Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nigeria’s First Lesbian Wedding Holds [PHOTO]

The end times are finally here. Some of the things we used to say can never happen in Nigeria are beginning to unfold and unfurl before our very eyes. And the latest is the marriage between two lesbians! Yes, two ladies just got married in this country.
The ‘groom’ is an actress. Pretty and fair skinned, well built and always behaving like a man, alphabet M begins her first name.From the South South,
YES INTERNATIONAL! investigation uncovered that she has been a l*****n all her life. “Oh, she didn’t just start now. She’s been into the act for like almost all her life.
From secondary to university, we all knew her to be one. The only shocking thing is this one they said she just wedded a follow l*****n. And you won’t believe this: She is a married woman o! But lesbianism has obviously entered her blood. Only God knows whether her husband still touches her. These small-small girls who are her partners practically live in her house.
She tells her husband that they are her colleagues, who have accommodation problem. But it is a big fat lie. The man, maybe, would have protested or even kicked them out since. But being that he is currently out of job and now depends on her to do practically everything, there’s almost nothing he could do”.
The unusual wedding took place at the pool side of a popular hotel in Ogudu, Lagos. And in attendance were said to be other known lesbians likeSola, Rita, b Victoria and Sandra.

Commenting on the significance of the wedding, a source told YES INTERNATIONAL! that all other lesbians will henceforth steer clear of the ‘couple’.
“You know that lesbians are usually very jealous. So, with this wedding, the other members of their club will now leave them alone. Although they could still tango with whoever they fancy, among their other members. But certainly not these two. Like fidelity is preached and expected in marriage, that is also what is expected here.


  1. This article is so ignorant and is a painful reminder of how judgmental and primitive Nigeria and Africa in general still is. SMH. Love is love and you don't catch homosexuality like a disease! You are born with it!! of course some experiment but most gays are born that way and there's nothing wrong with it!! Stop being so small-minded and backward. I feel sad for all of you lost souls. You people are the same ones that judge people and go to church talking "Bible! Bible" but are doing the worst things behind closed doors and behind the scenes. Come into the 21st Century, why dontcha! Small minds!

  2. abeg stop spoiling people mind with ur dirty act..nobody was born with it..its a dirty act...God join man and woman together not woman and woman...