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Friday, May 27, 2016

MUSIC: Okal - Without You (Prod by Killertunes) @iamokal

Ob9ja Presents Okal In " WITHOUT YOU " Prod by Killertunes. This piece "Without You" is an indigenous and exclusive cultural song....  A love song expressing the extent of a girl's love to her lover. The kind of love she feels is unexplainable to the extent that she doesn't understand anymore and Without this particular guy, she can't live...  DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fast Rising Female Artiste Okal ( @iamokal ) Set To Drop New Single [PHOTO]

Ob9ja's Fast Rising Female Artiste,  Okal Set To Release New Single Titled " WITHOUT YOU" Prod by Killertunes, One of the hottest Music Producer in Nigeria. The 17 Years Old Female Artiste Also Known as Million Dollar Girl is set to storm the Nigeria Music Industry With her New Single Titled " WITHOUT YOU".... Watch Out From The True Nigress .

Follow Her On Twitter And IG: @iamokal

Wrapleague: Rappers Battle At 'Murder Intent' Maiden Edition [PHOTOS]

Wrapleague battle rap competition made its Lagos debut at California 
Lounge, Yaba Lagos. 

Wrapleague battle rap competition made its Lagos debut at California 
Lounge, Yaba Lagos with the maiden event tagged 'Murder Intent'. 80 
went against Ebub3 , Tobi Locked horns with Tega Gat , while Earl Jon 
battled with Gunna . 

True to the tag of the show 'Murder Intent', some of the rappers were 
not playing around as they left their opponent lyrically dead. Clips 
from the battles will be out soon for a better picture of what went 
down at the event.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Single Mother Who Gave Birth As A Virgin

Africa, Madagascar, Smiling mother breast feeds her baby
I have always seen single mothers as very strong women. They might have made mistakes (like everyone of us) but from a cynics point of view, their mistake (the unexpected baby) lives with them forever and keeps getting bigger. These are women who have turned their “mistakes” to blessings. These are the women to who I dedicated my mothers day article to. A few of them reached out to me with nothing but praise for article. Click HERE to read “Happy Mother’s Day To The Forgotten Mothers”.
As it turns out, a friend who I never even knew was a single mother reached out and decided to share her story titled “A Single Mother Shares Her Heartwarming Testimony”. Click HERE to read how she delivered on the bare floor because nurses laughed her off saying she looked only two months pregnant whereas she was 9 months gone.
Another single mother reached out to tell her story. Unbelievable as it sounds but she actually got pregnant as a virgin. Below is an except from the conversation we had. I tried as much as possible to quote her verbatim so forgive any typographical errors and short hand styled words.

Kemi (not real name): I have read the “Happy Mother’s Day To The Forgotten Mothers” article and I have never felt this celebrated. My son is here asleep on my chest. I am sure if he understands what you just did, his heart will bless you. God bless you for this.

Me: You are loved and appreciated dear. God bless you too. On second thought, I think you should tell your story. I am sure it will help so many people and make people feel a pinch of what you girls go through. Please start from scratch. I will ensure your identity is protected.

Kemi:  I was fresh in school, I made some frnds from fellowship, my frnds frnds and all. Anyways I met a particular funny youngman who caught my fancy. We started dating after bin frnds for a year. We started dating wen I got to 200lvl. While we dated we engaged in heavy romance but never had intercourse.
Along the line I noticed some traits I couldn’t cope with and decided to call it quits. I wanted to break up with him face to face and told him to come over to my place only to discover I was pregnant the next day. I was only 19. I told him and he totally denied which was quite understandable. The hymen wasnt pierced. Yes we were messing around there but I never had d liver to have sex.
His mother adviced me to go abort it and all. I never even contemplated abortion.
My father ws sooo hurt cos im the last child and his favourite. He’s also a pastor so tht must have been quite dificult considering his reputation. My parents supported me even as dissapointed and hurt as dey were.
On the day of delivery, my hymen was finally broken on the examination table while in labour. Like I got pregnant as a virgin. I was cut open when I couldn’t deliver d baby myself.
Tru out the pregnancy and childbirth his father wasnt there.
Wen I gave birth they showed interest but didnt take responsibility for his care and welfare and for yrs now I havent even heard from neither his father nor his family.
I work hard to support my parent to care for him. Thank God for God and my parents.

