Friday, November 28, 2014

Nigerian Bride Who Lost Her Virginity To Her husband Tells Her Story

Another Nigerian bride has given us a reason why ladies should reserve their virginity for their husband. She shared her hilarious story with SDK and we decided to share it here too.
The bride who would rather remain anonymous says she refused to have sex with any man  and when she eventually found Mr Right, it was hard staying away but she held on till after they had their court wedding. The best part was when the husband actually cried,  thanking her for keeping herself whole for him. Read the hilarious piece below:

''My fellow blog visitors i finally got dis-virgin-ed by my husband, the love of my life, my champion, my friend and now my lover in every sense of the word.

This was after so many quarrels that led to me being sent away to live with my mother in law for over a month. I met my husband in 2011 when I was doing my undergrad in the UK, it was  'like' at first, so we started dating,we fell madly in love with each other but my studies ended 2012 and I had to go back to Nigeria because my parents didn't want to pay for masters, can you guys imagine that my then boyfriend now husband paid?? 

Full amount no story, we had not even kissed at this point, over my masters programme he proposed, yours truly accepted and we planned to marry at the end of my program, we planned to go back to Nigeria so he can meet my people although he met mom and dad briefly when they visited. But our plans changed along the way and we decided to marry here and get my spouse visa before going down to Naija for the church and traditional wedding.

This was where the whole problem started, my husband understood with me when I didn't want to have sex while still dating...i said I will only ever allow 'that thing' inside me when i must have worn my white gown before God and man, a part of me didn't recognize the court wedding as a marriage, i kept thinking of it as something we did for the papers just until we do our wedding, (only my mom and sis came from Nigeria for this wedding) but my husband no see am like that, after the court wedding he began to demand his right, i refused o, na so we de until like two weeks, he kept pestering me,  until one day he came back from work and asked me to pack up that i will stay with his mother till we do the 'real wedding' as e nor wan do wetin e go regret.

 I coded that he was talking about rape and quickly packed my bag and left, i stayed with his mother for like 2months, he will come over for weekends, come take me to the gym and everything but me and my baby didn't stay in a room alone for that long and no matter how much I begged he said he only wanted me home if he could 'do', if not no wahala make i de family house.

So on a triple date on Friday with bae and his childhood friends and their wives (who i lie to that i fuck my hubby like a porn star) one of the girls let something slip and my husband just went ballistics, and basically let the cat out of the bag (oh boy see shame, i only lied to the girls cos they like to discuss how great their sex life is and i didn't want to be the novice or appear sanctimonious, so i do make up stories about sex and tell them) 

When my husband dropped me off that night he just told his mom that he now wants to tell her why i am living with her not him, that i refused to make love with him cos i said we are not yet married and he too he does not want to rape someone's child, as he talk finish he left, my MIL was in shock lol but on Wednesday she called me and told me to pack my bags and go and beg my husband and do what wives do for their husbands.

I left her house that evening to my husband's house, as i came he was just forming macho, dressed the spare room for me, I just took my things into his room, had my bath and lied down. When he came to bed i just told him i am now ready to do the thing o, he started that i shouldn't mind, its okay, he will wait for church wedding, i said now is okay, he didn't even lemme finish, oh dear!!! 

The foreplay was aaaaamazing, but when he tried penetrating e nor work, the pain is better imagined (i am 26 so maybe i don hard like leather lol) well towards the morning he started again, me i was bloody sore but i didn't want another sunrise to meet me a virgin, so i managed the pain oo and he was able to penetrate. Oh dear the feeling of having this man i absolutely adore finally get this thing he's wanted for ages was incredible, the whole penetration wasn't enjoyable but i know with time it will be.

What killed me was at the end, when my husband came, he started crying, my husband, 6"2", 200 and something pounds, bearded badass macho dude was crying, he kept saying thank you,he must have said it 30times, at that point i forgot the pain between my legs, and i was thinking this is it, this is love, oh this is it!!!"


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