Friday, October 31, 2014

Man Rapes Dog; Says He Did It Gently [PHOTOS]

A sick West Virginia man, Jonnie Boggess, has been arrested by the police after he was caught having sex with a dog, but he said he did not force himself on the animal but did it gently.
Boggess was detained after police were tipped off he’d allegedly had sexual intercourse with the dog. He allegedly told authorities he thought his actions were okay because the dog weighed more than 40 pounds and had been spayed.
The 47-year-old dog lover further said that since the dog did not cry out, it meant it enjoyed the act because he was very gentle with it.

Boggess stated that when he had finished having intercourse, he held the dog named Piglet, petted her, and told her he loved her.
But, during later questioning, Boggess admitted he wished he’d not had sex with the dog. He also claimed he was drunk while doing the dirty deed.