Me: Wow. Very surreal. So how does having a baby affect your relationships?

Kemi: Some guys run @ d mention of baby while some stay but do not wish to take u serz
Some want u bt cant handle d baby ish. But others stay and love you.
Infact I am with a great guy who loves me nd my son.
Me: Any advice for people (those that tend to judge single mothers unfairly), parents who find out their daughter is pregnant, parents whose son impregnates a girl and lastly for girls that unexpectedly gets pregnant.

Kemi: For those that judge single mothers, stop judging, you dont knw where the shoe hurts until u wear it. For parents, stand by them! Yes chastise them for it but stand by them. They need you the most at such a vulnerable time. Dont lose the chance to be your daughter’s hero/heroine. For guys who get girls preg be a man! Take responsibility, sometimes its not about financial responsibility alone, be there for them. Love your child. And for parent whose son impregnated a lady,imagine she ws your daughter. Whatever happens care for them. Its a better way to teach your son to be a better man for his son. And for the girl that gets pregnant out of wedluck, yes you made a mistake, dont make another one by taking the baby’s life. Stand up to and face your mistakes. It’ll help you be a better mother and teach your children to learn from your mistake and not theirs.

Menswear Label, Sammies Couture Presents Its 2016 Collection “Cravings”

Sammies Couture-OnoBello (1)

Emerging menswear label, Sammies Couture has unveiled their 2016 collection with a series of lookbook photos that also feature rapper Vector.
According to the brand, “The collection was inspired by a man who has obtained a great deal of sustenance by keeping himself powerfully desirable by women, but he guarded himself vigilantly against the addiction, fearful of becoming fodder for that feminine allure which is so paradoxically generous to those who take from it and so cruel to those who give.”
The brand made its bespoke tailoring debut with this collection which also consists of well tailored native outfits in a variety of bold colours.

Sammies Couture-OnoBello (2)Sammies Couture-OnoBello (3)
Sammies Couture-OnoBello (4)Sammies Couture-OnoBello (5)
Sammies Couture-OnoBello (6)Sammies Couture-OnoBello (7)
Sammies Couture-OnoBello (8)Sammies Couture-OnoBello (9)
Sammies Couture-OnoBello (10)Sammies Couture-OnoBello (11)

Instagram: @Sammiescouture
Shoot credits:
Photography: Emmanuel Onyeleke
Creative Direction: Peters Samuel
Styling: Thestyleinfidel
MakeUp: Phronesys Signature
Models: Bolu Olaitan, Ric Hassani, VectorThaViper

Friday, May 13, 2016

VIDEO: Dnyra – Fila Mi Da ( @dnyraofficial @edlinerecords )

With the audio currently making rounds on all radio stations nationwide, Edline Records wonderkid DNYRA is back with the Video for his previously released single FILA MI DA, Video was Directed by Paul Gambit.
There is absolutely no doubt that this talented young man is destined for Greatness, Watch and enjoy

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Story: The Rich, The Poor, The Miserable Love - Episode 1. [By Lord eBay @eBayism ]

Lord eBay is an Aspiring Author with a taste for Romantic, Political and Paranormal Fictions. His goal is to join other writers in resurrecting Reading/Writing culture in Nigeria. 



Love knows no bounds between the rich, the bourgeoisie, and the poor. A rich man could ignore his fat-cheek limousine girlfriends and go on marrying a girl who lives in a hut. And a poor gentleman, if he saw a fair lady driving a Porsche, would never say, “damn it, I hate that cute girl”. Maybe truly, love is blind, maybe love is only ignorant, or perhaps, love is dramatic, there is surely a thing called love and it had happened to me; this is my story.

I taught Geography in a school, Uncle Geography the students called me. And I would take them all around the school compound with measuring tapes, Gunther’s chain, ranging poles and all, surveying the school and sweating to deliver efficiently what I was not trained to teach. Private schools! What you studied in school doesn’t really matter to them, they give you the subject they have no teacher for, and if you cannot handle such subject, then they’ll tell you, “hope your number is on the résumé, okay, that’s good, we’ll call you,” when you sure as hell know they’ll never do.

