Monday, March 2, 2015

3 Sisters Who Survived UNIJOS Bomb Blast Tell Their Survival Storys


During the week – Thursday – a twin bomb rocked Jos, the Plateau State capital, killing about 12 students of the University of Jos (UNIJOS).

The explosions occurred between 4pm and 6pm around the university’s main campus.
The first explosion happened at the popular Bauchi Motor Park while the second occurred near a military checkpoint reported to be just about 100 meters away.

Amina, Hauwa and Aishat Mudi (three sisters) who survived the blast have narrated their experience to PUNCH newspaper.

Amina Sani Mudi, a 19-year-old 100-level student of Medicine at the University of Jos said, “I had just finished my Chemistry paper, which I had from 3pm to 6pm and it was raining. As I walked to the gate of the university, I called my sisters who were at the School of Forestry to buy one of the JME recommended books. I walked down and joined them as they were already waiting for me in front of Bauchi Park. We stood and were waiting for a tricycle to take us home.

As we stood waiting for a tricycle the next thing we heard was a loud explosion. Initially, I thought it was thunder because it was still drizzling. But somebody shouted, ‘bomb, bomb,’ and we ran to a nearby pharmacy for safety. I saw a girl whose hands were mutilated and she was calling her father. We saw pieces of human flesh all around the place. The thought on my mind was just to run for safety. If you say you are a true Muslim, no religion, even Christianity, preaches that anybody should kill another. I want to appeal to the terrorists to stop because God does not sanction killing.”

Hauwa Sani Mudi, 21, the eldest of the sisters  said “I thought that it was an explosion from a transformer until we heard somebody shouting, ‘bomb, bomb.’ I ran with my sisters to a nearby pharmacy because we were told that the soldiers could start shooting and we tried to contact our father. We did not even know that we were wounded.”

While the youngest of the sisters, Aisha, said , ‘’I am thankful to God for sparing our lives. He is a good God.’’


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