Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ghana Female Rapper Releases Statement Over Leaked Sex Tape

The videos show Itz Tiffany with her former husband while she is seen performing a ritual while totally naked in the other. Photo: Filed

Just a week after videos showing her completely naked were leaked on the internet by her former husband, Frank Kwame Gambrah, controversial female rapper, Tiffany Owusu simply known as Itz Tiffany, has released an official statement to address the issue.

In the statement, the 'Forever' rapper apologised for the leaked sex tape and revealed the effect the unsavoury episode has had on her since the release of the sex tape online by her baby daddy.

Revealing that she has been involved in a long battle for the custody their son, following their split over irreconcilable differences which they couldn't resolve, the rapper described the incident as unfortunate especially having emanated from someone she once loved and shared her life with.

Read her full statement below:

'The past few days have been very difficult for me as a person and a musician. Very private and personal videos of mine were wickedly, illegally and immorally circulated on various social media platforms. It is unfortunate that a man I once loved, trusted, shared my life with, and who is the father of my only child is on a path of destruction and is waging a campaign to tarnish my image and damage my person.

Three videos of mine were circulated by my estranged ex-husband. Regrettably, a third video of extremely explicit nature has also been attributed to me when I had absolutely nothing to with the video. I would like to state without equivocation that I am not the lady in that particular video.

With that clarification made, let me address the unfortunate release of those two videos which were recorded about six years ago. I unreservedly apologise to all those whose sensibilities were rightly hurt by those videos. I would like to submit that I played no part in the release of those videos. The only thing wrong was to trust a man I thought I loved and married.

I thoroughly understand why he would want to hurt me even if I disagree with his methods. I have been involved in a long and bitter battle of custody of my son with my ex-husband for several years after our 7-year-old relationship broke down irretrievably. We had been married for four years – a period when I suffered untold abuses from him.

Although he won custody of the child by concocting lies, this man appears to be satisfied. He has tormented me persistently, constantly asking for a share of the money I make from music. He turned my innocent and naïve son against me – he made my son send me voice notes denouncing me as his mother!

He had threatened to release those personal videos to bring me down but it was a mere puff because I did not believe that any decent person would do that. I was wrong.

All I ask is your prayers and your understanding as I deal with this unfortunate episode. I plead with you to, for the sake of humanity, stop sharing the videos. That is the best you can do for me. I pray that the good Lord will forgive him for his ungodly ways. I also beg for privacy in these difficult moments of my life.

Thank you, Itz Tiffany.'

Itz Tiffany came into limelight years ago with hit singles including 'Fake London Boy' and 'Last One' to her name.


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