Saturday, May 7, 2016

Women Are Loosing Their Feminine Touch

In this fast evolving World of ours, where women are gaining giant strides in their quest to be “equal” to men, they seem to be loosing their most important feature: the feminine touch.
Nowadays girls are more concerned with looking good to impress men and to oppress other women. Girls spend far more time on their phones and in front of the mirror than they spend in the kitchen. As a matter of fact women know more about the characters on Zee World and Telemundo than the ingredients and recipes in making different types of meals. Most girls know more about the price of weavon, makeup kits, human hair than they know about the price of food stuff in the market. A greater percentage of girls spend more on beautifying the container (the body) than they spend on beautifying the content (the character). Women spend more time “competing” with men that they spend “complimenting”.
Gone are the days when a girl coming to a man’s house meant the house feeling her impact. She meets the house in disarray and leaves the house in all its valor and beauty. She would come into his house and cast her feminine spell. The house that looked neat would be transformed into hotel like look. The furniture would be given a feminine touch. The room would feel her presence. The kitchen would not be left the same way she met it. In fact, the whole house would crave for her next visit because she has that feminine touch that the male owner of the house will never have.
Nowadays, a girl comes to a man’s house and the only part of the house that feels her impact is the bed. She enters the house and the first thing she asks for is where to charge her phone so as to continue her gossip talk with her female friends. Then then asks for the remote control so as to stay in tune with her favorite shows on Zee World and Telemundo. Then she asks for food, eats and dumps the plate in the kitchen expecting the man to wash them. After she’s done eating, she sleeps off, wakes up, gets dressed, makes up and leaves the house without even the slightest courtesy of laying the bed.
Don’t even accuse me of having an agenda against women because I love women but haven experienced my fair share of feminine-touch-lacking women, but it’s time I spoke up so as to nip this habit in the bud.
Does that mean a woman should turn to a house help for a man she’s not married to, wash his dishes, cook for him, wash his clothes, clean his house etc. Hell NO!
Men are rugged in nature, lazy to certain house keeping routines, lack proper coordination and often need some coaching to get their house in order.
Ever wondered why most cleaners in homes/hotels/offices are women? Simply because women do it better. Women are motherly and better coordinated.
Don’t be the lady that leaves a man the same way she met him. Be the lady that leaves him better than she met him. He must not be your boyfriend or fiance or toaster for you to leave your mark. In fact if you both are in a relationship, your care could be seen as pretense. A woman’s true character is seen when she has nothing to gain. No marriage, no relationship, no money, no affection. She just does it from the heart. He could be just a friend but be different. Don’t be the eat, charge phone, watch film and sleep type. Be different. Stand out.


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