Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Meet The 17 Years Old Female Artiste Who Started Music At Age 12

Our Woman Crush Wednesday is a 17-year old Nigerian female artist Okal who started music at age 12 and she has made some significant steps in her musical journey already.Her latest single WITHOUT YOU which was released about a week ago has been premiered on major emtertainment blogs in Nigeria like, and lots more.

Read more about her in this interview with Ogunblogger and please make sure you drop your comments. Thank you                                    


Please Introduce yourself?

My names are Omobosola Karimat Alaka. a 17 years old student of University of Benin from Oyo state, Nigeria.

How and when did you start music?
I started music at age 12, began  by writing songs constantly then later ventured into learning how to play the guitar which helped me developed my own sound till I recorded my first track.

What exactly did u do to get this amount of recognition?
Like I said earlier I play the guitar, It gave me capability to go from auditions to shows, I later recorded my first track then I pushed it online which eventually gave me some recognition in the music scene.

Can u tell us briefly about your new song Without You?
Without you is a love song about a young girl that is deeply in love with a particular guy that doesn't understand the extent of her feelings. This is a situation that happen daily in the world we live between a boy and a girl.Without you is a song that helps a lover express his or her feelings..

What has the acceptance been like?
Hmmm I will say Awesomely Great. Its been out for just a week and I know the amount of opportunities and exposure it has given me in this short time. Am still expecting more positive response.

What is a typical day for okal like?

Well am student and also an artist if am not engaged in anything based on music am definitely in school studying.

Whats your relationship with ob9ja?
Ob9ja is my big bro and manager.. he is  professionally involved with my career and he has been a great manager. Am really looking forward to what we will achieve together.

Where do u see yourself and music in 5years?
By Gods grace I believe Okal as a brand should be an A-list artist in the  music industry.

What advise do you have for aspiring music artists who've not had the courage to start music?
I think music is not meant for everybody so as an aspiring artist you have to be courageous enough to discover your sound.

What scares you most?
Fear of not delivering to my fans as expected....Cause I love my fans

What is next for you?
I want to explore the industry and show them what I got and what Okal is all about...


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You can also download and enjoy Okal latest single WITHOUT YOU



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