Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet Veejay, The Fast Rising Gospel Artiste

Can you tell us about yourself and your background?
My birth name is Victor Joseph. I'm sure you can figure out how the moniker 'VeeJay' came about from that. Born March 2nd. I'm the Lastborn in a family of four. I would describe myself as a very passionate person, very emotional too. I have a very deep love for creating and performing music and I'm currently studying music in babcock university. 

When and why did you start singing ?
I started singing at a young age in my church. Why? Well that was probably just because I had the opportunity to. 

‎Which famous gospel artiste do you admire or learned from ?
One name always comes to mind; J Moss. But I've also been greatly inspired by kirk Franklin.

‎‎Does your family have any musical background ? 
Well not really. Even though I would say that my parents' love for music greatly influenced my ear for sound. I was majorly influenced by gospel music in my formative years. But then I began to get exposed to a great deal of music too. And now as a musician I'm influenced by many musical forms.

‎Do you play any instruments?
Yes. I am a drummer and I can also play the keyboard. 

‎If you can change anything about the Nigerian gospel industry, what would it be?
I wouldn't change anything, because I believe everyone has their own standards. The best I can do is be the change I want to see, and that would be projected in the work I do,and the innovations I bring to the table.

‎‎Do you have any fondest musical memories?
Every moment I get to create music is my fondest moment, because that's when I'm happiest. 

Is Too Much your first single?
Not at all. I've got many songs. "Love the way" was my first official gospel song. But I had a couple of secular and alternative songs out before then.

How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, relaxation, school?
I do my best by God's grace. And it is a fact that a lot of things have balanced themselves out since the rebirth. I owe it all to God and my family who are no doubt my No. 1 fans. 

How do you handle distraction from the opposite sex?
I handle it. Takes a lot of will power I assure you, but I just keep my eyes  on the goal, so I don't get distracted by anyone not going in the same direction as me. 

So, is there any special woman in your life right now?
Yes please. My mom is the "specialest" woman in my life right now.

Many gospel artistes are doing mainstream music like afropop, juju and all, do you see yourself doing that anytime soon?
Like I said, I draw inspiration from a wide range of musical forms. If doing mainstream music would make me compromise my fundamental belief in God and the mandate in my hands to reach the ends of the world with the good news, then no,don't expect me to do that. But if mainstream music would enable me reach a larger audience with the message, then yes. I will be at the forefront of the movement. 

‎And lastly, where do you see yourself in the next five years ? 
On top of my game. Moving at the speed of light. Much wiser, much deeper, and much happier. 

‎That would be all for now but before you go, can you tell us when your next single is due to be released?
My next single will be released when its time and not a moment before.  

‎Thank you Veejay for your time, have a good day.
Thank you. God bless you. Have a great day.


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