Saturday, October 4, 2014

Meet The Goat Born With Human Face

A farmer and his family were shocked to see a calf born with human face. They hurriedly went to bury it claiming that the calf would bring them bad luck and that it was already dead when it was born. They said the excessive use of pesticides in the region of Centro, Argentina, somehow was responsible for the calf looking that way

However, one of the farmer's neighbours snapped pics of the goat to highlight the excessive use of pesticides in the region and it got online. When locals saw it they grew suspicious and said it wasn't pesticide at all, but someone in the household had been having sex with a goat, hence the strange offspring.

The farmer's wife Olga Villalba has now been forced into furious denials saying that neither her family or friends had interfered with the goat in any way.

"It was dead when it was born, we just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible so we buried it in a hole in the ground.

"It was clearly a genetic mutation caused by the excessive use of pesticides.

"Another neighbour who was here and was curious took a picture which they unfortunately posted online sparking these ridiculous allegations."

The family added they had been bombarded with extremely aggressive messages on social media from people convinced that it was only through sex between human and goat that a calf with human face could have been born.


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