Thursday, November 27, 2014

Top 5 Ugly-Turned-Pretty Nigerian Female Artistes

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One of the craziest things MONEY does without a FACE SURGERY is TURNING A VERY UGLY SOMEBODY TO A CLEAN & VERY PRETTY QUEEN. We all know how the footballer; Taiye Taiwo looked like before....see him now, money has turned him to a manageable husband material.

Today, I'll be giving you a list of some top female musicians in Nigeria who were very ugly before limelight.....they are now referred to as goddess and are even FACES of some brands....daris god! 

1. CYNTHIA MORGAN: (Top-left in the pic below) 
The transformation this female rapper underwent is not ordinary. If you had seen her in her first video appearance; Jhybo's "Run Their Mouth" (She was featured on that track)....Cynthia Morgan in that video was a perfect definition of WITCH. She was sooo ugly that I always fast forward her part. She was dark-skinned in that video, so how she turned fair-skinned and looked sooo pretty and cute in her "Don't Break My Heart" video is what is still confusing me till this moment. Kudos to that nigga called MONEY....I salute you sir. I am still patiently waiting for you to come transform me too...lolz.

2. TIWA SAVAGE: (Top-right in the pic below) 
Ok! I know you all will tackle me on this one but I'm damn true about my fact. Tiwa Savage herself cannot tell me she wasn't ugly before. I really can't say money transformed her cuz Tiwa dey alright from the beginning. There was this TV Programme I used to watch back then, dunno if itz still ON. It was all about picking a lucky viewer to come spend the day with a celebrity....on this particular day, Tiwa Savage was the celebrity. Oh! You needed to see Tiwa that day....upon all the make-ups and all the shit you gurls lace your face with, Tiwa still no fine ooo. She has not even done "Kele Kele Love" video that time cuz when I eventually saw the video, I had to ask someone to help me confirm if it was truly Tiwa in that video. Na this same Tiwa dem dey refer to as one of the sexiest female artistes in Africa now, not even in Nigeria....Oga oooo.

3. SASHA: (Center in the pic below) 
Please, before I move on I need to ask a question; should we take Sasha as one Nigeria female artiste who should be talked about this moment? Where she dey sef? Only God knows sha. Well, I need not talk much about this ojoro....Sasha is ugly. Yes...still ugly small...after money don come. The last time I saw her was around June, she's still the same chubby with that Ronaldinho kinda face.....maybe if we see her in public again, she fit don fine wella.  

4. OMAWUMI: (Below-left in the pic below) 
Omawumi is my favourite. I love her music and her personality diiieeee. But, me will always say the TRUTH cuz the truth sets me free...lolz. Madam Omawumi, truth be told; You are slightly ugly (Slightly ugly? Shey there is a phrase like that sha?). Her looks changes time to time....she'll be fine in one outfit/photo shoot, then she's like 'Mogbe...Kilode?' in another outfit. Her beauty can like to confuse person. So, this tells us she has an unstable beauty and na only the ugly ones dey get this kind properties. Still on still, my dream of kissing Omawumi one day must come true. Can somebody say AMEN to that for me?

5. ASA: (Below-right in the pic below) 
Has anyone noticed that Asa is now looking sooo cute? Asa wey me talk sey I can't do her even if she gives me for free is now the Asa that I'm willing to pay millions just to be with her...issokay!

There are many top female artistes that started ugly and they are still ugly, I just pray they don't end ugly....I sha won't mention names. If to sey Goldie still dey alive, she for dey this list....but, continue to REST IN PEACE dear sister.


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