Friday, October 31, 2014

Story Of A Happy Woman: How I Ended My Search For The Perfect Soulmate

From the start I never had the best luck with relationships. I always longed for a meaningful, loving relationship but somehow always got into relationships with people that were wrong for me, individuals that were abusive and emotionally wore me down. And after three failed long term relationships I didn't know what to do anymore. My last relationship (that I truly thought was the one) turned out to be the biggest heartache of them all. And it was the one that I used The Secret for the first time with, but unfortunately I went about it the wrong way, which leads me to Lesson 1 - YOU TRULY HAVE TO TRUST THE UNIVERSE. Even though I made a detailed vision board of what I wanted in a soul-mate I didn't trust the universe to bring him to me. Instead I went out and looked and looked and when I couldn't find the person I ended up settling for one of my friends (thinking he was the one for me). Needless to say that it was a bad decision and a year into our relationship everything fell apart. But out of my biggest heartache came the best and most wonderful life changing experience.

When I re-watched The Secret movie I realized my biggest mistake. As Lisa Nichols says, I thought that by being in a relationship I would find happiness, and time and time again I failed. I never gave myself a chance to find the happiness within me and I never truly let go of the pain from all my past experiences. So finally I decided to change my life and do things differently once and for all, which leads me to Lesson 2 - YOU HAVE TO FIND THE HAPPINESS WITHIN YOURSELF FIRST, THUS YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOU BEFORE YOU CAN LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN.

After I learned my second lesson I was ready to do things right. I went back to my vision board and edited my list of qualities in my perfect mate. I was very specific and detailed to write down every thing that truthfully mattered to me. I made a date by which I wanted to meet him by, which was a month away from the time I made my request. I wrote "That I wanted to meet my soul-mate, exchange information with him and plan our first date by April 30th 2011" From then on I would go back to my vision board at least once a day and really envision what it would be like being with that person. Also I really learned how to love myself for the first time in my life. I learned how to enjoy my own company and truthfully do thing that made me come alive that made me happy, such as working really hard on my 2 bachelor’s degrees and spending more time with my beloved pet. At the same time as I made my request an old school friend of mine (that I knew for 9 years) found me on face book and started talking to me. Now I’ll be honest I definitely didn't think it was him at first, but kept talking to him for a few weeks, and we even tried to meet up once but it didn’t work out. So after that I thought that it was the end of hearing from him but surprisingly he got a hold of me few days later and asked if I had time to see him that night, and even though I was reluctant, I agreed. And thank God I did! We went out the next three nights and I realized little by little that he really was the one for me. He ended up fitting every quality on my list but one, knowing how to dance, funny enough though he is willing to learn! Thus I not only met my soul-mate, exchanged information and scheduled our first date, but actually knew the person all along and went out on three very successful dates by April 30th.

To everyone out there that has made the wish to find their soul-mate, to anyone who might even be losing their faith, let go of your fears, let go of the doubt and believe, KNOW that your perfect soul-mate is on their way to you! I hope my story inspires you and helps you believe.