Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Diary Of A Lady: I Slept With My Boss In The Office, Now He Has Dumped Me

The diary of a lady who left her boyfriend and ended up as free "meat" for her Oga in the office:
"I had a brief affair with my boss and I knew it was wrong. He now behaves as if nothing happened between us. I am trying as much as possible to put whatever happened between us behind me.

I’m not even scared of him sacking me because he dares not. He shouldn’t even think of it, because I agreed to date him after five months of sexual abstinence. How do I carry myself with dignity without feeling used? I feel I am without worth..."

- M.O from Benin

Below is the answer she got from Kemi Ashefon:

Despite the fact that I don’t encourage pre-marital s*x, I believe any s*x between two consenting adults is a give-and-take act and none of them should feel used. I think you should start behaving as your boss does — nothing happened between the two of you. Do not go about with this vengeful spirit of he-dares-not-sack-me because he could and he is authorised to do so. Remember, he is the boss, he has a right to hire/fire and could get better ladies than you to work with.

His kind of person does not give a hoot about whatever you feel. He wanted cheap s*x and you gave him.


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