About The Ob9ja Management

The Ob9ja Management is a registered company and an award winning Management Company.  The Ob9ja Management has been in operations since 2015; started with ob9ja.com as a blogsite in 2013.

As a general services and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) company, we decided to give birth to The Ob9ja Management and our Subsidiaries: Ob9jaTalent, Ob9jaMusicOb9jaEvents, Ob9jaMarketing, Ob9jaMedia, Ob9jaMoments, Ob9jaBrands, Ob9jaCommunication , Ob9jaPR.

We masters in  Talent Management, Brand Management, Online And Media Promotions/Publicity, Digital Marketing, Media Selling and Buying, Consultancy, Event Production & Management, Music Distribution, Advertising , PR Services, Business Development, Communication.

With the Following Properties and Services of The Ob9ja Management, we assure you our company and your organization can partner together in making each other’s businesses grow and succeed.

We Believe In You And Why You Do What You Do.

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Mail: emailob9ja@gmail.com