Monday, June 15, 2015

Poem: In Silence

They say silence is golden,
I used to think this was true
But lately silence has become deafening
I welcome the distraction of noise, though its outcome is threatening.

For silence is when the demons come out to play
They get you when you are alone and no one hears you scream.
Your tears hitting the floor so loud echoed by your broken dream.
And the darkness is so quiet it kills, you just sit and pray.

I remember when I was allowed to be ignorant, when that was cool.
When birds chirping and insects singing were peaceful.
But now, silence fills me with fear and destroys me inside,
Depression follows me about, fear letting me get pushed aside.

I wonder when silence turns from golden to broken glass
Maybe it was when the places my laughter once filled
Became the place where my lively spirit was killed
Or maybe it was when my angry voice became a gun shot.

Whatever the case,
Silence has become so deafening with memories memories, after which I run won't 
stop to chase

Memories that stab like a knife as my shriek gets lost in the world's noise.

Should I crawl out of my shell
Or stay confined in the darkest room of my heart
Will you listen to my darkest thoughts if I bother to tell
Or you'll just see me as the creepy messed up brother I already am?

Oshin Sheriff
Twitter: @SKILLA__
IG: @ogbeniskilla


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