Saturday, November 22, 2014

Random Rantings About Relationshps

Why exactly do we date? What makes us go into a relationship with someone. Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boys makes the move on girl and asks her out, they date and have a honeymoon phase where everything is dandy (which is very short), then conflict comes in, they bear with themselves, they breakup and the cycle continues with someone else until they eventually decide to settle down and get married. Then the cycle continues again but this time you don't get to leave the relationship because you're married and expected not to leave.

Some people go through bad breakups and swear to themselves that they would never date someone again but in the end they date someone and the cycle mentioned earlier on continues. If you're in a relationship ask yourself these, Why am I in a relationship? What am I gaining in this relationship? Deep down do I think this relationship will lead to anything serious? Will I still be dating this person in the next 5 years?

I believe we youths just date for the fun of it, we date because everyone is dating and it would seem weird if we didn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Most if not all of us date for the wrong reasons, Most for sex or money, some do it out of loneliness, most do it to while away time. We know that the relationship we are in isn't going to lead to anything serious, we pray and hope it does but deep deep down we know the truth. I believe the main reason why we youths go into relationships are for SEX and COMPANIONSHIP. That's the truth. Think about it, once your boyfriend breaks up with you loneliness kicks in and you yearn for the companionship of another boy, until you find it you feel empty. As for the boys it's the same too, they feel lonely too and also horny, they miss the sex they had with their ex and search for another girl they can have sex with, companionship is also needed.

Life is just a bag of complications, I have a friend who tried to commit suicide because her boyfriend who dated her for less than a year broke up with her because 'she loved him too much', she got heart broken and said he used her and dumped her. She felt used because they had sex (just twice, and she wasn't a virgin when they met), for that stupid reason she tried to kill herself but ended up n the hospital. She's one of the smartest people I know (Booksmart).

I have a question, why do we young youths keep entering relationships, deep deep down we know that it's not going to lead anywhere. Yet we still venture into it. My opinion, if you're 25 and below and you're reading this article, both of know that the person you're dating isn't the person you will marry. Then why are you dating that person?

I blame the media, they keep showing us love, painting a picture of unrealistic love, telling us we need love. It's not like they plan to do it, they just do. Here's the funny part, you're also part of the media and you contribute to the advertising of unrealistic love. If you've once put on your dp those stupid pictures saying 'If your man doesn't do blablabla then leave him' then my friend you're also part of the media that sells unrealistic love. The media has sold unrealistic love to us giving us unrealistic expectations, I blame it on romance movies and novels. I bame it on unrealistic romantic articles, stupid farce pictures and a lot of bullshit online.

What is Love, Love is the mixture of various emotions. It is a mixture of Infatuation, obsession with a splash of sexual attraction. That's what I feel love is. Some of you love ambassadors will argue with me that love is real and blablabla, Well I have fallen in love. Twice.  The feeling of love is awesome and ecstatic, its even more elating when the person you love loves you back equally. But it always ends, something will always happen to fuck your relationship up and the love turns to something else. If im correct love isn't suppose to end, love is suppose to be forever, but why is that someone you once claimed you loved now irritates you. Yes the person cheated or fucked up in a way but in the real sense of love it's not suppose to end. All in all love is not real.

- Opeyemi Famakin


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