Friday, December 19, 2014

How Popular Governor Bought G-Wagon Jeep For Actress

The actress, also from the same state with the governor, was hither to married until not-too-long ago when the union collapsed due to majorly allegations of infidelity and ill-treatment.

On the dark side and in her 30s, the actress never really enjoyed her marriage before it ceased existing. Pretty and hairy, she has a penchant for dating men with cash.

Although before stardom beckoned, she was an item with one of her colleagues from the East, who is currently a brand ambassador for one of the leading telecoms companies. Earlier, she was doing it with the script writer cum director who brought her into the industry and then a few marketers who were supporting and promoting her.

It was upon the explosion of her career that she started sleeping with money bags who can afford her services. The governor who she now does it with is a performer, but garrulous. Interested in becoming a Senator in the next political dispensation.

YES INTERNATIONAL! gathered that the man’s wife once walked her out of the Government House, after hearing a lot about her husband’s s*xcapades with her. Some actors in the country were on a visit to the governor when this happened. And it was actually to pacify her that the man bought her the G-Wagon, which she has been making noise about as her latest acquisition.

Tongues are still wagging over this secret romance which is only known to a few people. Particularly those in the loverbirds’ inner caucus. 

The governor has Alphabet A beginning one of his names while the actress has E.


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