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        Growing up in his father's band as a guitarist, Wale Thompson never imagined he would bring about a sensation that would grip the whole country, the "LALALE FRIDAY" sensation. At a period when his career peaked, he had an accident in which he nearly lost his life. After the accident he's been on and off in the music industry but in this exclusive interview, he reveals to Obasa Akindeji he's now ready to dominate the music industry like he did before
How has it been since the accident?
We thank God I'm alive, after the accident I travelled abroad to receive treatment and fortunately I traveled with my band because a music promoter came and showed interest in taking us to the UK and Germany to perform. Immediately I was okay, we embarked on tours to London and Germany, after which I decided to come home.
How did journey into music begin?
My journey into music is a memorable one as it started with my father's band, I was always lurking around during rehearsals and I got so interested I started helping them carry guitar to shows until one fateful day my father called me and asked me to play a tune which I did and he was very impressed so he told one of his guitarists to teach me. So I started performing at shows with them and I was shown love considering I was a little boy playing the guitar, people were very impressed. Even when I was born, my father already knew I would be a musician and he encouraged me.
What is your Source of inspiration?
God is the ultimate source of inspiration
What is the happiest moment in your career?
The period I recorded LALALE FRIDAY and it became a massive success. That is one unforgettable period
What is the lowest moment in your career?
It was when I had the accident and lives were lost, that period still makes me sad
How do you feel now that the younger generation has taken over the music scene?
It's a good thing, the young must grow but the it's the job of we the earlier generation not to relent in our efforts, we must keep delivering good tunes. Moreover I enjoy working with them, ever since the days of remedies, I've been and will continue working with the younger generations
How do you feel now that Juju is no longer in vogue?
Don't say that again, Juju music can never go out of vogue, Juju music is the foundation of music in Nigeria. Juju is well recognized abroad. It is a genre of music that can never be extinguished. We have aspiring Juju artistes but no support is making them quit.
What is your opinion on the state of music in Nigeria?
Music in Nigeria is developing on a rapid scale but Nigerians are already abandoning their culture. What we fail to realize is that the foreigners are exporting their culture and we've adopted it, it isn't supposed to be so, we should export our own culture too. You can't best an American when it comes to American music so we should embrace our own culture.
Tell us about the new project you are working on
It's a new song titled "Jaiye " I got the initiative abroad so I decided to come home and work on it, I'm currently working with top producer Khorusmix of LION studio to perfect the track which I promise will raise a new standard in music in Nigeria.
Final note
I'm grateful to God for keeping me alive, I thank my fans and admirers because without their support I won't be here and I promise I won't disappoint them.


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