying all these to get the man’s attention, perhaps when the story is out, he will call you over?
No, I am not. I spoke with one of the man’s wise men called, “Wise man Daniel and made him understand that he was a prophet of T.B Joshua while I am a prophet of the Almighty God. He apologized immediately because he knew I was not kidding. I told him I will put the power of God to test in his presence so as to know that I am not an ordinary man. God will always rescue TB Joshua from any trouble but I am more concerned of the lives of the people that may perish if no preventive measure is taken. I am not in government but a spiritual leader, and whether people like it or not, I will be going back to my country. I have told God that, this would be my last time in Nigeria and I will not come back.

And what if God sends you to people like Adeboye, Kumuyi among others?
I don’t take a contact of someone I don’t know in the spirit. Many people call themselves men of God but in the real sense they are not. I can’t talk or authenticate someone who I have not met in the spirit.

What will happen if you are not able to see him? 
This is my seventh visit to SCOAN and everything God has shown has happened. So, if I can’t get him this time, I will not come back.

NEA Awards 2014 Interviews By Lara Adegbenro

The 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awardswhich took place on Sunday 31st August 2014 in New York, was a star-studded affair.

Budding TV producer/presenter Lara Adegebenro was live on the red carpet on behalf of BN, interviewing the celebrities including Funke Akindele, Tiwa Savage, and more.
image (1)imageimage (2)image (2)image (1)


Ghanaian Pastor Claims SCOAN Building Collapse Was Human Sacrifice

A Ghana-based pastor, Isaac Owusu Bempah of Glorious Word Ministry International (GWMI) in Accra, Ghana, has claimed that the recent loss of lives in a guest house of the Synagogue Church of All Nations ( SCOAN) that collapsed last week may not be unconnected to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s quest for promotion in the spiritual realm.
The Pastor seen as an undershepherd made this disclosure during a recent interview with Ghanaian morning show, Okay Fm.
He stated that: “This is evil hands at work because I know people who have to make human sacrifices in order to be promoted in the spiritual realm. I know some people will vilify me for making this known”.
According to Owusu, it wasn’t the first time that people would lose their lives courtesy of the controversial pastor, as he recalled the loss of four lives when TB Johsua came to Ghana for a program.
“Look at what is happening to him. You came for a program in Ghana and that led to the death of four people. You also woke up one day and a whole building collapsed, killing over forty people,” he stated.

President Jonathan Meets TB Joshua At Synagogue [PHOTOS]

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday paid a condolence visit to Prophet TB Joshua at his church premises to commensurate with him and other members of the Synagogue church over the unfortunate incident of a building collapse that claimed about 80 lives under strange circumstances.

Jonathan who described the incident as very sad, had said:
"Today when I arrived Lagos, my first port of call was where a five-storey building collapsed and 80 people confirmed dead, about 131 people were injured. It is a very sad story, very sad incident to us and the international community because most of the people that died in that building collapse were not ‎Nigerians. In fact about majority of them are South Africans. I spoke to the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma to first express our own sentiments and condolences to the President and people of that country."
TB Joshua took President Jonathan round the site of the crashed building. See the photos:

May the souls of the dead rest in peace and may God grant all the injured speedy recovery. Amen!

The N1.5bn Cash, The Private Jet And Pastor Oritsejafor

Femi Fani-Kayode is doing everything to defend Pastor Ayo Aritsejafor as a friend of the Presidency:
Much ado has been made about recent events in South Africa concerning the Nigerian-owned jet that was found loaded with millions of dollars and that was in the process of procuring arms and a fighter helicopter for the Nigerian military and security agencies. As a former Minister of Aviation, I wish to assure the general public that the flying of large sums of cash by security and intelligence agencies for the purchase of arms in a time of war and conflict is something that is quite normal and it happens quite often. As a matter of fact, it has happened under successive Nigerian governments, both military and civilian. 
Obviously, in the case of the jet that flew to South Africa with $9.3 million USD there must have been a breakdown of communication between the South African authorities and ours, and a few lapses in procedure here and there, which is what has led to the seizure of the money and all the ensuing suspicion and confusion. However, the idea that there was anything untoward or sinister about the whole transaction has no basis in logic, sense or rationality. 
Perhaps, the only failing was the fact that the cash was not declared to South African Customs as is required by law...

The fact that our intelligence agencies have said that they were the ones that sent the money and that they have told us what it was for is good enough for me. It appears to me that this was a lawful and legitimate exercise and that there is nothing for anyone to worry about. I am aware of the fact that the British, French, American, Chinese, Israeli, Saudi Arabian and the Russian intelligence and security agencies, amongst many others, have indulged in such covert ‘’cash for arms’’ transactions on numerous occasions in different parts of the world.

