Monday, December 29, 2014

Some More Revelations On Why Ini Edo’s Marriage Failed

Ini Edo and husband stargist

New reports have surfaced as to why Ini Edo’s six year marriage ended. Some parties had previously attributed the marriage crash to infidelity on both Ini and Phillip’s part.

According to Encomuim, their split was reportedly fueled by the misunderstanding over the multi-million naira Lekki mansion Ini Edo just acquired recently. Cont . reading:

Phillip Ehiagwina, Ini’s husband insisted the house should be jointly owned by the two of them being a couple.She refused ,prompting him to call it quits and relocate to Ghana where he eventually found a new love whom he is perfecting plans to wed soon. When asked by Encomium on her marriage crash, Ini Edo said:

“Let me be frank with you, I have not spoken with anybody concerning the break-up of my marriage. And I am not going to say anything about it. It’s my past and I have put it where it belongs. So, let it remain like that.

“I don’t care whatever people might have said or written as the cause of the break-up, that’s their business. I have not granted anybody any interview and I won’t do that. It’s my private life, you guys should please let me be.”


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