Saturday, November 15, 2014

Private Video Of A Married Woman Leaked By Her Ex-boyfriend For Getting Married To Another Man


What is wrong with Nigerian men this days?!?
All this has to end at some point!  Simply because a girl left her ex-boyfriend and got married to another man, the heartless boyfriend now decided to expose all her private videos he recorded on his phone when they were still dating.
What pains me the most is that Mrs Ezeh (the girl in the video known as Adaku before she got married) broke up with her heartless boyfriend Only because he wasn’t ready for marriage yet, he doesn’t even have any tangible thing doing and she was clocking 27 already.
So she had to move-on with her life rather than wait for someone that doesn’t have plans for himself, which might still end-up not marrying her when the time comes, so why jeopardize this big opportunity of her getting married??… This was actually her reasons and I think it’s so perfect, because any reasonable man that really likes you should understand the reasons for your action.
Ok now my question is, how Would the girl’s husband feel if he gets to see this video which has already gone viral online??? i hope he understands that it was her past that came to hunt her though.
Well, this video has so much to teach us most especially the ladies out there. Make sure you watch and listen attentively to what the video has to offer.. It’s really a video that will teach you a lot and could save you from Life Trauma and Mistakes.


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