Monday, March 16, 2015

Female Student Goes Blind After Slap By Principal’s Secretary

Before January 29, 2015, the girl’s eyes could be said to be perfect, going by the picture she took with her friends the same month when the school celebrated its 50th anniversary. But the tide changed against Iyanu and it seems she has lost an eye.
Sunday Tribune gathered that the event that led to the change in Iyanu’s life started when she was allegedly slapped by one Mrs Funke Fashina, said to be the secretary to the principal of the school. And what was her offence? The woman reportedly saw her and two other girls emerging from an unused room within the school building and enquired to know what they were doing there. Before they could reply, she landed a slap on Iyanu’s face first, and subsequently others.
The girl’s right eye was said to have developed a problem and had got worse, with the University CollegeHospital, Ibadan (UCH), saying that she would require a surgery. Iyanu told Sunday Tribune that she could no longer see with the right eye.
Narrating her experience to Sunday Tribune, Iyanu said:
“On Thursday, January 29, students were having an Agriculture class, so those of us offering Food and Nutrition left the class and three of us went to stay in one of the rooms in the building.
“We saw our teacher from the window of the room so we wanted to step out to go and meet her. As we were about to leave the room, we saw the secretary to the Principal, Mrs Funke Fasina. She asked us what we were doing in that room but before we could explain, she slapped us one after the other.
“By the time I got home, my left eye had turned red and painful. I told my mother what happened but she dismissed me, saying that I would not have been slapped if I didn’t do something wrong. On Monday February 9, my mother followed me to school and the principal asked my mother to take me to the hospital.
“We went to Catholic Hospital, Eleta, Ibadan and we were told to do the scan of the eye. By then, my eye had become bulgy and I was no longer seeing clearly. We went to St. Gregory’s Ultrasound Centre, Yemetu. From there, we went to the University College Hospital, Ibadan and I was told that I would undergo surgery. We were told to bring N300,000 as deposit. My parents have reported the case at the police station in Alakia Adelubi and the woman admitted that she slapped me.”
Iyanuoluwa said before the slap, she never had any pain or itch in her eye, so the report that she had a problem with her eye does not hold water. “Now I can no longer see with my right eye and I am going through a lot of pains,” she stated.


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