Monday, February 9, 2015

Jonathan'll Be Nigeria’s Last Civilian President - Prophet

Royal House of David Ministry’s Prophet Godfrey Gbujie has disclosed that President Goodluck Jonathan will be the last civilian president to rule Nigeria before another civil war breaks out. He said a lot of ‘scaring’ things that we don’t even know where to start from. Here are the shocker:

Prophet Godfrey Gbujie said the nation “is at the crossroads of the last phase of 20 years reign of demons beginning from 1995-2015.”

The prophet, who claimed he predicted the deaths of General Sani Abacha and President Yar’Adua, stated that from what he saw about Nigeria in his latest revelation:
neither Muhammadu Buhari nor Goodluck Jonathan would be president in 2015.

“Buhari has a mission divinely imposed on him, but he shall not rule this country again; even if he wins, God has not determined him to find His favour. Jonathan is the last elected president of this country,” he stressed.

He refuted the possibility of military take-over, saying no coup will stand against Jonathan's government.
However, he said “a loyal military commander will form interim government as there is going to be temporary vacancy in Aso Rock,” adding that head of the interim government would convene a national peace conference.

According to him, another crisis would erupt from the North, which will be led by two generals. “The two generals will emerge to lead a war from the North, which will eventually lead to the emergence of a young man from the East, who shall be chief peace mediator for the nation at the time of national crisis.”

The prophet, based in Owerri, who said God was angry at Nigeria's rulers, claimed his vision reveals “the very bloody civil crises, which the Omnipotent God has decreed and is about to bring upon Nigeria.

“The nation has been condemned to geo-political disintegration and three independent nations shall emerge from her ruins. Biafra shall be re-established and Oduduwa nation shall emerge while the Northern Nigeria might prefer to answer Republic of Northern Nigeria at the time.”

He warned: “Do not despise the word of prophecy; I encourage whosoever reads or hears these prophecies to believe them and offer praises to God as each comes to fulfillment.”

Should Nigerians be worried? Time will tell...



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