Our school was expensive, so, children of poor parents weren’t encouraged to come. The tone of competitions among students was high. On visiting days, the students dictated what model of cars their parents would come by. Expensive cars! And teachers too, most of them were proud, few of them, arrogant, none of them, gentlemanly. Their own competitions of best appearance were so unpleasantly tense that I almost ran away a week after I got there; normal guy from Ilu Oke, it was too much for me at first, but I learnt to cope, and I was comfortable because I was not competing with anyone and I was satisfied with what I had; that didn’t earn me much respect though.

There was this PTA meeting just on the edge of a midterm break, and in the parents’ usual manners of exclusiveness came in their competitively expensive automobiles. On this special day from where my story will begin here, it was a two-in-one programme, a PTA meeting and a visiting day, and you would almost mistake the parking lot and the field for a car auction venue. I didn’t know much about cars, but there was a particular car that got my attention, open roof and somewhat odd; I had never seen that model of car before. I stood close to it, marveled, gazing. Then one of the teachers who must have noticed how bolted from the blue I was came over and whispered from the back, over my shoulders, “that’s a 1957 Cadillac El Dorado, it’s no more in vogue, you could only request that it be made for you, and that would be very expensive.”

I scoffed. “How can someone request that an old fashion of car be remade when there are so many new cars? Mr. Phillip, don’t be ridiculous now.”

“Mr. Adebayo, are you kidding me? Classics speak the rich folks’ language, so they go after them. The man who owns that car must have other cars, but, this is possibly his most revered, unless there are other classics in his garage of course. Mr. Adebayo, it’s good to be rich, you can bring any dead thing practically back to life. Silver Ghost, Phaeton, De Luxe Sedan, Studebaker, Gullwing, all those classic cars, I would buy them if I had the money. Henry Ford’s earliest Qaudricycle, I would have one made for my kids to play with, inside the compound. Aaah, let me receive those parents.” He went away to receive some parents he knew.

I still stood at that spot, eyeing the car, no more studying the car’s fish-like body but thinking about what Mr. Philips had said. Of course I was not a materialistic man, but I surely hated to be poor. If I could not afford to buy any other car, I wanted that Cadillac, I liked it. A female student I recognized to be in JSS3 suddenly surfaced and pulled the passenger’s door open. The silver-coloured two-seater Cadillac glimmered in the sun as the girl sat and fiddled with some control buttons in the car; an ash roof unfurled and covered the interior of the car. It was not long after that when a lady with a rather very smart body and sweet face joined her. The girl came out of nowhere and entered the car before I could assess her well. But I saw within those seconds I was allowed to ogle her, she was adorable. She couldn’t have been her mother, no. She would surely be a sister. And by now I knew that she brought the classic car. Rich folks! As much as I’d love to hate them, I can’t.

That time passed, the meeting began and I found myself among other teachers. We sat at one side, parents another, and across the boundary between teachers and parents glowed a strong invisible ray of looks set on the face of the Cadillac girl from, of course, Mr. Adebayo, me. It took me a while before I located her though, and when I did, I got myself comfortably etched into the network of her radiant beauty; observing, wishing, imagining, dreaming, hoping, longing and lusting. Money enhances the beauty of men, but I’m sure if this girl had not come from the rich side of humanity’s social class, she would’ve equally been beautiful. Some beauties are refined by money, some were birthed naturally perfect. Whatever that was, whoever she was, that lady was cute, or… I think she was cuter.

“Are you looking at Bennedicta’s sister?” That was Mr. Phillips again; he was right behind my head.

“Who’s Bennedicta?” I was trying to sound like I was not sure he was talking to me.

“The fair girl in JSS3, Bennedicta… That girl you’re looking at is her sister. Her name’s… hum… her name escaped my mind. But if you like her, you can approach her. And you better be upright and bold, rich folks have vast reputations for embarrassing people who can’t be upright while they speak to them. They’ll quickly conclude you came to beg for alms.”

At that moment, I suddenly found Mr. Phillips a confidante; he suddenly was always present at every emotional junction I found myself that day. On the field while receiving parents, and there again he was; I never even noticed he was sitting behind me until he suddenly asked if I was looking at the girl. I knew I needed someone like him, someone who was almost as proud as the rich folks; someone who knew exactly the year the Cadillac outside first came on road.

 “I wasn’t looking at her,” I found myself uttered in my stupidest fashion of reluctance and indecisiveness.

