Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lagos Cultists Storm Family House, Beat Them Up Over Whereabout Of Their Son


It was reign of terror, yesterday, as suspected secret cult members held a family hostage for about an hour, while workers were going to work in the early hours of the day.

The cultists, numbering about seven, wielding pistols, suddenly showed up at Ogo Oluwa area of Isashi, all on motor bikes and rode straight to the residence of one Mr. Henry Omoregbe.

They gained entrance on the pretence that they had a message for the family and no sooner was the gate opened than the family realized that they were under siege of the cult members.

Reporters that the boys immediately started beating up every member of the family with horse whips and base ball bats, while demanding for the whereabout of a member of the family, Emmanuel Omoregbe, who they claimed had refused to carry out their instructions.

Neighbours could not intervene for fear of their lives, but the head of the family, who pleaded with the young men, told them that he had also been looking for his son for about a year now.

The search
He showed them the police report and sworn affidavit he made in January last year, since his son left home under inexplicable circumstances.

Inspite of this, they still searched the house, damaging furniture and some household appliances.

Having concluded their search, they left with a warning: that the family should tell their son to make himself available or they will kill him should they find him themselves.
Mr. Henry Omoregbe, a marine engineer, who came home on leave, told Us he had reported the case last year when his wife called him at work to report that their son, Emmanuel, had left home due to threats from suspected cult members, who had forced themselves in and beat one his sons, Stephen.

Showing the police report and court affidavit, he said he and his family were yet to hear from his son as efforts by the police had drawn blank.

The affidavit read in part:
That due to threatening of his life from unknown secret cult gangs Emmanuel Omoregbe has to abscond and leave home.”
He explained further that this whole saga started last year when Emmanuel, 20, went to Lagos State University, Ojo, to check if he had been granted admission, adding that since then he could not really say what happened except that the young man was still missing.
Neighbours, who volunteered information, said they had been noticing some strange looking faces in the area for some time now, but never thought they could be dangerous elements until now.

They confirmed Mr. Omoregbe’s claim of looking for his son for about a year now


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