Friday, April 15, 2016

Man Brings His ‘Dead’ Girlfriend Back to Life with a Kiss [Photo]

A man has caused a stir during a party as he miraculously resurrected his woman after giving her a kiss of life.
The man allegedly kissed his woman and brought her back to life
A Limpopo man brought his girl back to life after she had collapsed during matric dance, Mzansi reports.

It was gathered that Luvhundo Mchuni who is doing his matric at Motse Maria Secondary School in Setotolwane of South Africa is said to have refused to let his woman cut their date short after she collapsed while dancing at the hall. The girl identified as Mary, had collapsed as they made their way to the hall where the matric farewell was to be held.

She collapsed as a result of fatigue as she was sweating earlier and her friends had advised her to go home but she refused. Part of the reason she was refusing was because the two had planned to get intimate for the first time after the dinner.

Mary eventually collapsed and an ambulance was called to ferry her to the hospital. However, Luvhundo could not stomach the thought of not having intercourse that day he decided to try his luck by kissing Mary hoping she could come back to life. Just like the princess kissing the frog or something like that.

‘The moment Luvho kissed Mary, it was like a scene from a disney movie’, a friend narrated.

Soon after getting kissed, Mary is said to have regained consciousness and the paramedics checked all her vital signs that she had shown earlier but none of them showed. She was given a clean bill and went on her matric dance.

Luvhundo was interviewed and he said, ‘I had taken some viagra earlier. I could not let my manhood down. I had to poke’


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