Monday, October 27, 2014

Sugar Daddies And Their Side Chics


One lady who thinks our young girls of today should stop running around with other women's husbands in the name sugar daddies is Bianka Johnson. She said girls flaunting their escapades with older men on the social media are simply misguided as the man is just using them as cheap girls.

In her sincere advise to ladies, Bianka Johnson, who is the CEO of BJ Movie Production, said:

“Nothing is interesting about being a side chic, nothing at all. I see girls on social media who take pride in displaying their ill-gotten souvenirs from their bitter daddies. He can't be that sweet if you are still his unofficial girl. Common be realistic girls. He gives you crumbs and leftovers so don't be fooled by the blings. He got money quite alright but is your name on any of his businesses? Are you one of the beneficiaries on his life insurance?
"The official wife control his money, accounts and everything else so don't believe all the bull he tells you...

Bianka Johnson
"She wears his axx out every night so don't think he ain't getting sushi at home. If he ain't doing it how come every time you look around she is pregnant with his baby. If his axx is that miserable how come his still with her? Ladies shine your eyes...most men are sushi hunters.”
Dear single ladies, over to you. A word is enough for the wise!


  1. they wont learn...girls are greedy creatures