Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wife Catches Husband's Girlfriend, Beat And Strips Her In Public [PHOTOS]

Cheating happens everywhere. In as much as the whites try to pretend that they are living a life of one-man to one-wife, most of their men still patronize runs girls and others keep women out of their homes.

The photos above is from the shocking moment a woman accused of sleeping with someone else's husband was savagely beaten in broad daylight as passers-by watched on, enjoying the spectacle.

According to reports, it's the latest in a string of copycats attacks in china, including one month ago when a half-nud* woman was stamped on by a stiletto-wearing rival.

In this latest incident, 38yrs old Lin Yao Li was ambushed by four women as she walked home from shops in Puyang, in eastern China's Henan Province. Funny enough, it is the man's second wife that attack her with her friends. First wife is at home chilling, second wife is playing busy body.


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