Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ebony Life TV Introduces Cooking Show, Matse Signs Deal As Their Chef

Whoop, we say congrats to Matse on her new appointment...she deserves it!
Ebony Life TV is set to introduce a new cooking show and guess who was hired for the position....drum's none other than, our very own Matse Uwatse-Nnoli.

Read Matse's story below and be inspired:

This is the dream of every food blogger and I am so happy and humbled to say; “Thank you Jehovah…the God who causes to become”. I have had my tough lucks in life, cried myself to sleep, had people who disliked me for no just cause, contemplated committing suicide but thank God for my wonderful mother, husband and family, I never gave up. I kept believing, believing that there is that silver lining on the horizon. Sometimes I felt I was at a dead end but I just kept on moving. Moving and begging God to direct my path and bless me with opportunities.

I just want you to know that with God, there is nothing impossible. Keep believing and he will make your dreams come true. If you have given up hope, stand up today and challenge yourself. The God you serve is not made of iron or clay. He is a miracle worker. He is the husband to the widows, the father to the fatherless and the rock of ages. He will never let you down.

I want to say a big thank you once more to JEHOVAH. Thank you to the entire crew of Ebony Life TV. Prise you are one in a million. Thank you.
This is the set for CHEFRICAN, a new cooking show coming up on Ebony Life TV channel 165 on DSTV. Here are some pictures from the shoot.
Feeling like a “G”.
Getting ready.


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