They either sell such arms at short notice and off the cuff or they procure them for themselves or for unknown third parties. Even the South Africans themselves have done so on numerous occasions in the past. These are legitimate transactions that are covert and secret in nature but they are certainly not illegal.

Such is the murky and dark world of intelligence and security worldwide. There is plenty that we do not know about their day to day operations and they have their own unique way of doing things. We should not assume the worse or constantly denigrate them simply because we are not familiar or comfortable with their modus operandi. Suffice it to say that anyone that is in the process of getting arms to help our boys at the war front to fight Boko Haram, protect our citizens and our country ought to be regarded as heroes and not villains.

The attempt by certain elements in the opposition and the Nigerian media to stigmatise all those involved in this transaction and make the whole thing appear like something that is out of the ordinary or sordid and criminal in nature really does nauseate me. Those that know no better ought to appreciate the fact that this is how the real world operates and they should learn to live with it.

The Nigerian intelligence services operate in no different way to their colleagues in the international community and they do so with as much patriotism, professionalism and commitment as their counterparts from other parts of the world. And yes, we do have our very own ‘’James Bonds’’ in our intelligence services, even though, more often than not, they are not recognised, celebrated or appreciated. I counsel that we should cut these men and women that work in the shadows and in secrecy some slack and that we should not be too quick to label them as sleazy rogues who are attempting to indulge in all manner of criminal activities.

Since we are on this topic, I would like to take this opportunity to say one or two things about the way in which Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria has been vilified, maligned and treated with the utmost disdain and contempt in this and other matters by elements within the leading opposition party in our country.

The truth is that contrary to what some of the leading lights in the opposition would have us believe, he is not an arms smuggler, a money launderer, murderer or Boko Haram sponsor. Going to a foreign land and telling the parliament of that country that the President of CAN is the head of Boko Haram, as one or two of them have just done, is not only a pernicious and vicious lie, but it is also utterly shameful and disgraceful. Worst of all, it is an affront to the Christian community in Nigeria and a reckless provocation.

On the South African matter, it is clear that Oritsejafor was not the owner of the $9.3 million and neither was he aware that the cash was being flown on the plane. Though he had confirmed that he was the owner of the plane he had also pointed out the fact that he had leased it out to a company on a long term basis. The firm had subleased it out to other companies for regular trips.

He has also said that he had no idea about who they were subleasing it to, where they were flying it to or who or what they were carrying in it in any of their operations. The two companies that were involved, both the one that leased it from Oritsejafor and the one that subleased it from them for the journey to South Africa, have since confirmed and corroborated what he said. In my view, that ought to settle the matter.

Those in our land that are trying to divide our ranks and denigrate us by alleging that Oritsejafor is involved in gun-running, money-laundering, Boko Haram or any other filthy and unsavoury criminal need deep intercession and deliverance from the demons that have taken control of them and using them. The truth is that it is a grave insult to the Christian community for anyone to suggest that the leader of the umbrella organisation of the over 80 million-strong Christian faithful in Nigeria is a sponsor of a vicious and barbaric Islamist sect that has killed and abducted more Christians and burnt more churches than any other terrorist organisation in the history of the African continent.

The same people may as well tell us that the leaders of the Christian community in Syria and Iraq are the ones behind ISIL and ISIS. They can also tell us that the Christian leaders in their respective countries are the ones behind Al Shabab, the Taliban, the Al Nusra Front, Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda, Daesh, Hamas, the Janjaweed, the Islamic Brotherhood and all the other terrorist organisations that have recently afflicted the world with their vile inhumanity, their sheer evil and their venal barbarism.

It is only in Nigeria that the leadership of the Christian community would be accused, by a supposedly serious-minded opposition, of wanting to wipe out the Christian faith, wanting to kill all the Christians and moderate Muslims in the country and wanting to establish an Islamic fundamentalist state where sixth century Sharia law applies, where little girls are subjected to serial rape and where women are enslaved.

Calling the President of CAN a money-launderer and arms-smuggler and accusing him of murder and sponsoring terror will not help to create religious harmony in our country. As a matter of fact, it will completely destroy it. Those that are doing so and the Janjaweed political party that is stirring up the hornet’s nest and encouraging them ought to think very carefully about the implications of what they are doing.

We know that they have a religious agenda but they should not take this too far or push us to the wall. Our meekness and humility should not be taken for weakness or stupidity. It is in their own interest and in the interest of the unity of our nation for them to leave the President of CAN alone before matters get out of hand and before all hell breaks loose.