“Huggh—” he scoffed, and then laughed quietly. “Mr. Adebayo, eetie le. You were looking at her. I’ve been looking at you looking at her since. C’mon, she’s only a rich man’s daughter, she’s not a vampire! I’ll be disappointed if you didn’t approach her till she left.”

“Why can’t you approach her yourself if you’re so interested in approaching her?”

“But you wouldn’t be happy about it, would you? Okay then, forget it.”

That was it. I hated it when someone ended a conversation I was interested in that way. Of course I liked the girl; I was only new at that kind of environment. As she sat there, looking up occasionally from the phone she had been busy with since she got here, she was hardly visible among the crowd, but she was the only person I was seeing, all others were just like dirt being blown about by the wind, and at the centre of the dirt was a tall tree with yellow oranges, or so I think I saw her that day. There were four rings on her; on her index and middle finger at the left hand, middle and small finger at the right, all golden; wrist chains, beads, bands, trinkets and all. Her make-up wasn’t that obvious but I knew she wore some. Three buttons were loose on her brown shirt, and I wish I could loosen more with my eyes. In-between the parted collars of her shirt however were the upper sides of the roots of her cleavage, fresh, full, inviting and corrupting, housed beneath the lucky black bra. I wish I was her bra! Ah! I was so stupid that day. I swear to God, at that particular time, I was ready to do anything to get the girl, but at the same time, I was sure I could not do anything. At first, nothing happened, then minutes later, nothing continued to happen, and I gave up.

“Mr. Phillips,” I turned back to my confidante. “What can I do?”

He didn’t say anything at first and I almost regretted that I turned back to him. Then he sighed and said, “I don’t know… you go to her, find an excuse to take her out of this place or something, whatever you can do, just do something. That kind of girl can’t be smarter than you naw, you’re a man. See, look forward, the proprietor is looking at us.”

Our proprietor’s name was Mr. Victor, that’s the name, I knew no other; we called him Big Victor though. That man was a pain in the ass and I don’t have the time to talk about him here, I will though, eventually. I faced the front and pretended to be listening to what they were saying at the meeting, such was what the proprietor wanted; he looked away when he saw that I’ve conformed. By the time I peeped slowly at the girl’s direction again, she was not there. Hey! My God! Hope this girl has not left! As if Mr. Phillips had noticed I was bothered and why, I heard him whispered very quietly to me, “she probably went to pick something in the car or receive a call, follow her immediately, now. Block her outside.”

And so it began, the autobiographic love story filled with violence, politics, pretence, arguments, excitements, adventure, laughter, regrets and what religion always do to relationships, smashing. Be Continued!  

