Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Diary Of A Photographer: The Groom Who Got His Family Upset On His Wedding Day

It was around 8am and everyone was gathered in the dining room. There was a lot of tension as raised voices barked words into the phone in rapid Igbo, a word of which I could not understand but from the looks of it, they weren’t pleased. From what I gathered, Chike, the groom had stolen out of the hotel and gone off to the bride’s home half and hour away and his family was worried that it was morally wrong. Plus, they would end up late if he did not show up soon.
They could worry all they wanted for all the young man cared as I would later find out. Chike is a photographer and he and his fiancee love pictures a lot. He planned to take as many nice pictures against great backgrounds before heading to the venue. He had gone over to the lady’s parents, secured their permission to take her over to the hotel for the photos and they had obliged him. That is how we wound up leisurely taking photos during a two hour window. We made more photos than an average traditional wedding gets.

Later, when I asked him why he snuck away early without informing his family, he replied that the whole point of getting a nice hotel away from the venue was to have options for great photos. It amused me that photos were that important to him, enough for him to risk the wrath of his family. In the end, both bride and groom got their wish and the family has since forgotten how mad they were at him for that boy scout behaviour. I understand him though. He had to change his wedding date just for the sake of pictures and would not have anything stand in his way. He is the nicest guy I know and incredibly single-minded. He gets what he wants.

Credit: Udimee,  Helen Ozor


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