He deserves to be accorded the same level of respect from the Muslim community in our country as the Sultan of Sokoto, the leader of the Muslims in Nigeria, is accorded by the Christians. What is sauce for the goose is surely sauce for the gander. A word is enough for the wise.

by Femi Fani-Kayode

TB Joshua Is Right To Give Journalists At The Crash Site Money

Prophet TB Joshua has said it before that he is a man who has been facing challenges right from when he was born, till date. So, I'm not surprised by the Audio Tape I received that was recorded by a guy called Nicholas Ibekwe about a meeting the respected Prophet had with a group of journalists from different media who have been covering and reporting stories from the site of his church's crashed guest house.

It is naturally for TB Joshua's media managers to advise him to give the journalists some money as a way to show his appreciation for the professional work they have been doing for the last One Week at the site.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong in TB Joshua's action. He never told any of the journalists on record to go and reduce the casualty figure. That money was not a BRIBE, it was a GIFT. Simple!

Man Puts Baby In Cooking Pot For Meal: Video Spurs Saudi Public Anger

There was an uproar on social media after a video clip of a small baby who was placed inside a cooking pot with vegetables and placed on the cooker was circulated online, Al-Hayat daily reported.
Several online viewers have demanded an investigation into the incident and to identify those involved in making the clip.

The video shows what seems to be a Saudi national preparing lunch in a pot placed on the cooker with the baby inside, speaking in Saudi dialect, saying: “That’s what we are having for dinner today. This what we will eat today.”

The man was apparently speaking to his children who were heard in the background while a female voice was also heard saying : ‘Wait… just a minute.” "This fried food will soon be ready," while lifting the pot lid a number of times to stir the food with the child inside.

Many said whoever made the clip did not respect human life or the innocence of the baby and called on Saudi authorities to take stern action against the culprits.

Others commented that human rights bodies should intervene, even if the clip was made in humor, because some children might try to copy the actions of those in the recording.
"If this had happened in another Western country, the baby would have been taken away from that person," said one tweeter.

The head of the Human Rights Commission, Khalid Al-Fakhri, described the clip as a "gruesome" violation of the baby's rights.

He said under no circumstances a baby could be used in such a manner to make people laugh. The official called for anyone who has information about those responsible for the recording to report the matter to the concerned authorities urgently.


Seyi Law And Chidinma Pose As Lovers In New Photos

Famous Nigerian comedian — Seyi Law has his way of making us laugh out loud with every little action her makes.
The ace comedian went all mushy mushy with petite female singer Chidinma, as they recently shared pictures of them all cozy and cuddling together at an event that held in Lagos last weekend.
In one of the pictures Seyi Law shared on Instagram, he captioned it: ‘Guess who is in love with me? Yes, it is Chidinma Ekile. We are cool like that’.
In another picture shared this time by Chidinma, she wrote ‘Mrs law…Abeg na joke oo.’
Seyi Law is married, he tied the knot to his beautiful wife Ebere Cham on March 27, 2011 in Lagos while Chidinma is still yet to find her hearthrob but still remains one of the hottest and sexiest single female musicians in the country.
See more photos below: –

Meet The Woman Who Survived Five Days Under TB Joshua's Collapsed Building

It's a BIG miracle how this 33years old South Africa woman, Lindiwe Ndwandwe managed to stay alive under the ground and covered by rubble of the collapsed Six-Storey building in TB Joshua's church for five days. She has been sharing her supernatural testimony everywhere. So happy for her!

No need to dwell on negativity, focus on the positive side of things!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lagos Fashion Exhibition And Runway On The Street

It aims at brings together fashion designers within and out Lagos, in a festive mood to showcase the best of fashion & style to the people on the street of Lagos and at the same time bringing fashion and lifestyle to the grass root level.

LAGOS FASHION EXHIBITION AND RUNWAY ON THE STREET also aims at cutting across cultural barriers and positions itself as a youth empowerment fashion show targeted at showcasing the best fashion designs to the man on the street and hereby driving the Nigerian fashion industry and ultimately uplifting her profile within the globe.

VENUE: Tunde Gafar Close, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja

DATE: November 15th

TIME: 12noon Exhibition & 4pm Runway


For participation / enquires please contact 08116392377 or 08074936915 / 2BB05C70

This Event is proudly supported by: Lacasera, Spice Tv, Hip Tv, Hitz ONTV, Global base TV, R2 Tv, Azzi Blog, Galaxy Tv, Qube Tv, Classic Creative Media, Fresh Media, Fashion Diaries, iBlognaija, Ob9ja.com, Septin911, Jaguda.com, Vozempire Media and Olodonation

People Think My Hubby Has A Side Chic - Toke Makinwa

Click for Full Image Size

How sad that some people do not actually know there celebrities or on-air personalities. Sometimes, it is not their fault. It could be how constant is the celebrity and on which medium that matters.