Monday, May 9, 2016

They Mocked Me, But Now The Errand Boy Has Turned To A Big Boy

Life is a journey and we never can tell who we meet on the way. My own case is slightly similar to that of Abraham in the Bible who came across an Angel. Unknowingly, he gave them bread and took care of them, that was where he was promised a child from God, and the rest is history.
My mom was an Akara seller who struggled to put I and my brothers through school. And life isn’t easy at all will all its short comings.
2014 after graduating from the university and awaiting my NYSC, I moved to Port Harcourt to join my uncle and his family. I started working in a Business center in Choba, close to Uniport pending till I go for my NYSC. Due to it’s a student environment and its 8am to 6pm, and the manager just started new in the area, I still managed the pay, N8,000. Customer response was very poor. Sometimes I do stay the whole day without any person coming to do any printing, photocopy or any job in my center.
This particular Wednesday afternoon after a rough morning. PHCN          disconnected our power without no good reasons. So we were just left to use generator. Secondly, a man came and did a job without paying. It really hurts. I thought I had had enough that morning. Coming to afternoon, I was in the shop when a lady just walked in. the way she badged in sef was annoying. She was in a haste and looked angry. She asked if we have internet service. I told her we do. She said I should Google some works, do printing and photocopy for her. I just smiled. “My friend come and do this things for me, you are just looking and smiling like a goat,” she shouted at me. I was surprised because of her outburst as if I was her slave. I still kept my cool and calmness as I collected the work from her. “Don’t you people have A.C here?” she asked. I told her we didn’t. Na so she begin complain that other business centers have but it seemed we are so wretched. She couldn’t just understand why she was just raining curses on me. We have never met before neither has she been to our center before. I kept cool and told her not to worry that we would get A.C. I began her work. At a time she began complaining that I was too slow and I wasn’t getting the right results she wanted from Google and I was wasting her time. I looked at her and smiled and kept calm even when I was boiling inside me. I looked at her and told her to calm down that she will get what she is looking for. She began comparing our center with other big centers around Uniport. That if not because the other big business centers were full of people working she wouldn’t have come to our own. I began pleading with her to exercise patience. I even went as far as getting her refreshment when she said she wanted to get something to eat. I became the errand boy. After about 3 hours of work. After I don burn about 1gb of data and the printing and photocopies, she gave me N350. I tried to explain to her that her money was N2,750, but madam no gree. She said she wasn’t going to pay for the internet service because I didn’t get the actual things she wanted. And infact sef I don’t deserve to be paid. The thing pained me but I still smiled, trying to be friendly. But I no fit drag with her. I had to let go as she left. But she didn’t leave without telling me that I was useless in that shop, that my Oga should even employ another person. And she packed the work she said I didn’t don well. She carry dem go, and na generator I take run the work. To think she was very beautiful, young with that kind of attitude. I was really troubled when I got home. I felt humiliated but I still encouraged myself.
The next day, I was sitting in the shop when the troublesome woman that woman that didn’t pay me the previous day came in. I greeted her so well as if nothing happened the previous. And she replied me well, asking me how my night was. I was surprised, that was a woman that was abusing me, saying she won’t come to our shop again. Everything about her seems to have changed that day as she told me that her project supervisor approved and gave an excellent recommendation of her work, the one I help her with the previous day. I smiled in happiness. Na so she begin apologize for what she did the previous day. She said I should just forgive her because she had a bad day in her office and one of her kid was sick, couple with her pregnancy. She gave me money for the previous day and additional N1,000 for me. She went out and bought snacks for me oo. She asked me for my name and number. I told her I was a graduate and awaiting NYSC. She said I should call her mummy Nifemi. She asked why I didn’t even react when she was raining abuses the previous day, I was just smiling. I told her I am slow to anger. She said she liked my nature, that I know how to handle customers. That was how became friends and she became a special customer. Infact she directed all her friends doing PhD and masters degree to our business center to be doing their works. Before we know wetin dey happen our shop don dey full with so many customers. Sometimes she calls me to come and collect work from her house to do for her. She introduced me to her husband sef and I became a very good friend to the family. Their family is very rich. Her husband works in a popular gas firm in Port Harcourt. They deal in supplies, marine gas. The company is owned by the husband, Daddy Nifemi.
Fortunately, when I printed my call-up letter, I was so surprised that I was posted to Rivers state. I was happy oo even though I wanted Abuja. Unfortunately, my uncle I was staying with was transferred to Abia state. He and his family moved to Abia while I began my PPA in Akuku-toru LGA. Even when I had stopped work at the business center, mummy and daddy Nifemi still keep intouch with me. Sometimes they do call me and I go to spend weekends in their house. At a time when am less busy, daddy Nifemi do take me along to work as his personal assistance (PA). He even takes me to oil rigs. After the outings, he would give me some money. They trusted me to the extent that I was part of the few they allow into their home and even stay with them. Sometimes I do leave Abonuma to Port Harcourt to bring back their kids from school. i help in supervising the cleaning of their homes. Sometimes they will give me money and some other times they won’t. I go just come back empty handed, but I didn’t care. My friends would laugh at me that am an errand boy. Dem go say na house boy and plate I dey wash for daddy Nifemi’s mansion. One particular incident, I had withdrawn all my money and sent to my mom and siblings for upkeep and school. I barely had money on me. Daddy Nifemi invited me to their house for a paper work. I went and spent 3 days there and when I was coming back nothing was given to me. Even though I expected it but never saw, I was very broke. I managed to get to Abonuma to my friends laughing at me that my errand didn’t work that day. Dem say my errand for that day na in vein because I was not given money. Though I never complained because the Nifemis are trying so well for me. And I was doing everything for them from the bottom of my heart.
On the 5th  of January 2016 after I had resumed to my PPA, daddy Nifemi called me that I should come to Port Harcourt immediately that he wants me to do something for him since corpers are yet to resume in their schools. Na so I go Port Harcourt. We went to an oil rig with his workers. After 2 days with him, when we got to his house in Port Harcourt. He said he has bought a new car to his fleets. He handed me the key to one his cars, a Honda EOD. He said I should take it, and the next day he would follow me to go and change ownership and paper works to my name. He also gave me an appointment letter that I have been automatically employed in his gas company. He said I should officially resume after my passing our parade (POP), but I will still be on salary for the remaining months of my service. He also gave me money for my project management program. I had once told him that I will be doing the course after my service. He gave me money and asked me to register immediately because I will use the knowledge in his company. I was so happy because I never expected it. One of the things he told me was that I am loyal and he had been watching me. He admired my approach to things.

