Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Story Of A Sad Woman: My Husband Is Threatening Me With Divorce

This is really touching story that tells you the stress some ladies go through in marriage these days:

I am 25 years old, married with a 6 month old baby. My marriage is a year plus, I have an issue now. My husband wants me to go and live abroad while he is here in Nigeria. He says the economy is bad and I should go and study (I have BSc and good grade) just a change of course which I am not interested in.

I told him I would like to start a business since I can't get a job now but he says no. I asked him to fund me for the business he won't but he supports other people who come for help and only gives me things outside the business matter. 

The thing is my marriage is just a year, my baby is still young and I don't want to leave my husband behind not even in this country with desperate girls.

My marriage is a relationship I have fought for, for a very long time and now he threatens me with divorce if I don't do what he wants. I have gathered money I saved to start a business but what I am scared of is failing because I don't want to leave my husband and travel. 

Please, I need your advice, sincere comments please cos it weighs me down everyday I wake up and I am not doing anything profitable. Also I want to have a source of income to support my husband, it shouldn't be him [bringing money] every time