Saturday, November 15, 2014

Father Caught Having Sex With His Teenage Daughter

Hmmm...strange things are happening oh! Mr. Augustine Obodeke, who is the father of a 17yrs old girl, has been arrested by the Police in Edo State for consistently sleeping with his teenage daughter, Favour, and getting her pregnant on three different occasions.

The bubble burst when he got her pregnant the third time and wanted her to undergo another abortion so he can continue to do it with her. The girl refused and cried to their neighbours who dragged the father to the police state where he is being detained for the dastardly act.

When asked why it took her so long before she cried out, Favoure said, "Since my mother died, I felt I had no choice any time my father instructed me to sleep with him. [But] when he impregnate me the third time and wanted me to go for abortion I had to run out of the house and scream."

Speaking about his the shameful act, the girl's father said:

In his words: "I thought I was enjoying when I was sleeping with my daughter. Please forgive me."

Edo State commissioner of police has said Favour's father and the doctor would be charged to court.