Tuesday, October 7, 2014

UNILAG Lecturer Warned Me Not To Marry Pastor Ashimolowo - Wife

Pastor Yemisi Ashimolowo, wife of popular pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, founder of KICC, recently spoke about her 33 year old marriage with City People mag. In the interesting chat, she revealed how a lecturer with UNILAG warned her not to marry the pastor then because he had nothing:

"I thank God that I never listened to the UNILAG lecturer who warned me against marrying Pastor Mathew, otherwise I would have been probably in a one corner room in Lagos but you see how my life has turned out to be, traveling all over the world to preach and minister. 

"The lecturer never saw any future in Pastor Mathew as a Pastor but the lecturer is late now. I didn't know that marrying Pastor Mathew will end this way even I didn't want to preach when I married him. I just wanted to be a full house wife but he was the one who really discovered me and saw the beauty of God in my life. So he mentored me to what I am today and I never knew that KICC would be a big church that it is today."


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