Sunday, March 13, 2016

Social Media: Its Brainwashing Effects

Social media has emerged as a new frontier in the developing world. Information can be passed within seconds, good and services exchanged within minutes. The ease at which social media and its pros have penetrated into our subconscious has led to the unconscious infiltration of its cons.
Gone are the days when a guy had to go out, spot a girl that tickled his fancy, package himself, gather enough liver, arrange the right words, approach her and make his move. In those days, guys took girls more seriously because of the rigors it took to get one’s attention.
In this social media age, it takes just a Facebook request, a tweet, an IG like, a BBM request for a guy to get talking to a girl. With social media, a guy could approach 35 girls in the same time frame it used to take to approach one girl. Variety isn’t the spice of life in this case.
Gone are the days where a spouse’s cellphone was as open as a book. A partner could pick another partner’s phone calls, read their messages without arousing suspicions. The adage “My phone is your phone” was true.
Social media has brought with it secrets. Everyone has passwords to their phones to keep away the prying eyes of their partners. To put this phenomenon into context, couples find it easier to share their private parts with each other than to share their phones with one another. What a travesty.
Gone are the days when only a guy romantically linked with a girl or her husband had the rare privilege of seeing her body unclad. The days when girls held their body with the same high esteem they do with their phones now.
In this social media age, where girls send pictures of their body to anyone with the right words and enough persuasion. The “baby if you love me, send me a picture of your #&@$#” crew. Girls are ready to send naked pictures of themselves with reckless abandon in a bid to satisfy or appease the requester. Those pictures in turn are used as a bragging tool for the boastful fool or as ammunition for a vengeful and heartbroken ex. As a matter of fact, it’s easier to see a girl’s body in their era than to see her without makeup or on her natural hair. Worrisome innit?
Gone are the days when married couples actually respected their vows and kept themselves undefiled both mentally and physically. The days when it was harder for a married man to connect with another lady or for a married woman to gallivant with another man. Unfaithful men were seen as a reproach to their contemporaries. In those days, a cheating woman was virtually unheard of. Huh? A married woman caught cheating? It was easier to see a goat flying.
How has times changed. The advent of social networking sites especially the sometimes devilish Facebook has made adultery a thing of comfort. Men go on Facebook to look at different girls with various looks and shapes like they would do in a car shop filled with different brands of cars. They choose the girl(s) that fit their taste, chat her up, later exchange numbers/pins and the adultery is on its way to fulfillment.
Gone are the days when teenagers had to finish school, get good grades to get a cellphone. In fact, cellphones (called smartphones in this era) were a privilege in the past and had two functions: make/receive calls and send/receive text messages. No access to the Internet, no access to a camera, no access to social dating sites, no access to sex crazed men.
This is the age where everyone even children are handed phones as early as 10 years old. This innocent privilege gives rise to contact with paedophiles, porn, sexual content. No wonder the decrease in the rate of virgins as compared to the pre-social media era. Exposure at such an early age only gives rise to an inquisitive mind and an inquisitive mind always almost results in trial and error.


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