Monday, October 20, 2014

Ben Tv Awards 2014: New Award Category Added

BEN TV is pleased to announce that the Ben Tv Awards 2014 will include
another category which has been widely requested by you, the general
public. A category which not only adds value to any event, it also is
99 percent required in every event.

This category has led to the creation of so many other careers for
various people. Individuals like Jimmy Jatt also made tremendous
success in this category having started as far as back as .......

Fast forward 2014, we have the likes of #Djxclusive and #Djcaise and
even the legend #DjJimmyjatt himself feature in music videos featuring
their multi talented skills.

Let's throw the suspense out of the window, if you have not already
guessed it, it's the DJ of The Year Awards 2014.

Let the race begin.... vote for your favourite in this category we
will be releasing in nano seconds on


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