Friday, October 31, 2014

Boko Haram Takes Over Hometown Of Chief Of Defence Staff

What manner of ceasefire is the Presidency negotiating with those Boko Haram people?
The dreaded terrorists have captured Vimtim, the hometown of Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Marshall Alex Badeh, as they continue their onslaught in the north eastern parts of the country.

The annexation of Vimtim is a consolidation of the terrorists’ earlier victory who captured the border town of Mubi as they overran military barracks, police area command and other strategic places in the town.

Reports from the area indicate that before the capture of Victim, a reinforcement of soldiers sent to the area led to a sustained battle with the insurgents throughout the night before the insurgents finally overpowered the soldiers and captured the town...

According to LEADERSHIP, many people were killed in the cross-fire as thousands of residents tried to escape to Yola, Maiha and adjoining villages of Cameroon Republic where Cameroonian gendarmes were reported to have prevented those that tried to cross the border from entering their country.

It was reported that the insurgents had a field day looting and burning the property of the displaced people who had deserted the town. A trapped resident of Mubi, who said God had spared his life, reported that the local government secretariat, the Mubi International Cattle Market and other important public and private buildings had been burnt down by the insurgents.

Dozens of Soldiers, Policemen killed in Mubi
Dozens of soldiers and policemen have reportedly died in the attack by Boko Haram insurgents who took control of the commercial border town of Mubi on Thursday.

Trapped residents said the insurgents are effectively in control of the town as they hoisted their flags on the military barracks, police area command and the palace of the Emir of Mubi as well as taking over the higher institutions in the town.

Reports from the area also indicate that the insurgents have mounted serious surveillance on the town just as they have imposed a 24-hour curfew in order to consolidate their grip on the place. It was also reported that they have mounted checkpoints and are preventing residents from fleeing the town.

Residents also said the insurgents had burnt down many places, including the town’s main market, shopping malls and other business hubs.

Narrating his ordeal, one of the trapped residents, Dauda Mubi, said the displaced residents were in a pathetic situation as their life hangs in the balance in the hands of Boko Haram, nobody to help them.


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