Friday, May 8, 2015

How To Choose A Good Cheap Laptop

The main advantage of a laptop is its portability, it is possible to work on it almost any conditions (at least in the campaign, though on the river, even in the mountains). If mobility is paramount to you, then of course you should buy a laptop. Range of laptops now as wide as the range of computers, so do not take the first available, if you liked, such as its color or size. 

Pay attention to the technical characteristics of the laptop that you want to buy. The market offers laptops for every taste and budget. Of course, the greater the possibility of a laptop, the higher the price, it is necessary to remember. 

Four simple steps to help you choose a good laptop:

1. Decide on the purpose of the laptop: will you use it for work, games or other purposes? How much space do you need? How much time do you have to set up laptop?

2. Then, determine your budget. Laptops are more expensive than desktop computers. To purchase a laptop is recommended to postpone N 140000 (this amount does not include the cost of purchasing software and other expenses).

3. Now select the Seller laptop. There are many shops (online and offline), which sells new and used 

4. In conclusion, buy the software and accessories you need, such as an office suite, laptop bag, etc.

If the laptop with the required technical properties is too expensive for you, you can buy a used, it would be much cheaper.Tasks to be delivered to a laptop, play a crucial role in the issue of what to buy a laptop. With A large display is more convenient to work, but compact and less weight has its positive side. 

Buy a laptop with a screen diagonal of 15.4 inches and 17 as possible for games, as well as for office work. As a rule such laptops because of their size are equipped better than any desktop computer and are fully capable to replace it. If you are constantly on the road, the mobility factor for you is very important, so optimum variant to buy a laptop with a screen for 10 or 12 inches. The screen resolution laptop also strongly influences the choice of a particular model. 

The most common are the following resolution: XGA (1024x768), WXGA (1280x800),WXGA + (1440x900) or SXGA + (1400 x 1050 pixels). For text enough to buy a laptop with a resolution of XGA. At the same time for designers and other people working with graphics, will be preferable to buy a laptop with a resolution of WUXGA (1920x1200). High resolution also has a positive effect when watching movies, as well as for gaming. It is also important when buying a laptop to know about technology used in the production of displays. Processor - one of the main components of any computer, including a laptop. 

For more demanding applications (games, graphics editors) it is desirable to buy a laptop with a processor 3 GHz or more. As for the question with which processor to buy a laptop, the leadership here takes Intel. For Normal operation of the laptop need RAM 2 - 4 GB. For working with graphics applications it should be more than 4 GB. If memory is not enough, some of the information will be sent to the hard drive, which will significantly improve energy costs and contribute to overheating For games, you can buy a powerful video card up to 2 GB. There are specialized sites where you can buy very cheap powerful laptops for work and for play. The main thing when buying a laptop pay attention to the seller. It's best to buy a product from a trusted seller with a good reputation.

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