Friday, November 14, 2014

GLO's Midnight Launch Party Of The 'Bigger, Better And Faster' iPhone6 And iPhone6 Plus [PHOTOS]

Photo: Adeola Odeku is bumping big time right about now. DJ Topz spinning away on the 1s and 2s. We getting warmed up for the #iPhone6 & #iPhone6Plus #iPhoneLaunch

Going on right about now at the GLO world on Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island Lagos is the  official unveiling of 2014's biggest mobile phone in Nigeria.
Yes, it's the midnight launch party of the 'Bigger, Better and Faster' iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus.

The GLO ambassadors are also there to autograph boxes of all phones sold at the event, DJ Tops to spice up the night, drinks and light refreshments and a couple of free iPhones to be given out.

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Photo: We're about to get the show on the road. GloWorld Shop, 21 Adeola Odeku is the place to be right now. #iPhone6 #iPhone6Plus #iPhoneLaunchPhoto: Jimmie already on stage and DJ Topz on the wheels of steel getting this party going #iPhone6 &#iPhone6Plus #iPhoneLaunch #MakeYourWayDown
Photo: DJ Topz on the deck at the #iPhone6 & #iPhone6Plus #iPhoneLaunch Be ready people.
Photo: The super talented TV & Radio presenter, MC and hype man... Ladies&Gentlemen Jimmie is in the building at the#iPhone6 & #iPhone6Plus #iPhoneLaunch #GloWorld
Photo: Party People in the building tryna get some pictures on the green carpet at the GLOWORLD shop, Adeola Odeku where the party is bumping outside at the #iPhone6 &#iPhone6Plus #iPhoneLaunch #MakeYourWayDown
Photo: Chee is taking photos with fans at the fans at the GLOWORLD shop at Adeola Odeku where the party is bumping outside at the #iPhone6 &#iPhone6Plus #iPhoneLaunch #MakeYourWayDown