Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Frank Osodi Shares A Picture With Super Stunning Bianca Ojukwu

Oh my! If the one time Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Bianca Ojukwu nee Onoh should re-contest today, she will still win it hands down!

Amazing ambassador Bianca was pictured with International Nigerian designer, Frank Osodi for Bunor glam label at the Nigerian Embassy, Spain at the Independence dinner for Nigeria at 54.


  1. Bianca will just be taking pics with diff men... Better for her to look for anoda man and re marry

  2. Nice pic... She luk so beautiful

  3. I notice how people rush to take picture with Bianca whenever she attend any function in Nigeria talk less of Spain where she is ambassador. Anyway she look so fine and glamorous that she can even win any contest again.