Sunday, November 2, 2014

Five Things You Will Find In A Wanna-Be Girl's Bag And A Broke-Ass Nigga's Wallet

Hey fam, let's get real here shall we?

Five things you will find in a wana-be girl's bag

1.MaryKay foundation- This foundation could either be exhausted or about to be, now this is one of her recent achievements and she plans to keep it close for future bragging evidences.

2.Black Opal lipgloss- The main reason you see it there is because it is either the replica or it was a gift.

3.Replica Wallet- its mostly an ebene louis vouitton, with the base slightly peeled(due to long years of service), that is where all the squeezed 50 naira notes are stuffed.

4.Diary or Notepad- This diary holds almost all the phone numbers of everyone she's met in the last five years, especially those whose numbers begin with a "+"

5.Phone Charger- times are hard and not everyone gets electricity these days, so the need to charge up at every restaurant and bar is apparent, not everyone owns a generator set you know?

Five things you will find in a broke-ass nigga's wallet

1. Complementary cards- now these cards constitute a greater part of the wallet's weight, why they are so many? I await my ancestors for further clarification.

2. One Dollar Notes- which aboki buys one dollar? So you now know who's been hoarding the one dollar notes.

3. Last Five Thousand Naira- it is usually the ledger amount, this "last five thousand naira" has been cooling off in that wallet for months, they stay there as accessory to compliment the wallet each time being opened.

4. ATM Cards- Trust me, those cards have no financial value, they automatically become disfunct whenever you force them to use the cards to purchase goods.

5. Pieces of papers- these are where the address descriptions and phone numbers of a rich uncle is.

So guys; get real and who your place.

By: Boyle Daniel Teinye


  1. i like wen pple talk from/with experience

  2. i love this piece lol

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