Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet The Next Big Nigerian Artiste Simon Sniper

Simon Sniper recently, he released a single titled Hypnotise which has been jamming on all the radio stations and clubs in Abuja. 

In this interview with, he talks more about it. 

I know you said I should not ask but I think people would like to know. Why “Sniper”? 

I said don’t ask where Sniper came from! Anyway, the name was inspired by the rifle-toting gunmen called snipers. A sniper is focused and almost never misses his target. A sniper is rare and valuable. I can go on and on about it. 

Tell us about your new single, Hypnotise?

 People love the song more than me kai! Hynotise is a project that took my time, energy and resources because it has different versions. Hypnotise is my first official single and people think it’s a great song. 

Don’t you think it is a great song?

I agree but my best is yet to come.

Do you write your songs yourself? 

Yes, I do. So far, I haven’t had a reason to ask someone to write for me.

What gives you inspiration to write?

I get inspiration from life itself. Life is beautiful. Things happen everyday, things we don’t see as important and worthy to be talked about. Sometimes, I write about my experience while sometimes, the instrumental tells me what to say. 

Are you signed to a record label? 

I work with Flux Factory. 

Do you have an album yet?

No, I don’t but I have songs good enough for two albums though. 

How do you rate Nigerian music? 

The Nigerian music industry is beyond rating so don’t ask me to rate it. 

Who do you look up to?

Kanye West. I am his biggest fan. Read about him and you will know why.

Have you always had a passion for music? 

Yes! I grew up around music. My parents are music lovers. I grew up listening to different sounds. Also, i was in the children’s choir, teen choir, youth choir and made it to the charismatic Choir as well. So yes, I’m a church boy!

How do you intend to maintain your relevance in the entertainment industry? Honestly, I haven’t given it that much of a thought. I am just interested in making beautiful music. 

What professional path would you have ventured into if you didn’t go into music? It had to be music. So, definitely, I would have still been in music.

Do you see yourself going into acting? 
Yes, sure! Actually, I have done a lot of stage plays with the Council of Arts and Culture in Abuja. When I was much younger, I acted in a lot of stage plays in church. I haven’t had the opportunity to stand in front of a camera in a while but I know I will do well. From the little I know, people think I am good; so, yes, I intend to go into acting.

Have you ever dated someone in the entertainment industry?
Yeah, I have. 

What do you think about that? 

Dating in the industry! If you find someone you love and she loves you back, the industry doesn’t count, its about the individual. 

Who is your Nigerian celebrity crush? 

Crush? I will tell you when I find one 

Tell us about your worst date ever? 

Everything is nice and smooth when it comes to that. 

You were away from Nigeria for a while,why? 

Yeah, i was in school, then got a job and worked for a while.

Did I tell you I resigned from my job just to make music? 

I will probably post my resignation letter online someday.

What did your family think about this? 

Well, my parents are excited that I am not a school dropout. Felt like dropping out long ago though but I am glad I did not.

How did they react to your decision to go into music?

Not too well, but we are good now.

So what else do you have in store for us before the year runs out?

If you love good music, you will love me. Sit back, relax, brace yourself because I am about to take the world on a journey. My name is Simon Sniper! 


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