Men and brethren, na so my life don change oooo. I am not telling this story to brag but to inspire us. I began to reminisce when I first met mummy Nifemi at my former working place. As she was ranting that day, what of if I had shouted at her? What of if I abused and chased her arrogantly from the shop? With her attitude, what of if I had treated her badly the way she did, she may not have returned back and I might not get to see her again. I might not have seen this kind of opportunity. I didn’t judge her from the attitude she portrayed that day, I still welcomed her the next day, which made us become close and now I am favoured. Now the errand boy has become the Oga. My life has changed. Na my friends wan start to run errand for me now.  
Note: this is a true life story but not about the author, it was narrated to him while he wrote

Kidnapped and Forgotten: Reverend Fr. John Adeyi and The Conspiracy of Silence

by Cletus Emoche Agada
The increasing wave of violent crimes across the land raised its ugly head again two weeks ago in Benue state when the highly revered Rev’d Fr. John Adeyi was kidnapped along the Highway, on his way from Okpoga to Otukpa, and taken to an unknown destination by equally unknown men.
The first news of this ugly incident came from Prince Yemi Itodo, publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Daybreak Newspapers, who posted it on his Facebook page and later followed up with an update on the ransom demand by the kidnappers.

Curiously, however, Mr Itodo later posted that he has been asked to discontinue any update on the matter by people whom he would not name. They even went further to ask him to pull down his earlier posts, and, for the Yemi that I’ve come to know to oblige this request, it must mean that those behind it must be powerful people in the society, most likely from the security establishment.

Whoever must have been behind such an order, what Prince Itodo did was an act of cowardice that has rubbed off on all of us as the hours have now become days, and days have now rolled into weeks; without a single hint about Fr. Adeyi’s whereabouts. 

Worse still is that we manage to, individually and collectively, sleep and wake as if nothing has happened.

Rev. Fr. John Adeyi is an avant-garde trailblazer. As the first person to venture into Catholic Priesthood from Otukpa, Fr. Adeyi became a household name in Idomaland during his Priestly Ordination when the Legendary Idoma Gospel Singer, Peter Owoicho Otulu, dedicated a track in one of his albums to his strides. A simple man of very humble disposition, Fr. Adeyi is the kind that cannot hurt a fly, either by physical disposition or spiritual orientation, it will, therefore, be a surprise if there is any other motive behind this criminal act other than monetary gain; which, in any case, would be least likely because the reverend gentleman cannot even be counted among the rich or wealthy.

Considering the foregoing, a few questions readily come to mind: are there no authorities and agencies constituted with the duty of maintenance of lives and property or the management of security and protection of citizens? Are there no documented channels of reporting incidences such as kidnaps and molestations or blackmails and threats? If such exist and if reports have been deposed to, what actions, therefore, have the responsible agencies taken?

Considering Rev’d Father John Adeyi’s continued detention by his abductors weeks after the incident was reported to the Benue State Command of the Nigerian Police Force, one posits that somebody must be Responsible, some other unit be Accountable, yet another agency being Consulted and we, the People must be Informed on activities and actions being undertaken to secure the release of the reverend clergyman. By extension, it must either be deduced or inferred that his continued detention implies failure, either by commission or omission; by collusion or abnegation or dereliction of said duties by Security Personnel and Key Stakeholders in the Security Architecture of both the State and Federal Governments.

We must not allow Rev’d Fr. John Adeyi to go the way of the Chibok Girls!

We do believe it is time for a conscience call to all and sundry; a call to the Inspector General of Police, Mr Solomon Arase, before he accuses us of exaggeration again, to investigate and facilitate the release of Fr. Adeyi by any means possible and reunite him with his family and community without further delay.

