Friday, October 31, 2014

Meet Miss Nigeria International 2014, The First Muslim Beauty Queen In The History Of Nigeria [PHOTOS]

On This Exclusive Interview with, You’ll get to know what the First Muslim beauty queen in the history of Nigeria has been up to, her future plans and more.

Read the interview Below.....

  Miss Kwara, Can you please introduce yourself?

Firstly I'm not Miss kwara, I represented kwara state during the competition. Currently Miss Nigeria International..My Names Are Saadat Bibire Temitope, the First Muslim beauty queen in the history of Nigeria and kwara state..I'm 20 years old. A final year Student of Alhikmah University Studying mass Communication... I love to play basketball, dance, swim, talk, tease, gist and do fun stuffs...Currently the best queen you can find around petite but mighty...what do you think?

What makes your personality?

hmmmm...God na... And a Good kind heart.... I'm very plain and nice I know and I've been *wink*

 Are you looking toward contesting in any foreign pageant, to represent your present brand NISM? 

Your answer is Yes!!! as the current best queen, I'll be going to Philippine to represent Nigeria...keep it close you'll hear the full gist later *wink*

  Will you like to discuss the Pet Project At your custody, as a give back to the society for supporting to your success?

 *sigh! of course I'll love to discuss... My pet projects are quite numerous but trust me it's exactly what we need in Nigeria... 1.Cervical and breast cancer awareness 2.Youth empowerment(Make up, fashion designing, school scholarship, and hair styling) 3. visit to 10 states to create awareness on health issues... so you see they're exactly what we need in Nigeria... aren't they?

What has the Brand NISM impact to you?

The most important thing my brand has impacted in me is POISE.... We're known for poise and etiquette... so anywhere you see NISM queen or King you'll surely know cos we have been drilled with POISE... so keep it locked and boiling there's more to come...