Thursday, October 16, 2014

Men Don’t Want Me Because I’m Too Successful – Genevieve Nnaji Finally Opens Up About Her Personal Life And Relationships

Genevieve Nnaji opens up about her personal life and relationships! In the past, Nnaji kept her personal life private from the preying eyes of the press. However lately, she has taken a slightly different turn. Not only is she informing the public that she is now single, she also explained the reason why she isn’t searching.
“I am a woman, we aren’t allowed to look. Right now, I don’t have a boyfriend, I am that kind of person that eats with her eyes, I need to be attracted to you…” –Genevieve Nnaji (on the “Truth with Olisa” show)
On another press interview, Genevieve stated that recently, the few men she dated later confessed that they were intimidated by her and her success. She went on to say, that was a complete turn-off. She said she ended up feeling like she was dating a fan and not someone on her same level or above her. She says in the future, she might lean toward someone already in the entertainment industry or someone who appreciates what she does but is not interested in becoming a part of Nollywood.
The question to you is this: If you could set-up Genevieve Nnaji with someone, which Nollywood actor would you send on a date with Genevieve?