The DSS, the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army (that superintends the 72 Brigade Command in Benue), the State Government that specialises in sloganeering, Benue Traditional Leaders, Local Chiefs and all men of good will must join their hands together to make sure that Fr. Adeyi is released by his captors unhurt.

It’s quite unfortunate that the Conference of Catholic Bishops will go and share a cup of tea at the Presidential Villa with the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, H.E. Muhammadu Buhari at a time that an integral member of the Clergy, Fr Adeyi, remains in the Kidnappers den and will not extract a single word of commitment from Mr President about accelerating his release, if at all his case was mentioned.

Finally, perhaps if Rev’d Fr Adeyi’s abductors are chanced to read this write-up, I implore them to release this innocent man of faith unconditionally to avoid the judgement of the Almighty God.

Cletus Emoche Agada


His Excellency, Alh. (Dr.) Abubakar Sani Bello, 
Executive Governor, Niger State. 

“No man is good enough to govern another man, without that others consent” 
The leadership of NANS is compelled to write this open letter to you haven carefully observed with uttered dismay the share disregard, neglect, repugnance, antagonism, emasculations meted on the entire Nigerian Students Community in Niger State, by your administration and cabinet members towards our rights and privileges as Nigerian Students and all other citizenry (Nigerlites). 

For the avoidance of doubt NANS is the apex umbrella student body, that rotates the wheels of students activism in Nigeria, being the voice of the voiceless, vanguard of the oppressed masses and custodians of the sacred trust of Nigerian Students, after exhaustive consultation with all relevant Stakeholders, SUGs, Tribal Association on the prevailing quagmires we resolve that the status-quo is completely unacceptable considering the significant role we students played in the enthronement of the present government, hence the dire-need to address you in this open letter (press conference). 

As a responsible organization and for the purpose of setting the records straight, the role Nigerian Students played towards decapitation, decolonization of our oppressors the PDP and making the former administration completely IRRELEVANT and unpopular in the society through the social media and awareness channels made the change slogan a song on lips of all sundry cannot be jettisoned. 

Mr. Governor Sir, apart from monitoring the election at the Control Room which some of your cabinet members are aware of, we pluck all the lope-holes and leakages to stem the PDPs stock-in-trade (rigging) towards subverting the votes of the masses, after which many press conference, rejoinders e.t.c to debunk the desperate phony attempted endorsement they had wanted to foist on Nigerian Students in favour of their Candidate Umar Nasko.

Our members indeed served as INEC Adhoc Staffs, standing there ground, refusing all overtures and Money-Bags thrown at them to ensure that the actual results collated in your favour Mr. Governor Alh. Abubakar Sani Bello suffices all in the interest of the progress and development of the state.

We equally mobilized our members to follow your campaigns for months as well as votes massively at the polls for you, defying all the money shared by the PDP government.

We did advocacies, press conferences which help a greater extent in reawakening the consciousness of the society and youths to avoid being tools for election malpractices, thuggery and other vices to cause may-hem during and after election which paid off.

A lot of Students paid the Ultimate Prize, for the change we enjoy today, as many leaders faced brutalization, self-exile, molestation, Intimidation, persecution etc. But almost one year after the Mr. Governor you have not find it worthy to engage the students on the policy direction of the state in the Education sector and other relevant sectors, but Globe-trotting the world on weekly basis at the expense of the state governance with little or no investment/investors to show for such trips.

This is a complete departure from the promised of an all inclusive participatory Change Government you promised. It is highly regrettable that Letters of Audience, Invitation, Request for Support to programs of National importance send to you Mr. Governor and other relevant stakeholders in the cabinet are all dump in the trash-can, while we have kept fate with believe that this bad posture would change soon, we are abash and astound to hear that certain cabal have appointed more than thousand Special Assistant/Advisers with salaries running into HUNDREDTHS OF MILLIONS at this critical economic hardship leaving Education and other critical sectors yearnings for emergency, obvious it is to all eyes that we do not need a 3Star Hotel, but 3Star General hospital, 3Star Educational Infrastructure, 3Star Portable Water, 3Star Electricity e.t.c Mr. Governor this was not Change you promised Nigerlites

“Evil triumph not because of the men who do evil, but because of good men who sit and allow evil happened”.

