Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nigerian Politician Performing Blood Bathing Ritual Naked [VIDEO]

They are saying the man belongs to APC party, but then nothing in the video indicates he is an APC member. He might even be PDP, LP or from any other party. What I discovered in this video is that this man went for a spiritual bath, abi na jazz wey person go talk while being n*ked?. Then again it states he is a politician who holds a position in government. May be local government council or so, cus he mentioned council.
He prayed that everything he does in office, including all the money he embezzled and plans to emblezzle should not be asked of. He mentioned EFCC, ICPC, saying they will never be able to expose him or know anything about his wrongdoings at work.
Oga sha, He spoke in Yoruba. I wonder who exposed him and uploaded the video on youtube. Too bad for non-speaking Yoruba people, una no go understand, una go just see the thing wey dey between uncle’s two legs. Smh… someone’s father ooo.


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