Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Live Report: Rebirth Of Real Hip Hop

Mi and AQ are undoubtedly a force to reckon with when it comes to hip hop in Nigeria, this is because their catalogue and discography vividly portrays the amount of energy and talent they have both put in to get to the stage at which their career is in presently.
Art is supposed to connect , regardless of the form it comes in; whether as photography , films,music or even poetry , it is meant to connect to give people another deep sense of imagination. This is what these two rappers artistically did on this project.
Amazingly, it was a tweet that birthed the whole project , as a fan reached out to AQ to ask him to do a project with MI and things went by so fast and six days later, The Live Report was birthed. This can fully attest to the fact that the rappers are extremely talented and they are one hundred percent confident in their craft.
It is evidently ridiculous to ignore MI when conversations of the greatest in African hip hop arises; this is because he has been around for more than a decade and his bars are still as hungry as a rookie who just broke into stardom. This project is his tenth work and it keeps getting better. The self acclaimed African rapper number one has his name imprinted in history when it comes to hip hop in Africa .
AQ’s lyricism has effortlessly put him on the map and has raised his name when conversations on who is the lyrical king in Nigerian hip hop arises. Having won the lyricist on the roll award at the 2019 Headies and putting out one the best rap albums so far this year with Gods Engineering; he cannot be counted out or ignored when hip hop is addressed in Nigeria’s music journey

A hip hop fan is supposed to except nothing less than epic when two talented rappers like MI and AQ decide to work together on a project. The six track EP covers ranges of topics and issues. They consistently hit the nail on the head and raise all the dust needed on issues that matter. This generated lots of applause when the project just came out . It also did not hesitate to top the charts on the hip hop genres.
The first track “tone of the conversation “ serves as an introductory track as the two rappers projects theirselves and the rapping prowess they possess. They waste no time to insist that nobody is on their level; with MI expressing in one of the lines that he’s a walking “Museum “ and he also serves as a protector to other rappers as he goes on to project himself as “ Amotekun”. AQ also hints on the fact that he feels his time is now as he asserts with statements like “ I have crowned so many kings and this is my coronation “. In this track , they aggressively claim their spot .
The live report serves as the second track and also the title of the project. In this song, that talk about the ills going on in the society as blunt as it could ever be , citing examples from the present Covid -19 pandemic, the 5G drama that played out , politics and the mindset of the average Nigerian . They also hinted on how social media affects the people negatively due to its excessive use. MI states clearly that “intelligence is not married to elegance” advising people to get wiser
Jesus said use your head comes off as the title of the next track . Here MI and AQ bants on religion and the extremism attached to it. They pour out their mind on the way religious people exaggerate and over analyze ; in this song, they advice the church goers to go back to the Bible so they can get a background knowledge on whatever topic the pastor raises . Ignorance towards the words of God is a harsh reality on the religious sect today . MI speaks on his disappointment at which one can easily relate criminal activities with pastors on pulpits.
The next track “Clap for yourself” features big daddy jayy. This track comes off in a hyper sarcastic intro ; it ridicules the alarming rate at which people lie ,MI hyped himself out ; throwing light on how he’s successful and he feels he ought to be applauded for all his achievement . AQ shades people who claim to be rich on the internet and in reality ; they are poor and have noting to show for themselves.
When I’m gone takes a deeper reflection on the fact that everyone will be gone one day. In this next verse ,AQ analyzes that despite the changing system of the world , he is still stuck to old values . He urges his fans to always stick to his music because he thinks he might gain more fame when he’s gone because these days ; people are heavily pulled in to the trendy “booty songs”. MI starts off with the fame thirsty people on twitter who tweet without regard and possess little or no value on how people would feel when they put out negative tweet aimed at hurting someone. He explains that even when he’s gone , the set of individuals that hated him will switch lanes and act like the loved him . The message in the song is advising people to show love whenever they can because life is not guaranteed.
The last track on the EP is titled “ brave heart “ in this song ,AQ starts off by talking about his zeal to chase his dreams. He emphasizes that no can stop him from doing what he has been designed to achieve. He continues to draw attention to his notion on the fact that he does not trust the media. Mi takes God-status on the track ; he boasts that he is always busy “starting companies and he disregards beefs” this is because he keeps wining and continues to make what he states as “clean money”.
The live report is one work of art that serves as an eye opener to the way at which rap can be a platform to buttress issues happening in the society. MI and AQ continues to break boundaries as they consistently try to regulate and push rap music to same level at which Afro beats is in Nigeria. For me, this is hip hop and as a country we need more rap artists like the two talents on this project.
By Naomi Oleribe 


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