Friday, October 10, 2014

Gospel Singer Denies Ever Sleeping With Late Prophet Ajanaku  

For the first time since the death of her spiritual father, lateProphet Elijah Iretiola Ajanaku, Yoruba gospel singer, Tope Alabi, has opened up on the controversies that surrounded her leaving the controversial man of God's church, insisting that insinuations that she was sleeping with the man were all lies aimed at tarnishing her image.

Tope who was very close to the late Prophet and sang his praises in most of her tracks, fell out with the man she once termed as the most important person in her life and speculations became rife that they actually had something intimate going on between them.

Apart from the sex scandal that was making the rounds, there were also rumours of an audio CD in circulation purporting that Tope had confessed to Prophet Ajanaku that she was a mermaid but in an interview she granted a radio station in Lagos, Tope denied ever being the one behind the alleged confessions.

Hear her:

There was nothing sexual between Ajanaku and I. I was at his church for ministration and I used to contribute my tithe at his church. Before news made the rounds that he was into traditional things, I had parted ways with him 3 years before then. God revealed to me that he's that kind of person, hence my decision.

On the mermaid confession allegation, Tope Alabi had this to say:

I was on a foreign musical tour when someone called and said I had released a new audio, where I confessed to being a mermaid.

I didn't believe it because I felt it was just one of those media stunts. So, I just waved the whole thing aside. It was when I got home and another pastor called me and said he just got the tape and that I was the one. I was dumbfounded.

So, I asked him to please play it for me. To my greatest surprise, I actually listened to it over the phone and I just sat there. The voice was exactly my voice. But I just can't explain how the person did it. The only confession I have ever done and will continue to do is the gospel of Christ.


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