Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ivorian Football Star,Tiote’s First Wife Faints After Hearing He Remarried On Social Media

A married Premier League footballer who already has three children by his wife and mistress has just taken asecond bride in his native Cote’Ivoire.
Cheick Tiote, 28, who earns £45,000 a week playing for Newcastle United, reportedly wed Laeticia Doukrou in atraditional ceremony earlier this month, saying taking another wife was ‘nothing unusual’ given he is a Muslim. But news of the second wedding came as a surprise to his first wife, Madah, 25, who is said to have only foundout about it on Facebook. Madah, who lives with Tiote and their two children in a £1.5million house in Ponteland, Newcastle, reportedly fainted with shock when she saw the photographs of her husband marrying another woman.
Wife no 2
Meanwhile the midfielder also has a one-year-old child with mistress, 33-year-old Zimbabwean Nkosiphile Mpofu, known as Nikki.
His agent today confirmed reports he had got married for a second time.Jean Musampa said:
‘I can say that he did get married and that it is his second marriage.This is nothing unusual. He is a Muslim.’
But his first wife, Madah, is said to have felt rather differently.According to Ivorian news website iMatin, Madah wasn’t aware of her husband taking a second wife, and found out about it through social media. They reported that she fainted when she saw the photos of her husband marrying another woman – whose name she did not know – on Facebook.
With wife no 1
The first Mrs Tiote is now said to have forgiven her husband, but his 33-year-old Zimbabwean mistress, Ms Mpofu, is believed to have recently ended her three-year affair with the footballer after he allegedly promised to make her his wife. While she was said to have been ‘comfortable’ with his being married, she apparently decided to call the relationship off because he ‘used me like a mop’.