There is no hate on this issue but a shocking surprise to radio and TV host, Toke Makinwa, who could be recognized by fans while on the street because of her new hair do and make-up.

Toke and her hubby were walking down in street when some people starred at her assuming she was a side chic and kept wondering where Toke could be not realizing she was the one.

She explained that even one of the ladies on seeing the way the husband held her hand, she said aloud so that she could hear that ‘how is Toke.’

Well, interesting enough, the OAP isn’t complaining as she explained that she loved every bit of the stare she created on the street.

Emma Nyra Releases New Hot Photos

She recently told the media that she loves exposing her body cos that's what people want to see and here she is again, Emma Nyra has released some lovely photos for you guys. Check them out below:

Lagos Government Moves Against TB Joshua's Synagogue

We believes that Lagos state leadership should stop seeing the collapse of Prophet TB Joshua's building as ordinary as it seems on the surface. Federal government is condoling TB Joshua, as a way of having the respected prophet on their side for 2015, but I don't know about Lagos APC government.

According to a Punch report, the Lagos State Government has moved against the popular Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun, whose building collapsed last week, under very strange circumstances.

It appears Lagos State government is not ready to look at the strange aircraft angle of the saga, their focus is the fact that the building was started as a two-storey building before more floors were added.

Consequently, the Lagos State Building Control Agency has, therefore, marked the main building of the church, asking for relevant documents to prove its structural integrity.
The General Manager, Lagos State Building Control Agency, Mrs. Abimbola Animashaun-Odunayo, who confirmed that TB Joshua's main church building had been marked by the agency, said it had requested that
Synagogue church provide some documents, adding that a structural integrity test would be carried out on all the buildings in the church complex.

Mrs. Animashaun-Odunayo said, “X (the mark they put on TB Joshua's building) is for structural integrity test to be carried out on the building and the church is expected to provide all the documents for approval and the church has three months to do this.”

Asked if the building would be demolished in case the church failed to meet the requirements within the time frame, Animashaun-Odunayo declined to make further comments.

“Look, it is still under investigation; I can’t say more than that. I don’t even know who I am talking with on the phone,” she said.

The State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Olutoyin Ayinde, who spoke with Punch on the matter, also described the “X” sign as a ‘stop work order.’

While it is right for government to look at the structure, who is looking at the suspicious aircraft angle?

Actress Tonto Dikeh has been Dumped by her Rich Boyfriend?

 Actress Tonto Dikeh is not happy at the moment and her grouse is with girls who always go after any man that is making her happy. According to her latest hint, it appears another lady has snatched her rich man and she is so pained that she even contemplated using acid to attack her boyfriend snatcher...

Could this be why we've not been seeing pix of Tonto and her boo online? Hmm, Naija babes not smiling!

Blinkup Communications Presents Feed An Orphanage

Blinkup communications  present pre-event project of blinkup orphans talent show(Lagos edition) dubbed "FEED AN ORPHANAGE".The programs primary objective is to create an avenue to meet the physical,mental and emotional needs of orphans. The  feed an orphanage project will proceed on the 13th - 19th of October  at orphanage homes across lagos state,Nigeria.  

The orphanage homes  would be visited with donations such as clothes,food items,toys and also products from individuals and sponsors. Donations from the general public are welcomed to help make this project a success by contributing whatever you consider deserving.  

For more info contact: 

 BBM : 7A6970E2
 Twitter: @blinkupglobal 
Instagram : @BOTS14

Friday, September 19, 2014

Stephen Keshi Named The Best Coach In Africa

FIFA has ranked Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi, as the best in Africa and 14th in the world. Ghanaian coach, Kwesi Appiah came second.

German National Coach, Joachim Low is number one in the world while Spain manager, Vicente Del Bosque came second.

