Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Atiku Abubakar Defends Buhari

Former vice president of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar just took to social media to defend General Buhari against reports that he is a religious fundamentalist.


I have read recent reports in newspapers and on social media, calling my fellow APC leader, and statesman, General Buhari a religious fundamentalist. I would like to state categorically that those reports are patently false. The report clearly is a mischievous attempt by obvious political opponents of the APC and the PDP media, seeking to cause discord within the ranks of the party, especially supporters of General Buhari .

For clarity, I would refer our supporters to the full text of my Sallah statement - General Buhari did not feature in that statement by name or innuendo. I have also recently commended General Buhari's support of internal democracy in our party, APC.

My statement in that regard still stands; I am committed to support whichever candidate the delegates of our great party elect to carry the flag of our party into the 2015 presidential elections. General Buhari has committed to do same, and this is where our commitment stands.

My campaign is committed to a clean race, run on issues and ideas to create a Nigeria for all, we have no reason to change from this path.



  1. Birds of the same feathers

  2. Mischievous spin by the PDP media to bring bad blood within the APC aspirants and the supporters of Buhari but thank GOD the people involved knows better and understands the political arena in Nigeria.
    APC for CHANGE.