Saturday, June 13, 2020

Music Blogger Accuses Kwara Policeman Of Extortion

Akoh Isaiah, a music blogger has alleged that a policeman in Kwara State Police Command of extorted money from him on the motion that he is an Internet fraudster.

The 27-year old musician reported that he boarded a motorcycle from the Palms Mall to the Post Office area and passed by the policeman around Muritala area of Ilorin when the policeman also boarded a motorcycle and started chasing him.
The policeman allegedly ordered the blogger’s phones and he was made to pay N6,000 after a thorough search.

Isaiah said, “I gave him my android phone and he later asked for my iPhone, which I gave him, and he searched the phones but did not find anything incriminating on them. He said he knew what young men were doing and I asked him if I could go since he did not find anything incriminating on my phone.

“He refused to let me go and demanded that I give him money. He asked me to open my bank app, which I refused to do initially and he said he was going to take me to the station and accused me of being an Internet fraudster; so, I opened the app for him.”
“He saw N7,000 in my account and ordered me to transfer everything to him and I told him I could not do that since I was not guilty of any crime; he then told me to send N6,000 to a particular account and he called the owner of the account to confirm he had received the alert before he released me.”

The music blogger reported the incident at the ‘A’ Division and on the official Twitter page of the Police Complaint Response Unit.


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