Top 50 National team Coaches for September 2014:

(1.) Joachim Low
(2.) Del Bosque
(3.) C.Prandelli
(4.) Paolo Jorge Gomes Bento
(5.) Jurgen Klinsmann
(6.) L Van Gaal
(7.) Fernando Santos
(8.) Jose Pekerman
(10.) Jose Manuel de la Torre
(11.) Luis Felipe Scolari
(12.) Jorge Luis Pinto
(13.) Marc Wilmots
(14.) Stephen Keshi
(15.) M .N Pumpido
(16.) Reinaldo Rueda
(17.) Ottmar Hitzfeld
(18.) Julio Valdes
(19.) Safet Susic
(20.) Alberto Zaccheroni
(21.) D.Deschamps
(22.) Eric Hamren
(23.) Alejandro Sabella
(24.) Fernando Suarez
(25.) Sergio Apraham
(26.) Jorge Sampaoli
(27.) Morten Olsen
(28.) Fabio Capello
(29.) R.Hodgson
(30.) Bob Bradley
(31.) Cesar Farias
(32.) James Kwesi Appiah

SB Drops Video For His Hot Single - OMO MAMA E

Seun Bankole is the definition of Talent, Creativity, and a Catchy Personality.  Born in Mushin, Lagos, in the early 80s, the Ogun State native grew up in a music-loving family comprising of three elder brothers and a younger brother. SB, as he is now fondly called started singing at the age of 10 and over the years, has mastered his craft, fine-tuned his voice to suit all genres of music and built a fan base that cuts across musical tastes and demographics.
SB is as stunning professionally as he is physically and for having so much passion for music, it is certain that he can hold his own amongst stiff competition. Aside being a recording artist, SB is also an eclectic live band artist. With numerous performances at big events and clubs in Nigeria and Abroad to His credit, He has been able to carve a niche for himself in this field.
Despite his mastery of several genres of music, he has blessed us with the video his new single titled Omo Mama E which is a blend of hip-hop and Afro beat.
The song was produced by G mix and the video was directed by YK of ifocus pictures.
SB is currently under AO21 media which is the same management outfit that manages Alabi Pasuma.
Watch as he keeps u engrossed to the view.
Twitter: @OfficialSBlive


Big Brother Africa Unveils Three More Hotspot Housemates [PHOTOS]

Yesterday Big brother Africa unveiled three of its hotspot housemates; Alusa form Kenya, Ellah from Uganda and Butterphly from Zimbabwe, today three new housemates have been introduced to Africa; Esther from Uganda, Goitse from Botswana and Idris from Tanzania. Africans will either love or hate them in the coming weeks.

More housemates will be unveiled in the next few days. We wait eagerly to know the hotshots that will be representing Nigeria.

Check out the three new housemate’s profile below:

Esther Namudu Akankwasa
With her sparkling personality, 23 year old Esther from Uganda looks set to shine inside the Big Brother house. She says she’s very funny and can make people laugh. According to her, “what you see is what you get”.

Goitse from Botswana, describes herself as vibrant, fun, risk taker and she’s street smart and a fashion freak.  If given the chance, she’ll like to ask Biggi how tall he is. She plans to have fun, make friends and entertain Africa and of course win the money. She also says that other housemates may probably dislike her talkative nature. 

Idris From Tanzania
Idris is a 21 year old Tanzanian photographer, filled with positive energy. He admits to having a strategy, hoping that his fellow housemates will turn to him “when they want to be inspired or when they feel down.” He also promises not to walk naked in the house.

Win iPad, iPad Mini And iTouch In The #MalariaFreeNigeria Video Competition

Malaria No More will be giving out an iPad 4, iPad Mini and iTouch to its 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the #MalariafreeNigeria Video Competition
Go to YouTube and watch Malaria No More Nigerian Anthem with Eva, Waje, Bez and Falz

Mimic 15 seconds of your favourite part from the video. Follow us on Instagram @malarianomorenigeria, post your  15 seconds video on your instagram page, mention us & get people to like the video on our page.
The 3 videos with the highest likes on our page will win prizes.
It's as easy as that....So start following us, posting and getting people to like your video. Winners will be announced on September 30th, 2014.

Watch the video below, join the competition and win big!!!


Star Actress Amanda Ebeye Covers The September 2014 Edition Of VL! Magazine Nigeria [PHOTOS]

Editorial Note: It's a wonderful evening today in lagos nigeria and we are glad to announce to you all that the September edition of our magazine is out and guess who is gracing the cover? Nollywood star actress 'Amanda Ebeye' and in an exclusive interview she discussed the major challenges in the movie industry, her family background and some little secrets that the media doesn't know about her.

We also had an exclusive interview with the windek master ' Cabo Snoop' and he talks to VL about his music style and his desire to collaborate with WIZKID & DAVIDO

Finally we have 4 lovely articles this month, one from our fashion team and the other three are inspirational......

Kindly comment on Amanda's cover/interview and tell us that story you are itching to read this month......


Photography : Ability Concept 
Makeup: Etunim mike Ebeye,
Stylist: Al bridal fashion
Graphics:  TREASURE's Koncept (792920D2)