Monday, October 20, 2014

Ceaser’s Corner: Girls And Bleaching

Yes i’m about to dabble into the one of the controversial topics facing our current generation “bleaching”.
I know alot of us have friends or family members that were of darker complexion some years or months back but now almost as fair skinned as half-casts. The question that keeps popping up in my head is why? Why is there is the desire to change the colour of one’s skin, is it because of the perception that the opposite sex is more attracted to the fair skin, which i disagree with or is it the same old problem of believing that the Caucasians are better than us blessed with abundant melanin or is it just a problem of very low self esteem and belief?
Which ever it is i believe it is very unnecessary and shows just how foolish and narrow minded this generation of youths are, why can’t we be proud of our skin colour? why cant we be comfortable in our own skin?
The unneccesary desire to be accepted by our peers drives us to the point that we lose our own very essence,our sense of being,we become slaves to INSTAGRAM likes and TWITTER comments, we forget what is truely important is not how people see us but how we see and carry our selves ,for every time we use that soap or apply that cream or that lotion, you lose a part of you,you cant get back, ask yourself why? what is wrong with you being who you being who you are? what are you really ashamed of? yourself??
There is no crime in wanting to be appreciated but killing your soul and essence to fit in,is the greatest injustice you can do to yourself.
Written By: Ceaser.