Friday, February 16, 2018

The 9 kinds Of People That Attended The Legend Real Deal Experience In Enugu

It was a night of great music, fun and excitement at the Polo Park in Enugu last Sunday as Legend Extra Stout stormed the beautiful coal city with its signature music tour, the Real Deal Experience concert, the first in 2018.
The headline act, famous Afro pop and highlife singer, Harrysong who unsurprisingly was the toast of all present, thrilled the crowd of fun-lovers with a bevy of his very popular hit songs as the revelers took him on in an unending sing-along.
With a good supply of premium Legend extra stout, cash prizes, gifts and other numerous side attractions, the night couldn’t have gone better for the fun-loving residents of Enugu who came out in large numbers to enjoy the concert.
As with every make sense concert, the audience at the Real Deal Experience was a mix of the good, the weird and the downright hilarious. From the lovebirds who saw the event as an opportunity to profess their age-long affections especially as Valentine’s is already in the air, to the those whose only business at the venue is the free drinks (not that Legend is complaining anyway), the Real Deal Experience had every constituency well represented.
If you dulled yourself and couldn’t make it down to the Polo Park last Sunday, we got you covered. Here are the eleven kinds of people that attended the concert in all their glory last weekend:
The Punctuality Prefects
You know them, probably met them or are one yourself. These ones got to the venue long before it started. They were there when the stage was set up, when the sound check was done, when Harrysong arrived, when he took off his left shoe, when he said hello hello chin chin. These ones are always there...they go way

The lovebirds
These are the Romeo and Juliets. They came to see the headline act perform but miss out on most of the fun because they just won’t let each other be; it’s either they are distracting other party-goers with their unwarranted PDA or laughing out loud to a joke only they heard.

The I-have-no-idea-what’s-going-on-here
These ones just happen on the concert venue either by luck, wandering or just fill in the blank...They clearly don’t know what’s going on, but everyone seems to be having fun so whatever...they join in. We would have called them the mogbo-mo-branch but they are completely clueless, and they didn’t gatecrash really.
The my boyfriend-is-here-so-I-came-too 
You know them: they are in your school, at work, in church and everywhere. You have them as friends, as colleagues, heck you might even be one of their kind. These ones came for just one reason: their boyfriend.

The I-came-for-the-drink-only
The brutally honest types: they are not here to dance or party, just for the free drinks. They don’t mind getting a plate of pepper soup to go with the free drinks too...oshofree!

The I-came-for-Harrysong-only-opening-acts-can-go-take-several-seats
You probably belong in this group. These ones only care about the headline act, if you like, introduce 50 fantastic opening acts, they still won’t look up from their phone. They came for Harrysong only and so shall it be...did I hear a silent amen?
The unofficial-photographers
These ones took pictures and videos at the concert venue all through the event. They missed out on the fun while trying to capture the event while making sure to distract those who have come to truly enjoy the concert.
The Playlist gang
These ones prepared a playlist from their house for the artiste. They won’t stop yelling at the musicians to perform their songs, well, until people around them yell at them to shut the f**k up.
The social media addicts
These ones are always glued to their phones tweeting and chatting away while missing out on the fun. They miss out on the fun and excitement but they end up having social media posts to show for it’s a win too.

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