Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ini Edo Smokes And Drinks Too Much – Close Friend Opens Up

You may have heard that the much celebrated marriage between Nollywood actress, Ini edo and America-based businessman husband, Phillip Emeagwina has crashed with her bride price returned to her husband’s family, what you may not know are the many dramas that surrounded the five year-old marriage.
Aside earlier report that the actress is said to have engaged in an alleged adultery,we also spoke to a close friend of Ini, Tricia, (not real name) and she revealed a messy can of worms on the actress. Not also failing to acknowledge that the news of the actress’ marriage breakup was indeed a bad news, Tricia said, “Ini Edo is a nice person, but her biggest problem is that she drinks and smokes too much”. Buttressing on her words, Tricia continued, “Most times Ini gets drunk on set and holds shooting to ransom, on the other hand, her husband’s people kept pressurizing her to bear them a child which she has not been lucky within the last five years.
Not that it’s her fault, but we her friends warned her on several occasions to stay off alcohol and smoking and pray to God over her child bearing issue, she refused”. Undone, Tricia also said, “each time Ini gets drunk, even young boys not her age sleep with her.
That also doesn’t stop her from sleeping around with men while her husband is in far away America”. When we pressed further for Tricia to at least name one of Ini Edo’s lovers, she declined insisting that, she had told us the much could say concerning the actress, who has decided to stay mute to the allegations and the news making the rounds when we contacted her earlier today, Tuesday, September 29, 2014.


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