Consequent upon on the foregoing, Mr. Governor we believe you may have good intention for the state, but the continued exclusion of Nigerian Students and its leadership, while we see things go wrong day-by-day would no longer be tolerated. We have shown abiding fate in the government of President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR that far-reaching measures are up soon, for the betterment of the masses, much cannot be said of you Mr. Governor thus we call for; 

i. The immediate convocation of Town Hall Meeting/Pearly with Nigerian Student Leadership across the state to hear all their views, challenges and contributions. In a quest for progressive Niger State. 

ii. While we would not be a party to pulling-down the government we labored with sweat and blood suffering incarcerations, exile, intimidation e.t.c to watch the continued visionless and directionless disposition of your government in policy direction towards us. 

iii. The need to introduce Overseas Scholarship in specialized field like Medicine, Nursing e.t.c as well as restructuring the moribund Bursary Scheme inherited from the previous administration, constituting committee having at least two (2) former students leaders (abolish the criminal KATIN TALBA SCHEME). 

iv. Mr. Governor Sir, you have shown signs of moving the state forward in the face of dwindling economic fortunes of the country, thus far; we’ll support every genuine efforts to move the state and Education Sector forward, but there is a dire need for State of Emergency in Poly Zungeru, College of Agric Mokwa, IBBU Lapai and all Health Institution in the state. 

v. Moreso, the leadership of NANS recognizes its place in the history of the present administration, Alas! thugs have continued to take centre stage in appointments and other benefits, while the graduates and former leaders have remain jobless and unemployed, even in the face of retirement, death transfer of service e.t.c which would have warrant replacement of such, the salaries of the state civil service have remained the same or even more than the previous government.

Lastly, Your Excellency Mr. Governor, Nigerians and by extension Nigerlites are suffering, hence the need to critically and quickly take drastic action on the epileptic power supply owing to the fact that we housed three (3) Hydro Power Station in the state and yet we have no constant electricity. The lack of portable water in the state capital have become very imperative (indeed this is shameful). 

As responsible and law abiding children, we have agreed to rescind all our suppossed plan of Mass Action for Seven (7) Days Ultimatum starting from today 10th May, 2016 to address both open and salient issues raised in these memo, failure to which would indeed be occasioned with a Three (3) Days of National Action (Protest) to occupy Niger State (#OCCUPY NIGER STATE) and redeem it from the Jaws and claws of hawks who do not mean well for the states, a stitch in time they say saves nine, our doors are widely open, for “a word they say is enough for the wise”. 

We have refuse to be cowed, we have refused to be silenced, we have refused to remain on-lookers in the affairs of the state, especially in the Education Sector, we need to gets our priorities right, and away from the former Jamboree that have brought us into this in the first place, be warned our students are primed only awaiting directions.

Thank you.
Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta

Executive Chairman Secretary General
Joint Campus Committee NANS Zone “A”
Niger Axis

Coordinator, NANS Zone “A” 
Commissioner of Police
DSS Niger State
Commissioner of Education

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Beautiful Nigerian Lady, Ronke, Beaten To Death by Her Husband; Now Husband On The Run

Too many men and women are in marriages they are not happy with today, but rather than seek prayers to get to the root of their issues and resolve it or separate in peace, they apply cosmetic approach.

What would make a man kill his wife or a woman kill her husband? Serious demonic inspired issues...

The beautiful lady pictured above, Ronke Bewaji Shonde, was found dead yesterday morning at their home at Tiemo Crescent off Awori street in Egbeda area of Lagos, and her husband, Lekan Shonde, is missing.

He is believed to have beaten her to death during a domestic dispute and immediately took off...

A family friend who reported the case said Ronke and Lekan had a fight in the early hours of yesterday as their kids were sleeping. One neighbor later said he heard noise coming from their flat early in the morning but didn’t think it was something serious.

Around 7am, the couple’s nanny came to the house to resume work only to find the house locked and no one was opening the door. She tried to call Ronke but her phone was switched off. She peeped through the window only to find the couple’s 6 and 4 year old kids crying and saying they couldn’t wake their mum up.

Neighbors gathered and forcefully opened the door to find Ronke’s lifeless body on the floor with blood gushing from her head. Lekan was nowhere to be found. Ronke’s phone was also missing. He’d locked the kids with their dead mum in the house and taken off with her phone.

Her body has been deposited at the mortuary. She was in her mid-30s. I hope police will get the man!